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30 July 2008
i'm an nus kiddo yo!

well basically school lately means meeting up with these people
this, i present to u is carrotcake (and any other things that starts with C)
my cnm og, and probably the tightest one cos we're small
and the "are u ageing well" joke won't end so soon i foresee

anyways i've finally matriculated, on monday
argh. why did i submit some cui photo
now the colour of my matric card photo looks weird. VERY WEIRD argh.
and we could instantly feel the power of matric card haha
for the next 2 hours, the 2 most used lines were
"can i have your matric card" and "are in interested in..."
yup we got stuck for more than an hour in matric fair
signing up in almost everything lol
oh no i really dont know what to join!
anyways we're just missing an inauguration ceremony and then we'll be totally completely fully absolutely nus students yay :D
oh and i found another small kick
that is seeing people's reaction when they see my dressed up
lol hell yea!

27 July 2008

look what i found!

I hear Mariachi static on my radio
And the tubes they glow in the dark
And I'm there with her in Ensenada
And I'm here in Echo Park

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I'm sinking down
And I'm all strung out on heroin
On the outskirts of town

Well, I'm sittin' here playing solitaire
With my pearl-handled deck
The county won't give me no more methadone
And they cut off your welfare check

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I'm sinking down
And I'm all strung out on heroin
On the outskirts of town

Well, I pawned my Smith Corona
And I went to meet my man
He hangs out down on Alvarado Street
By the Pioneer chicken stand

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I'm sinking down
And I'm all strung out on heroin
On the outskirts of town

Carmelita hold me tighter
I think I'm sinking down
And I'm all strung out on heroin

we were strangers starting out on a journey

its quite interesting how we both were scared of each other on first impression
and then we landed in the same department as heads
i dont remember seeing her in chingay before
i just had to have another TALL friend
its crazy when she MIAs


its even more interesting to know that we share somewhat similar thoughts
and what big coincidences happens

spending two full days with her was indeed a refreshing experience
(cant exactly think of a better word actually)
the long walks
and "heart to heart" talks

hell yea this is the unique friendship we share
and guess what?
i found a new person to call when im drunk
say yooooooooo!

and to my beloved DUA,
this is tit for tat yo
from sushi buffet
to night mode cam whore
to 3 glasses of macho margarita and not getting drunk
to toyRus + bag shopping (thus explain the THIS IS A HUGE CARRIER PAPER BAG)
to karaoke

this is love <3

25 July 2008
please help to vote

hello all this thing will be here until 25 july for the convenience of my voting.
(unless you want to help to vote also la, anyways its just a click away)
so posts will be below this until 25 july!! :D:D:D

24 July 2008
weird incidents

goodness i met this total freak at sentosa today

he was immitating how people played games and happily stood in the middle doing the same things

he kept starring at us

and while i was in the water, he ran straight towards me saying, "everybody comes here so fun!" in a super weird cheenaaaaa accent and splashed right in
great hidaya quickly ran away
while i finally found out what "stood rooted to the ground(or water, sand maybe)" felt like
and then my senses came back and i ran away

the other incident was just a super big wave that splashed me back to shore
according to hidaya my expression was pricesless
oh wells, talk about being glam again :X

anyways if you're curious i was at sentosa to "crash" a day of ntu's union camp
and to meet my beloved ndp darlings :D
(well its actually fr/mkt + 1 admin hoho)

other photos on facebook :)

20 July 2008
when 2 become 1

friday was good :)
started with meeting achmed at suntec's nydc
how time flies!
one week flew past so quickly
when union camp felt only like yesterday!

camie gave everyone a rose!
(because of some reason.....haha)
and the girls started camwhoring..

everyone meet felicia!
dont you think she looks like SHU! hahaha

so while walking with them halfway
i called chubis (the tablemates)
chubi kun cancelled her movie session
while chubi yong timely ended her lessons at 4
so we arranged to meet at 6
how last minute can things can man :D:D:D

we had hongkong cafe!
like we always do
and somehow we always sat in the same formation!

after that we decided to head to our favourite hangout for some drinks..

and guess what we saw!

we ordered a shisha
(it was fking ex man)
and i didnt really like it (menthol is still nicer man)

check this picutre out! hahahaha
i just like it
and our dearest chubi kun was shishaing like a DRAGON dont u agree?

