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27 September 2008
play harder

its still recess week
and im having a little too much fun
i myself cannot take it

play play play
waste time
dont study
woah delinquent huh haha

ok basically after the beach
my nose started peeling (damnit)

but my past few days were great too!

i like this picture quite alot haha

we went to dbl O!

an og thing became a random friends mixing thing

my trump card! some stupid waiter took it away before i could use :S #$%^&*(!
well we had quite alot of drinks ah

let me see. cocktails, 2 cranberry vodkas (jug), tequila pop, 2 sex on the beach shot, few sips of long island tea

then we went to dance and i was damn bloody stone cos i wasnt high, to my surprise haha
but anyways we were left with one and a half jug on long island
me and leong bo bian must tar
then mus appeared so i grabbed him along in the tarring process too

at least that bit of tarring got me high
and then we dance dance dance the night away!
i think we made friends with this bunch on ntu guys ah hahah
quite funny
i broke my curfew HAHA by saying the music was too loud and i had to send my drunk friend home wow.
got shiok ah, everyone high
for once im not the highest and infact, i was the one taking care of almost everyone

haha alot happen but i shant put it up here IN CASE OF PRIVACY NM1101 lol

met up errrr
i dont know what to call us. BESTIES? BESTIES4 hahaha
thanks to eugenie's last min "CHOMP CHOMP" sms
in the end it resulted in a bad case of dilemma
and me langbei-ing alot again
(shit i keep langbei-ing after i entered NUS. this has to change)

i took a mrt, bounced off marina bay
got down at city hall changed to green line
alighted at outram took nel
bounced of habour front to get to sengkang
by the time i reached sengkang
EDBF was not even there yet hmphhhhhh
so i langbei at the mrt - my poddy died -.-

followed him to beach road (my very first time there lol)
got his stuff and got him to treat me to waffle with weird dragon druit ice cream and alot of hot fudge and ice milo
we sat in front of the western food stall
and after awhile gave into onion rings and sausages haha

took a slow walk to bugis from beach rd and end up discovering haji lane
ok shit sounds damn noob
and thats where the camwhoring started!

it was friday = odd day

however EDBF hanged out with me cos his ODGF was busy being a nurse

and by the time she came he left alr (that explains more langbei-ing for me)

and it was a rare chance i watched people eat hurhur WOW WOW WOW

(thats 3 wows for the week alr)

and and and

i bought a new pair of shoes!

its those old school bata ones
just that i got mine in black
and then i painted the rim gold
tadahhh!!! so pretty right :D:D:D

now thats WOW WOW WOW WOW woooooooooo!

yay TAA is very happy
but damn screwed cos she's having too much fun and not studying :/

25 September 2008
recess week

im tired, from too much fun :D

i'll let the pictures do the talking

yes im pretty much chao taaaaaaa

from the beach!
i've beeen chilling and drinking

and spending alot of time and money with many great people and great food!

i met my twin brother!

but i didnt forget to study still

although i still seem to catch no ball ah

studying never fails to drive you crazy :(

on another note, i do miss my bestie and even day boyfriend alot alot :S

so this is what i do!

and i created a besties group in msn yay hurhur.

just for them + victor (haha)
okay so too much fun, time to rest

its almost 2am

(and the rain is

goodnight worlddd :D

21 September 2008
towel; googles; swimming pool

hello worldddd
i just came back from a swim
now i feel slightly healtier and much much hungrier
and atleast i feel much better after eating ice cream and chicken wing from church funfair hurhur :D

talk about funfair
this year's one was small
small cos they reduced the hours and the scale of it
no more fanciful random games and other stuff
and small cos only claire andrew shawn and I went
we didnt stay too long
as compared to year(s?) ago where almost everyone would meet for mass and then head down to funfair
and i'll never forget the photo we took
hai hai hai those were really the days
and i really really miss them
oh wells when exams are over, we will meet for a blast!
oh and ya, my house has been empty for some time now
(although i wouldnt want another broken lamp or spoilt fan)

anyways headed down to orchid country kiap with girlfriend
for some catching up and pool

ha the only picture i managed to get today
dont u think the stick looks like coming out of his ass hahaha
and woo girlfriend's biseps are getting big biggggg!!!!
not bad aye :D

schools still boring
but friends definitely make it better
the few of them (from abtini) came over to pgp on thurs

