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28 December 2008
post christmas nuahing

hello im back with an update!
infact its going to be a pretty long one haha

1) the crazy "i fuck u" uncle on the bus

hahahaha basically i was on 167 with the girls from t9 heading towards thomson
this old man that was seated at the 4-seats-that-face-each-other was trying to get down the bus. so he squeezed past val and some other random people when a working-dressed woman shouted at him. apparently he had touched her and they started quarelling. After he was done with his quarelling, he realised he missed his stop so he kept yelling at the driver to stop the bus. The driver obviously had to carry on towards the next bus stop before he could stop and open the doors. Then the old man, claimed to be drunk by the woman sitting directly opposite me who sat beside him before he got up, shouted damn loudly at the driver asking him to stop and let him go or else he would call LTA and lodge a complaint blah blah blah and the driver obviously had to explain why he couldnt stop.

the old man just started shouting "I FUCK YOU" at the driver
haha goodness it was so funny, the whole bus started laughing. well the old man, despite the laughter was in his own world still shouting "i fuck you" haha yea thats pretty much it

its just that there and then when he's right infront of your face, its really quite hilarious :D:D:D

2) xmas eve mass and outing

this year i went for the 9pm mass hoping that it'll be less crowded than the midnight one.
and to my surprise or rather awe, 9pm was packed even worse..worse than sardines even
thanks to some connections here and there, my mom got us a seat hehe
goodness the doors had to remain open for people that were squeezed out to hear/see the mass.

well it didnt feel like xmas mass to me though :S

and so after mass the usual calling and waiting and bussing down to yishun.
and some aunty cheated my feelings cos she told me she was heading to the later mass but appeared in the earlier one. sigh

that aside, we headed down on a super empty train to clarke quay where everyone else were waiting for us!
oh did i mention that the train ride was full of cough - gerald's thunderstorm cough

3) all the damn clubs

upon reaching clarke quay we headed to liangcourt to meet up with the rest
more and more people kept coming so more and more tables were added
from 3 it became 6!

i was sitting right as the side and everyone was starring at me
cos the combination of people was simply awesome!
and minus the fact that we couldnt decide where to go -.-

back to the awesome combination, it really was awesome
i cant stand it myself man!
i like it when my friends mix, and when i say mix, i mean MIXMIXMIX
there were churchies - gerald, shawn, andrew, angie+vic
there was chubi - the representative yink
there were nus friends - xiangu, weijie, cyan+bev
and well, others but with awesome connections too - anthonychang and peiling

well if you're wondering, peiling is shawn's girlfriend
and in the meantime, is bestfriends with bev, means the 2 couples know each other
how small this world is aint it

OKAY anyways the main point is we couldnt find anywhere to go
afraid that zouk was full, we didnt even try
(damnit ended up reasonably crowded should have kena there)
alot of clubs were being bitches by having so many age limits here and there
even butterfact failed -.-
we nearly headed to some random bar but being afraid it will close early
we went back to clarke quay
we almost nearly kenaed club rebel but the cover was simply to ex
in the end, we went to yello jello!
the bar that replaces kandi
pretty decent place though with nuts all over the floor -.-

4) yello jello; the bill drinks and uncle waiter i took photo with

yello jello had good music! was it was practically mambo without a podium and dancers
but it was a good enough replacement for mambo (:
i was happy, at least.

festive season ah, we didnt think much and ordered a hell lot

theres moet's rose champaigne, theres beer, theres shots (cowboy!)
and more beer and whisky which this picture didnt capture
but because of that random ordering
the bill totalled up to $448 /-

zomg nearly died.

this is the nice uncle waiter that served us the whole time we were there
although he never gave any free gifts :(

okay if you're wondering we managed to foot the bill lah
and then we headed over to anthony's place with a van! how cool is that! okay it was found amongst the crowd in clarkequay
everyone spacious and comfy
and gerald lim, our tourguide for the night

and upon reaching chang's place, it was obviously more drinking;
with one of the nicest ice wine
and one of the worse tequila shot i ever had eyuerrkkkk

meanwhile others made themselves pretty much comfortable

andrew never left the bed, im so sure he's looking forward to a mattress endorsement haha

siangu gerald and isa took the windows/mini roof

well, weijie chubi and shawn went around erm, doing stuff heh
and chubi must be so proud of me cos i didnt have to 230, we stayed till breakfast :D

5) the hangover and missed xmas lunch :D hehehe

reached home at 7+am i suppose
at least by the time i washed up all was about 8.
and it was a serious case of comatosation man.
slept through mother-side-family-lunch
however with a hangover in between
wasnt as bad as the arts bash one la, so i could force myself to stay in bed and continue sleeping, which i eventually did succeed in hehe.

