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8 December 2010

update update!

Here's what I caught today :D

(ps: awesome me went through a little bit of dreamweaver so click image to go to wild rice's webpage hehe)

Right. The show was awesome; I guess cast is really important. Gurmit was so funny and his improv is win. I realise I've been watching/going to watch a lot of Neo Swee Lin and Lim Kay Siu. Back to the show, it was really funny and entertaining, well my kinda humour if I had to put it. No deep dark humour, pure slapstick upfront and bloody obvious double entendres. Yes yes, watching it just made me feel doing theatre is all worth it. Watching their curtain call just brought back memories. Now now, I won't go wishy washy with the memories thingy. Haha, I've stored it at a safe place somewhere in my heart. You need to take a Harry Potter-like lift (that goes up down left right) in order to find it :D hurhur

Righto. On the topic of theatre, I've made up my mind.
I'm not gonna do one more year. I shall face reality, graduate at the end of next semester and get a freaking job. I'll start from scratch, I'll find a theatre company that is willing to hire me. I'll do saikang and complain as minimum as possible. I'll put my heart and soul into it and really figure if thats I wanna do for the rest of my life. I'll jump at any chance. And last but never near the least, I'll earn my own money, and buy my own car and make myself proud :D

Aspirations aspirations, God please give me the strength to stick to my words :S


So here's my new ink!

It says "Credo in Deum" which means "I believe in God" in Latin.

A few feedback I've received was:
"Hey looks good what does it mean?"
"I believe in God"


First and foremost, this ink is dedicated to the MAJOR accident I had in US in July earlier in the year. I mean I could have died right, but HE decided it wasn't our time yet. And through the whole process, I was just amazed at how much trust I had in him. So this ink, for the crash, for me and for him :)

I don't think staunch catholic is what you should call me. I mean ya I admit there are times that I totally feel lazy and like a horrible catholic.
But then again, growing up in a family like mine made me realise religion is actually important. I wouldn't say I'm all holy and stuff too, but I could definitely say that I BELIEVE, and I believe those two words are the simplest yet the most important in any religion.

Well on a fun note, my cross was hand-drawn by buddy (though not tattooed by him)
Thinking about it, its kinda sweet considering he's one important man in my life, despite all the stupid disagreements and quarrels we have and how he always like to "threaten" our friendship all. I suppose theres a million things I want to say but never would. If you are ever reading this, I hope all goes well for you in the foreign land you're heading to. I will think of you everytime I see the cross on top of my pulsating wrist <3

Now who said platonic relationship between opposite gender is impossible!