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27 January 2009
happy cny 09!

this is my long lost idol:

or rather, this is my long selfish-dont-want-to-release-album-idol having fun in cny with her nephew
hahaha pretty interesting aye?

HAPPY NEW YEAR once again.
my angpow collection is good no worries :D

hmmmm, im hungry!

ps: photo taken from her blog (:

26 January 2009


you've prolly heard this a million times already but
won't harm to be wished again aint it

however, once again I dont feel the celebratory spirit
reunion dinner was just like, any other ordinary family dinner
countdown was.. i didnt realise i've been counting down twice every year;
once to new year and once to chinese new year

how cool is that aye?

i really want to watch THE WEDDING GAME
its like 假戏真做 and thats pretty cool
i like the fact that christopher lee and fann wong are really together heh.
another good looking couple

22 January 2009


i got a serious case of mambo withdrawal symptoms
and its only one week :((((((((
how to survive one semester??????? :S:S:S:S:S

whats making my withdrawal symptoms worse
is looking at an absolutely disgusting timetable for sem2
just when i though i have enough of 8am lessons
boo again :(((((((((

the only thing that made me happy today was the 10 points i got from driving
i hope it stays that way
for tmr and for next wednesdayyyyyyyyyyyy



16 January 2009

okay so i've been off

what else man?
yes its still the usual wednesdays nights out to zouk
though this round in a car :D
downing the usual 42 and apple or redbull
and the horros of ice lemon tea
and a visit from some foreign friends this round thats it

i've left home again
with the help of siangugu and shukkun
i forgot my hairdryer and kettle

im in love with skin
and the sexy british accent

what else?

oh im in lecture now too
and its bloody ass boring

and lots of jap stuff to memories whoooooooo

9 January 2009
A tribute to my buddy

this is buddy (:

buddy apparently, can cook!
can cook means got food to eat means wont die

today, 9 JAN 2009
buddy is going army

but its okay
buddy is strong and (ahem omg i cant believe im going to say) manly
buddy got muscles and abs
buddy will survive army hahaha
buddy will be botak again!

and buddy is buddy because he meets me at weird timings for breakfast
bugs me to swim and play tennis or any other random sports
invites himself to my house to watch sports channel and helps himself to whatever there is in the kitchen
but buddy is always there even when the churchies one by one disappears

all the best buddy for army!

3 January 2009
2008 + 1 = partyyyyyyyyyyyyy

warning: another rather photo-intensive post!

no long long reflective emoemo post
if i had to use one phrase to sum up 2008, it would be
well if you want to know a little bit more, check out livejournal aye

for new years, we didnt plan much actually
(after some advicing from isa)
shukkun surprised us with a "FREE" hotel stay at gallery
so we met in the afternoon to check in and dump stuff
somehow or rather we got to upgrade twice lol

the bed was damn bloody comfortable mannnnnnnn; king size could fit all 4 of us perfectly well
after exploring the room we went to explore the outsides
hahaha it was supposed to resemble those old peranakan photos -.- obviously failed...

more camwhores in facebook lol

then we headed separate ways for dinner
not bad sia, like that can involve more people
taa the good girl went to church for new year mass
however if you see what im wearing in the photos later, its not exactly "dressed up for mass"
thank god i found my mother she had a HUGEEEEEEEEEEE piece of shawl which i could cover the cleavage and shield me from the coldddd

and thennnnnn
to MAMBO into 2009!!! :D:D:D
seriously what can be better than mamboing into 2009
ok sshhhssshh dont answer me.
i say mambo is the best, it shall be the best

with some help from shukkun, we got the guestlist+table
and some serious massive drinking:
one and a half bottles of 42 below and one MOET
its a crime to NOT get high

though the night was young, the action started quite early! lol


entered the new year with the mambo crowd and lots of free poppers while shukkun popped the champaigne!

and then more kenaing and mamboing

call us the lollipop gang from now on! we shan't be spotted without a lollipop! :P

well, chubis not sooooooo into mambo like us

sianghoon went down quite quickly
and zomg came the embarrassing moments taking care of her
especially in the toilet where she just couldnt stop screaming and dancing and talking to random people while every other girl queueing for toilet was giggling at us thanks ah siangu.
and somehow i got the natural ability to sober up everytime she gets a little too high for my liking, WOW

haha apart from that no one got too wasted lah
it was high and happy
not flying high, hahahahaha

mambo supposedly lasted till 7am
but we couldnt tahan past 5am
so at 5+ we left to supper at river valley
with the super shiok slice fish beehoon and some WATDONE horfun
before chubis headed back to gallery

whatever trans it is
its damn insecure to bathe in
especially knowing the tiko chubi is right outside
resorted to hanging towel and opening a big umbrella to cover lol
the towel dropped halfway -.-

with few hours of sleep and the super comfortable bed to sleep in
we checked out abit late
anyways, dressed like weirdly
we went liangcourt for lunch

i didnt get a chance to rest man!
as we cabbed back, i alighted with chubi at her house to wait for weijie to fetch
and then to some marketing to prepare for potluck
im quite surprise i had the enery sial

so sianghoon and I did up the chicken chop!

some massaging and secret recipe! lol
the boys were just too hungry they starting picking
looks good eh! theres chicken, duck, mash potato, friend dumpling, nuggets, mee goreng, sausage, pizza....etc
when i actually thought that theres not enough food!
in the end it was too much!

while some were watching little nyonya, some played monopoly
and some got terribly addicted to KARAOKE PARTY lol
especially some two boys

as it got late people left, remaining mostly the guys and siangugu

and started some serious drinking games cos ter brought a bottle of vodka!

the drinking started slow
with asshole daidee, asshole drink
then the last 2 positions drink
too little drinking, so we moved on to slap jack
which was UNFAIR cos only me and siangu kept losing and drinking
then we played blackjack, the drinking style!
exceed 21 points drink, lowest number drink, blackjack or 5 cards can point people to drink
after that, we headed for the intensive drinking game

with some alcohol in the blood came some bromantic love in the air!
our biggest saboed drinker of the night hahahahaa
and our dearest mr sober, mr bartender, mr dealer, mr saikang hahahhaha

2009 started on a good note!

although it doesnt exactly feel like a new year but its good enough

i dont think i should make any resolutions
since i hardly keep them
talk about losing weight, for NINETEEN YEARS hahahaha

oh shit
got chingay training not abit at 8am later zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

oh before i go