but it also means, no presents for me :S

6) christmas dinner

right on. it was father-side dinner/steamboat in the night
the same coffeeshop-restaurant
and as attention seeking as ever goodness my family -.-
and guess what la
apart from their usual bring-your-own wine and nuts all
this round they brought PRAWNS
(steamboat remember)
however i must say the prawns were fresh and yummy hehehe
BUT STILL, abit paiseh no no not abit, very paiseh..

the table when we were about to leave, imagine about 5 or more big plates that were cleared already
my cousins, the Vs. just nice i replaced the middle one
yes and this is my ever-acting-hilarious dad driving with this angmoh santa hat wahlau every car that drove past was starring at him so paisehhhhhhhhh!

yay. that basically sums up my christmas eve and day. pretty much intensive activities eh (:

for those that are still reading, heres more Behind-the-Scenes photos hahaha

here comes the not so normal photos :S
seriously, i dont know what he was doing
shawn displaying his gay+horny tendencies
well lets just say, the guys went wild :D

oh before i leave, i must say that i'm damn sad at this moment

cos little nyonya is ending :(
i left one more episode to watch boohooo
and yueniang didnt end up with chenxi darn darn darn

thanks to little nyonya there has been some quality nya-and-daughter time
oh man, i feel as if a part of me is going missinggggg...........

25 December 2008
messy xmas 2008

things to blog about:
1) the crazy "i fuck u" uncle i met in the bus
2) xmas eve mass and outing
3) all the damn clubs
4) yello jello; the bill drinks and uncle waiter i took photo with
5) the hangover and missed xmas lunch :D hehehe
6) and probably about xmas dinner after i go out and come back


7) must upload the millionz billionz trillionz of photos taken last night


24 December 2008

moodless moddles moddles moodlessssssss
totally moodless

this year feels so weird. like a dream?
no, not that unrealistic
neither does it feel real

new year didnt feel like new year
birthday didnt feel like birthday
uni dont feel like uni
christmas dont feel like christmas
especially since every year my family does almost the same thing
yes at this very moment, the priest is in my house having dinner
for the nth time..

the cliques broken broken broken
as least thats what i see and what i feel
its damn hard to get everyone together these days
god the woman on tv damn bitch eek

wahlau im directionless today sial
apart from church, i really dont know where im heading today
i just know i should get smashed so i dont have to worry about any thing else
mambo's gonna be damn effing crowded and i think i have to break my mambo momentum damnit

it seems nearly impossible to bring the festive mood back
and it seems almost impossible for me to stop ranting

20 December 2008


i've decided for my 20 birthday,
i'll have a themed party

and the theme shall be......


yay yay yay

girls must come in kebaya
guys come in that er.. ya baba outfit or sarong

and then we'll have LOADS OF PERANAKAN FOOD
zomg the though of fish maw soup, ba wan, chap cai, babi ponteh......
wooooooo drools.

yay sounds fun!

okay its decided.

later no one want to come how? -.-

must work must work

19 December 2008

yes must blog about this must blog about this!

mambo, the 4th time in a row
cannot be more shiok hahaha

different level of highness
different people, different company
(except shukkun whch remain constant)

rushed down from chingay meeting somemore siaaaa

it was more crowded this wednesday though :S

photos photos!

the 2 drunk people of the night hhahahaha

quite entertaining la hahahaha

terence came back from hk like finally!
ever since arts bash we made plans to club together
one semester past finally succeeded hahaha
party people ftw! :D:D:D

well in the end someone got a little bit to trashed

see what i mean hahahaha
now she has a WHITE PLASTIC BAG story all to herself too!
still dare to laugh at me hhuh

its was pretty funny
afterall her drunk symptoms were same as me!

1) laugh alot
2) talk damn loudly, or rather screaming
3) curse damn bloody alot
4) talk to random people along the way

and the exclusive:

5) white plastic bags hahaha

in the end chubis and i sent her home which was a one off experience
and i mean literally send
not to her door step
more like to her bed

trying to figure out which keys for which lock
trying to open the gate quietly
then trying to keep her quiet while directing us to her room
after we locked the door and realised i was still holding onto her bag
we had to open everything again -.-

and guess what!
when we open the door we saw her wondering around her house
i swear we nearly burst out laughing hahaha

fun fun fun

yay tablemates chubis!
this must work out :D

i shall consider MAMBO JAMBO HO HO HO

16 December 2008


how cool is that?

bleah not like i asked for it
neither did i studied for it
hahahaha whatever.
i can do cprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hehehe

2 days were wasted thanks to this compulsory first aid life savers course

i must get my hands on the CPR photos!