and then chubi yoso called us up
saying it was xiaoting's birthday and they're all going zouk
after much convincement we all went down to zouk (super under dressed i must say)
so chubi yoso came in bushman's car fetching us all to zouk

and thats where i met natasha! and her sister. looking all lovely

and thats where the serious drinking started!

heres just a small preview of what we drank (heres tequila pop, sex on the beach and our FAVOURITE APPLE SHOOTERS)

leong came, drank and little and vomot hahahahaha

cos chubi made an agreement, we left early
but of course a photo with the birthday girl before we left!

annd when was the last time u saw all 6 chubis in a photograph? <3

however, the serious drinking became a problem
(like duh i havent drank in ages)
so this chubi became a little high
and apparently started smsing her dearest DUA eh
which freaked out
and soon the whole world knew that i was high and at zouk the NIGHT BEFORE NE 3

everything around me started to float
and so did the FLOATING PLATFORM
damn i could walk straight

NE 3 was quite alright
the rain didnt affect concourse
i personally went to escort the SPED schools
gee felt like crying, super sad for them lahs
and so NE 3 went pass like a breeze too
with not much problems (for me)

now comes preview
argh with the public
or rather ugly singaporeans
it shall be good!

18 July 2008
it came to an end

yup! finally done with camping
and i mean camping
no more campha and no more orientation camps
(with the exception of oweek cos its day camps)

its interesting how it always starts with
"bah i dont feel like going already"
and yet coming out of it with withdrawal symptoms
and missing every single bit of it
its always like that :/ haha

CNM was alright
another slack slack small scale one
and pretty informative cos theres the interaction with the profs
and im glad to say i got a head start
cos i heard of alot of good tips! yay :)
and i guess CNM would be the major for me
the least torturing out of all the torture
so i shall listen to advice
and take up 1101 2219 and 2220
i hope it doesnt kill me :S

and photos are all in facebook!
am lazy to save and upload here :D:D:D

ACHMED outing tmr yay!

watched WEDDING DAZE today!
its a super crap but funny yet a little romantic show
i like!
and the best thing is meeting weiqi in the cinema and finding out jareth knows her too

and sleep has been great :)

13 July 2008
busy as a bumblebee

yup im back from a supposedly 5d4n camp
but i only went for 4d3n
ok thats not the point
the point is im sufferring from camp withdrawal symptoms
as all the stupid cheers like ESCTASY is stuck in my head haha

camp was good i guess
its the slack-yet-we-play-hard-but-we-dont-need-to-win kinda og
so it was simply fun

fright night was a bitch
i was scared shit
i grabbed onto my fright night partner like mad
and i shouted vulgarities at the "ghosts" which amused so many people alot
imagine that -.-

besides, there were high elements, pool games (they booked the whole of big splash!), beach games, SP night and slumber party
Secret Pal night was interesting. at least the idea of it
it did for a moment, feel like a date
at least i got a sp that shared same interests as me :D
slumber party was pure entertaining
with a lot of RATED performances hoho

so a super shagged chao taaaaaaaaaaaa
dragged her feet out of bed to NE show 2
and to her surprised, it turned out smooth
and it somehow seems that
when u put in alot of effort, you dont get what u want
when u just take it easy, everything goes smooth
bahhh :/

so after a disappearing act, i finally reunited and bonded with my ndp mates again

i would say this week has been good :):):)

6 July 2008
caught in hecticness

so NE show 1 was over in a blink of an eye
if i may, my eye hurts and its tearing non stop
thats how it went
i don't feel like talking about it cos it only makes me pissed again

meanwhile to those who actually read my blog
i'll be gone from 8-11 and 14-16
orientation camps yupppp
i dont feel the excitement yet
but i'll still go with hopefully an open heart and mind
sorry chubbs if i cant seem to find time to meet u guys
i really miss y'all
its been ages since we had our last glass of beer together

and that reminds me
i havent been touching alcohol
i don't know why
although there are definitely times that i wished i could just down it and get myself terribly drunk
but whats the point

damn what the flyer is wrong with me

NE show 2 better be good

on a lighter note
ikea therapy was good
finally bought stuff im dying to buy
ate meatballls and a hell lots of chicken wings
and trying to find our way ard ikea tampines
stupid lift