(okay another bad photo, its the only one i have too)

so it was a last minute warm rooming
HA, room warming!
we headed down to the gourmet cafe (still in pgp) to eat
and it turned out
the AMBIENT wasnt too bad, although the waitress were shouting non stop
and food wasnt too bad!
and the price wasnt too bad!
and i bought them a pizza
so we're planning to meet every thursday to eat there from now onwards hurhur

my friday wasnt too bad too
timbred with weijie and mussie
got an alright place considering we queued quite long
there was good music - timbre musicfest
and that nak guy was quite cool
and weijie was like some super small excited boy seeing his idol
driving me and mussie kinda mad aye.
i introduced mussie to erdinger wooh!
and he likes it

headed down to clarke after that to meet chubis to celebrate chubi yong's birthday!
chilled at LAGUNA with a jug of margarita and alot of nachos!
and then moch drove us back
and we just konged at her house

SHIT im having too much fun

17 September 2008
shut up and drive


initially was just school then driving then study
wah i sit until my backside felt like it was on fire;
bused to amk, 2 hours driving, bused back to kap -.-
couldn't study much; super restless
got everyone restless
actually it was laughing like mad cos of photobooth (never fails to entertain)
then use too much energy laughing already so become restless hur.

then leong and lam came to find us

our intially supper plan
ended up as some driving escapade

started with the stupid PARALLEL PARKING INCIDENT hahaha
which was really damn bloody motherfather funny
we went to the prata shop opp beauty world
just nice as we reached in front of the stall there was a parking space for us

problem: not sure if michele loke can parallel park
which turned out........

she took like damn long to reverse in, and super slowly
that it caught the attention of like the whole freaking coffeeshop
best thing: we were like screaming and laughing damn hard in the car as moch drove out and reverse in like MANY TIMES with little progression
(oh gosh i was so worried she couldnt park)
and guess what!
due to the road being SINGLE LANE, she caused a hold up of like around 4 cars ah
which made us all kanchiong even more

by this time, almost the whole coffeeshop was really laughing
super paisehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

after the super chiok supper guess what.
we ended up heading to SENTOSA
(by the way, it was pass midnight already)
and the reason why we headed to sentosa was: to drive.
LOL thats why its called driving escapade
yes i reached back pgp about 4+

oh and after listening in NM tutorial about privacy, i shall not continue the story
so ask me personally if u want to know
or maybe i would have told you already before u can ask knowing how excitable i can be hurhur

super wordy post haha
but for memories and keepsake yay :D

and did i mention


15 September 2008

the week has been busy busy busy
but it was alright.
finally got myself down to studying
did my community walk, completed my social work assignment and studied for nm2219 test!
goodness i hate PUBLIC RELATIONS
i cant imagine it being part of the rest of my life.
argh. how?!

i saw candy in arts canteen yay :D
i talked to candy woo!
candy and i are now friends haha woosh! (:

anyways, university life is still too hectic for me to handle
afterall from primary school, or rather nursery,
i've been spoon fed all my life
came jc where they emphasised on independent study
was totaly crap
right before As they'll still help you cos they dont want their report card to suck
however, here in NUS
we do it all ourselves, me me me, I I I, sometimes we we we
in the end, its still ME MYSELF and I
and i hate it, being the all time award winning procrastinator
bahhhh, tell me its time to change.

anyways as i was saying, preparing for the 2219 51 MCQ test
kinda screwed up my sleeping hours pretty badly
and considering the test was on friday 8am
boy we were all high on red bull.

and then came contrast, the 24 hour gaming creation competition
nearly killed all of us, okay fine, me.
i slept from 6 to 11am i think
completely missed floorball IFG which i now feel so bad for pangsehing Lisa although she says its alright
gahhh, i need some exercise still

but its okay, at least there was one more thing to make me look forward too after my "horrible" week ended!
that is meeting bestie and the few others and my now EVEN-DAYs-BOYFRIEND
hahahahaha :D

we are now currently involved in a even-odd-days-three-way-mutual-relationship!
yay :D:D:D

oh boy, this picture rocks, check out the background yo:
yay even day boyfriend!

lejiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (wink wink ah)

oh yes i shall formally introduce this super stiff guy
who cheated my feelings;
cos he introduced himself to me as AARON
when he told the whole world(aka concourse) to call him AJ
so therefore when i said AARON, NOBODY UNDERSTOOD ME.
anyways he's my overall ALP for ndp concourse
a pretty decent and nice guy! :D
no wonder someone up there likes....hahaha

so there goes my week 5

one more week to recess week

however recess week = mugging week = week before midterms


7 September 2008
a mix of emotions; day

alright this is mysecond post
cos i really have nothing better to do
and secondly i got stuff to share

caught Boys Over Flower the movie at cathay just now
i want to marry him
why is he so hot???
and i think RUI this character suits him well haha

and kudos to Jun Matsumoto!

he looks hot in the movie haha. at least hotter than the drama

he actually looks weirdly better with wet straight hair

gosh sometimes i wishe i was japanese

hot guys; good food; drools

anyways before the movie, as we were walking around Cathay
i went into three3three
the stuff there are actually good (and expensive)
but it did spark of some imaginations for my future home
only being around bestie can give me such weird thoughts

some donut table cum chair caught my atention like MAD.
its like some super big inflatable swimming float that has a plastic table attached to it
pretty interesting

anyways i came back and did some surfing for my future home!

