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28 February 2010

sunburn skin
rosy cheeks
abrasions and cuts
aching limbs
fiberglass wound
salty water
rushing tides
uneven waves
heavy equipments
acquiring balance
capsize inevitable
bruised ego
trying again
determined spirits
more practice needed


26 February 2010

yet another post to be about school
sigh, when you're in you cant wait to get out and when you.............
i think the whole world has the same sentiments as i do

well i do like school, at least here are some reason why i do lol
i love it when we go crazy during project meetings
i love it when we go crazy even when we're not in project meetings
i love it when we just sit at deck and chit chat
i love it when we hang around, wait for everyone to finish school and then head out to dinner
i love it when i eat yong tau foo, with loads and loads of chilli
i love it when i eat yong tau foo and drink ice milo
i love it when i meet so many familiar faces around school
i love it when people pay me visits in pgp
i love it when we hang around the nm room, especially the bed

sigh apart from those, theres pretty nothing much about school
its just plain boring
afterall how often does the above happen?
i can safely say not much this sem
people in exchange, clashing timetables and break
gahhhh i feel so bored most of the time
and seriously, i do dread going back to pgp
its a hot, stuffy and lonely place
stuffy room, stuffy heart :(
can't wait for this sem to be over

looking forward to WAT in the summer holidays
and then my 21st party
and after that?
its gonna be a dread again.........

can't help but living in denial man
too much of either work and play aint good

ah crap, watching too many videos, alone, at night, aint very good for the mental health
should get to bed for tmr's 7 hours of classes

20 February 2010

Omg theres this but i can't take a single piece :(

17 February 2010


Hope everyone's angpow collection is going well
This year's festives dont really get to me
maybe its the whole growing up thingy plus the lack of preparation
oh well.
chinese new year is over

lent is in a day's time
well technically at this point of time it is already here
sigh, its time for sacrifices again
but for god, shouldnt hesitate to sacrifice
we're human, we're learning, keep trying!

and since valentines fall on the same day as cny
i shall wish everyone

as part of the new formed tradition (ever since last year)
we chubis and the new found association group gotta have a cny reunion
so what better way to do so by picnicking!

we did things the lazy way this year though...
bought the food and headed straight to barrage

who said valentines day had to be spent with your significant other half?
im happy enough to spend my valentines with my SIGNIFICANT OTHER FIFTHS
its a season for love
and these people is what i call love :)

13 February 2010

Japan really has the most interesting variety programs
am currently watching this japan pri school competition
30 people 31 legs race
so cute lor!!!!

and it sucks cos everytime i see a kid cry, i feel like crying myself
so touching sigh
never fail to remind me of my primary netball school days
especially that one defining match where we cried truckloads

aye aye aye
on a happier note, happy chinese new year eve! hurhur :D

6 February 2010

Caps fetish!
Say hello to my two new babies :)

5 February 2010

I can't explain how important these ppl are in my life. Do they realise?

school is definitely taking its toll on me
infact recently, whats taking its toll on me is definitely much more than school

school work is starting to pile up
i pay attention in lectures but nothing seem to stay inside after that

dragon boat trainings are starting to pile up
my body and my brain is so exhausted i have no idea what to do from here on
caught right in the middle, cant seem to find an answer

birthdays also piling up
everyones turning 21
my wallet is draining badly all thanks to celebrations and presents

it hasnt been a very exciting week, no not at all
infact it has been dull, boring and tiresome

oh god, i have no idea what to do to make it better for now