14 December 2008

lets just say zouk should just stay in zouk and not go out
how about that?

im bloody shag
started ever since friday night when chubi RENTED HER FIRST CAR (assuming more to come)
that excitement and screwed bio clock of mine
didnt allow me to sleep much
before having to drag myself out of bed to head down to E-freaking-CP for chingay leaders training
this means i slept for less than 2 hours great.

team bonding activity for the day was BUILDING SANDCASTLES
zomg it was fun lah
imagine having to shovel piles of sand
noy fingers started to blister and my back is aching like some old woman now
with like many medicated plasters all over hahaha
shiok lah.

our sandcastles were prettydecent
considering we only learnt how to build there and then
and we only had like 10 min to plan and sketch
and less than 2 hours to build the thing itself

righto then chubis came in the swift swift to pick me! yay
and headed out to zoukout
which at this moment i dont feel like elaborating much on
except for the fact that mambo ended at 2am WHICH SUCKS
cos if they end at 8am i might have stayed till the end
didnt drink much
so i ended up being one of the sober
in fact, one of the sober 2, well chubis that is

in short the night was like wait, meet, stone, walk, wait, meet, stone, walk walk walk...
you get the flow
i think i covered a marathon the whole night
and thank god for the van driver that gave us a lift rom sentosa cove back to beaufort hotel
if not sure die.

some interesting shows around
some totally gone people lying around
some super cute people walking around
oh and weijie is gay magnet
now we know his calling lol

so yes photos soon
probably on facebook
cos right now im on my handsome cos my mother snatch away my giant

back to nuahing on sofa aching.

11 December 2008

yes everyone its MAMBO again yay :D
photos up on facebook
provided that you're my friend

anyways ever since i've been thinking and this is what i've discovered!

my other half must be
1) generous
2) politle
3) gentlemanly
4) sincere

i have my reasons for having these top 4 conditions at the moment
please do ask me
i'll gladly tell you
nono, i'll gladly bitch to you

right now my stomach is still full of angst
and i dont know how to get rid of it.

in conclusion,
no one messes with the chubi and HER DRINKS.
call me ms petty
i'll gladly take that as my 3rd name.

5 December 2008

okay enough of parties

im back to sober me and doing things that cost alot of time and money
but thats cool

my day started off bad
rushed to pgp just to take my bloody PDL so i can drive on the road
i was half an hour late and my cab fare was EX.
and i think i had more immediate failures than testroutes i took


and then met up with chubiyong
we researched about cruzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
but all cruzzzz to nowhere damnit

okay but the main point of this post is to advertise the show i watched just now with siangsiang



good entertainment

the cat which is disgustingly skinny but cute


oh horlocks looked cute today too!

but he was horny -.-

okay here comes the best part:


its so damn bloody CUTE
its riDUNKculously cute!
and shit i cant remember the other word he used which was cute!

ohoh its beyond awesome

hahaha the shows beyawesome

4 December 2008
get smashed

wahlau i got fucking ssmashed again

however this time, no plastic surgery no flying shoes
the 'fucks' remain
and guess whats the new addition?

yes for my pukes of long island mix redbull and some traces of ban mian LOL

wahlau i dont even know how the hell i got back to pgp
its obviously cab la
but i dont remember getting on and off
thank you buddy :D:D:D

meet anna sui's sister, anna shuk!

where the massive began

zouk's long island fucking tea. does great amount of damage

and taa always loses to it and get damn bloody trashed

and its abit GAO ah, of course not nice to drink
swallow swallow

and that girl can gloat cos she didnt drink at all

oh and i found out something about myself
i dont know why everytime i get a hangover
and yes with the horrible throbbing headache
and a quesy feeling stomach but nothing there to vomot out
and ever since i've been feeling like this the whole day

and i think no one can beat me to this
at 7am with the horrible hangover
i can actually suggest that we head for some suki buffet! haha
and next moment im back in dreamland

so we really did go for buffet
but i had to take it slow

oh i even played DDR with claire before eating la
i must be the strongest hungovered person on earth

however awhile after eating
i had to go toilet one more timezzzz

wahlau chicken nuggest with maiyo and chilli lah
havent felt so fucked up since..
arts bash hahahaha
rokay im staying from long island manzzzz

what a good post exam party i had -.-
mambo wasnt even close
i dont remember listening to music
i dont remember dancing
eeee sucks la
i want it to be like last week!


2 December 2008

yay one more down
damn doing this everyday makes time feel very slow


hahaha however tomorrow's paper is SINGAPORE SOCIETY
therefore i spent my time in the afternoon,
er no, evening doing this:

but it was pretty cool man
something light to end the day (after zeeeek SW paper)

okay imma gonna spot topics
lets bang on industrialization, gender and migration