FIRSTLY; my home must have a sofa big enough to fit more than 10 drunk people.

very good. this is how i analyse my sofas from now on

(whalau i tell u, the hotel room's sofa in the movie was big enough to fit like more than 20 drunks -.- so nice!)

so it has to be something above or below :D

and then my house must have funky stuff like:

its not exactly a beanbag, but its almost the same lah :D

i like weird weird chairs (althought the one above aint really weird)

oh, the blue is by coincidence.

check out the pink area on the right!

i want my dining area to look something like that, just that in red!

by the way the pic was taken from Hotel Re!'s website.

they have pretty cool rooms! comparable to Gallery Hotel!

ahaha guess what i found?

something chubi might want to have at her house :P

right on.

now i just need a man to provide me with all these.

good plan.

nothing beats eating sashimi in the own comfort of home!

lunch was greaaaaaaaaaattttt!
although it made me eat 3 kinds of fish ha!

started out with saba and unagi (and of course japanese rice)

then came the sashimi
and guess what!
i sliced it MYSELF

pretty right! :D

i didnt know i was so pro!

and then my mom made sushi. but i was too full alreadyyyyyyyy


and then i headed out for a "class outing"
which only 6 people turned up haha
(at least there were representatives from almost every group in class)
but it was pretty cool
caught up over some great spicy indon food
headed over to pump for some PRL and live band
and started camwhoring with kudus's camera
shiok aye

wasnt in the mood to partayeeeee
so chubi and i just chilled around
taking care of bags!
(for the first time in my life)

and then it was to LAGUNA for some macho.
and then homeeeeeeeeeeee

taa needs to study like now.

5 September 2008

yay an update for my frequent readers! haha

oh yes please do tag and leave your blog links if you want me to link you okay!

life is stressful
or rather uni life is stressful
im stressed at the fact that im not stressed by work
arghhhh! its always like that taa -.-

the bummer in me still lives predominantly
almost every night since school started is food, entertainment or shopping!

been heading to vivo quite often cos theres straight bus from kent ridge ter
haha oh ya the stupid ter
before i came to NUS i used to think it was "terrace"
hahaha until someone say terminal..oh wells
we learn new things everyday hahaha

as i was saying. i was at vivo like on tues with siang
cos hazel, my one and only fan, had to go off for some wake (god bless the guy)
so we romantic abit and watched "Forgeting Sarah Marshall"
its kinda rated but its freaking hilarious :D
"put your P into a V" hahahahaha

and we went clothes fitting
and i really like this one so im blogging it!
its from zara and its 19.90
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want to buy :S
but i cant cos i just blew like 80 bucks on 5 threadless tshirts (:
cant wait for them to come haha

anyways i love vivo toilets
the tiles and lights are so pretty
i wouldnt mind my future toilets looking like that!
(which reminds me of the 'small tiles in toilet' talks with bestie! haha)

yay and then we met jas and weijie for some hot dog hot dog!

oh ps: I am still looking for a boyfriend.
just in case you're another one of those that thought the photos i took with eugenie are kinda lesbianic
its okay.. i know..

2 September 2008
this is independence

hello world!

im in pgp now and this is my first night alone hohoho

im a big girl now and i can take care of myself hurhur

loneliness hasnt totally fill me in yet cos i have very nice friend(s)

mentionable one is yingqi! :D
spending the first day of campus life with me
we went to vivo, had a good dinner (oooh cheesy pork chop rice!) and went shopping
saw this super duper expensive but freaking nice series of laptop bags branded "hello"
went daiso to stock up which was fun fun fun!

and then got really stressed out looking for my quilt cover
cos only giant and tangs were selling and its so freaking expensive
the very first set i touched in tangs, flipped it over, saw the price $699

in the end i decided to rush down to ikea
and get my quilt set haha
its nicely checked in black yay!

today's stocking up made me spend like another 70 bucks :S
omggg taa is broke.

and my aircon is super duper colddddd
im so glad i got my quilt all ready to put to use!

and and and im going out with my one and only fan and the rest tmr to watch movie after school yay i got something else to look forward tooo!