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31 August 2006

i just uploaded so many photos and then my com crashed on me
ohkay, not my com, BLOGGER
i dun want to upload alr lah

25 August 2006

emotions of your love

its all cropped up inside
i feel like exploding

19 August 2006

As an ENTP, you can be the life of the party. Most people are apt to be immediately taken with your enthusiasm and friendly nature. You're the kind who always seems to have a good story or anecdote on hand to reveal your charm and wit. However, that's not to imply that you're simply a jokester. You also seem to enjoy thinking deeply and creatively on any number of topics. ENTPs like you can have a knack for coming up with novel ways of looking at the world. This usually makes your type more open-minded than lots of other people are. Your rare combination of social skills and common sense can make you a winning catch. In relationships, part of what often excites you is sharing your ideas about the world. You can be one smooth talker and at times, a masterful negotiator. You also seem to be the kind of social person who can make friends in a roomful of strangers. This is a rare talent.

faster come to the computer (:

why must time pass so fast
i want this moment to stay foreverrr (:

18 August 2006

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh (:

i want to go for ocip
i want to go for geog aust field trip
i want to be a facil
i want to faster take As
i want to go for graduation holiday

i like to study
i love to study
i want to study
i need to study

12 August 2006

wahlau damn irritating
for goodness sake
u stop bugging me
u faster pay

im gonna blog in purple
purple is an emo colour
and im freaking emo now
and partly cos i think too much
at least tts wad they say
maybe i do
not like i can help it
but it just goes this way
its freaking out of my control lah
and i didnt expect it to be so bad
maybe it aint tt bad
maybe its me tts making things look bad
or maybe it is very bad
i dunno
maybe tts the problem
i want to know
i want to freaking know what u're thinking
and is it wad i think of wad i see
im hoping it is, seriously
meanwhile, i'll prepare my mind and heart for the worse
*fingers crossed

9 August 2006

i realised im quite a loved girl =)

i received my present from yunxin wanrong and minzhen yesterday
i love it like maddddd alrite =)
its so nice
in fact im wearing them now to american club

yesterday was a tiring day
because of the stupid double whammy thingy
i mean which school walks 7 km for national celebration --> CJ does
but it was ohkay cos of all the stupid things we did during the walk
how bout singing school songs
literally school songs
started with cj one
and then the sji boys started singing theirs
and then nehneh and andrew sang acs
then me wanrong and andrew sang SRJC
and then ccc and nehneh sang marist
cool huh
how sad, joanne wasnt there to sing stnix one with me
but oh wells
and tt wad made it fun

ohya ohya
the houses we passed after malcolm road were simply gorgeous lah!
so huge
its like..
ohkay no words of description but just damn huge and nice
u get the point
we feel so inspired alrite

supposed to chiong suki sushi but apparently didnt chiong
gerald came late, shawn didnt eat
how bout tt
our stack was pathetic
but heck
and we played pool!!!
we had this challenge thing
and gerald's fren won shawn
so for once it was an all girls championship (hurhur)
and i won!
so glam

before i leave..
happy national day y'all =)

7 August 2006

and to daddy rachel and many others

im super high today
u gotta excuse me
im naturally high on my birthdays

somethings really wrong this birthday
loads of my friends want to give me a surprise but fail terribly (hehe)

1st was obvious minzhen and her questions bout flats
next was the church gang who chased me out of my own room
and then 1T09 who chase me and rachel out of the class

so embarrassing soming to think of it
nehneh bluntly said "lets get mushu out of his class" right in front of my face
oh wells
he did came out and shake my hand =)
*melts away
anwyays the class bought us pizza

annmarie was damn funny
during geog lecture she ask me and yunxin if we were going down to eat in the 1st break
i said yes and she answered "good cos theres a surprise in the next"
i so did not hear anything
and before the next break joanne asked "wheres the opizza" right in front of my face
and the rest started patching it up by saying "wheres lisa"
LOL i tell u

but it was an unforgettable birthday
thanks y'all for the AHEM sweet surprises =)

6 August 2006

ohkay photo time
some pictures taken last sat
an apparent birthday outing for me =)
with truthians that is
enjoy =p

neoprint lightings are just good
gotta admit

i wasnt sleeping!! iwas just reading menu!!!

sweet =)

we were almost stuck!

goodness, i feel like whacking myself everytime i see this pic. so act innocent. lol

a blurry group photo. (damn the waiter)

yuans and yanggs

check my eyeliner! aint it dark!

yuans and yanggs again

ohyea. thanks guys for the CAR and the KEY (apparently its a bottle openr)

haha tonite has been funnayeee
at least a decent gathering after so long
and yet again how time flies
a few hours of fun and joy just fly pass like that and its time to say goodbye
gee im feeling damn emo now i dunno why
(carmelita stop rhyming)

so this post is dedicated to those who came tonite
brenda, shawn, gerald, claire, joshua, xuan and andrew
goodness i just love u guys to bits
every moment with u guys is just crazy and funny (and spastically fun)
but yes i love them all
thank god for giving me u all
and the funny card, the tennis cap and the abit tight shoes
but i'll love them anyway
BUT u guys are damn bloody obvious lah
i'll teach u all how to be more discreet
hehe =p

5 August 2006

A Psychological Tip

Whenever you're called on to make up your mind,
and you're hampered by not having any,
the best way to solve the dilemma, you'll find,
is simply by spinning a penny.
No - not so that chance shall decide the affair
while you're passively standing there moping;
but the moment the penny is up in the air,
you suddenly know what you're hoping
- Piet Hein

something interesting copied from one of yanzi's msgs

oh gosh, 36 days left and counting
its like so fast yet so slow
i dunno if i should be stress, or if im already feeling stress
i dunno how am i gonna do for promos
its like really a piece of shit lah
straight Ds and then i'll get Es
even now straight Ds isnt very safe lah
oh gosh
i will study i will study i will study

after my birthday celebration tonite that is =)
church friends, tv, trtuh or dare and DRINKS
after tonite i dont think i can touch alcohol until after promos
is that sad or is that sad