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31 October 2008
you had a bad dream

zomg i had a bad dream
a pretty bad one

i dreamt that the arts open people were in 2 different classrooms
and there was some conflict
then someone accidentally spilled a bad news
i cant remember what the news was though
although it had something to do with alson
and and and then ivan got so freaking agitated
that he had to choose the largest knife around in the classroom
(i dunno why there were so many knifes there also)
so he chose the butcher one
and freaking SLICED HIS THROAT
aka commited suicide in front of us

omg omg omg
i could freaking see the skin slicing apart and the blood dripping out in my dream
damn bloody scary can.
and then everyone got shocked and started crying

the main point was the slitting of the throat
i dont know why i got so many gory dreams
its kinda scary. ggrahh.
though its halloween but..
the thought of it is really damn......

27 October 2008

wah tired tired tired
the past few days were pretty much hectic
and if i disappeared, this is the reason why

started the chioning on thursday night
wait, chiong to study for 2219 exam
ok i've blogged about that
but anyways that means no sleep yay!
8am went for exam
shagged ah.
so after the chatting and meeting of ppl i went back to pgp and kong for about 5 hours until evening
where we gathered at arts club meeting room to finish the last bit of prep for arts open which was the next day
(bahh i had to cancel driving lah :X)

which means no sleep!
i did fall asleep, for 15 min
only to be awaken by sherman's and shuli's pestering calls and smses haha
yay we were driven aorund by shuli
hip hip hooray for YAAAAARISSSSSSS :D:D:D
red somemore sia

so the day started at 6.30am for us sia
setting up all
then the participants slowly came and we started the day pretty much on time
we were shagged.

play play play
the sun got hotter and hotter lah
which was amazing cos past few days were raining
the tradition of putting 4 bags of garlic chilli and onion at the 4 corners of the area was way too effective man! haha
the sun so freaking hot
and yes we all got sun burnt
and im chao taaaaaaaaaaaaaa again.

besides minor unhappiness which is unavoidable,
everything went smooth
no big fights, no big injuries yay!
only sun burnt sun burnt sun buntsssssssssss
i went back pgp and kong again.

forced myself up in an hours time to get dressed and head to meet the rest for ter's birthday party
turns out that everyone forced themselves out of their houses too lol
so tired and lazy us cabbed down from clementi to fetch siang and mus from aljunied
guesss what?
the taxi driver stopped us at eunos mrt
so we were wondering why 2 of them take so long to walk to the taxi stand
and then i saw the EUNOS sign. rocks

yes so headed down to ter's birthday late
and everyone was like WOAH when we walked in
3 red girls
we were really that tired.
we just ate, watch them drink and nuah around the sofa
so much that we looked drunk :S
which was pretty funny
photos of the apparently-drunk-yet-not-drunk us soon. ha

ter was gone man
his birthday speech was damn bloody funny cos he was drunk
and he went around shouting "WHOS THE BEST MAN"
all his friends stun
hahaha that was imba funny couldnt stop laughing haha
so finally his speech (after a few repetition) ended
and he cut the cake yay
which makes me think
what should i do for my 21 birthday man
omg omg omg.
thats like in 2 years timezzzz
so exciting lalalalalalala

yea i was too freaking shag to head over to leong's for sean's birthday
so i came home and kong
from like 1am to 5+pm today
never felt so shiok in awhile haha.

yea yea yea
so thats what happened to me the past few days. yay
oh ya, i finally met buddy in church today. WOW LA
A levels in about a week's time, so exciting lalalalala
ok im going back to sleep now
goodbye world
you have done me good the past few days.

24 October 2008
mugging for 2219

mugging to reach the level of monarchy LEEEEEEEEE
can be quite disasterous
and pretty detrimental to the mental state of an individual
(omg social work, thank god its almost over)

YES we were mugging for 2219 test yet again
oh day before the test
well we TRIED to mug at least
kudos for the effort

so alvin and CHEN XIN YI came over to pgp to mugmugmug!
and we dominated the tv room

i dont know why we had so much stuff
but i knew i just kept eating eating and eating and eating and and eating eating.......
>.< aunty CHEN XIN YI


wah must be all the fries and whatever rubbish
i felt like crap during the test la
sleepy, giddy, hungry, cramp, stomachache arghhhh.
couldnt care more, faster came out
and as usual our gang came out the earliest again haha

had some major bitching session over lunch
which was quite enjoying to a certain extent i must say
jacq jacq was in nus!
so she came to deck to find me
and more bitching took place woohoo.

ok then i came back to pgp
abit buay dong already
but i just had to put this up first.

anyways if u wonder what i do in school..
i NUAH around
and paint nails! yay

thy professional manicurist at work! wheee

and before i go sleep
i wonder whats cj like if someone was there

22 October 2008

warning: a possible wordy and emo post
disclaimer: dont need to read la. its 2am. im emo. i think.

`eugen|e the second story says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
im like reading ur past posts
`eugen|e the second story says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
those time were fun lar!! when we just got to know each other better
taa; melancholy says:
taa; melancholy says:
u wu liao is it
taa; melancholy says:
taa; melancholy says:
is it the sushi one
taa; melancholy says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
haha yar
taa; melancholy says:
taa; melancholy says:
u upgraded from DUA to BESTIE
taa; melancholy says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
the still trying to figure each other out phase
`eugen|e the second story says:
taa; melancholy says:
taa; melancholy says:
that phrase sounded a little off
`eugen|e the second story says:
whatever lar
`eugen|e the second story says:
just want to say that
`eugen|e the second story says:
even though now things are abit cold ar.. like stuck there stale bread type of situation
`eugen|e the second story says:
ur're still my bestie okay!!!!
taa; melancholy says:
everything around me started to float
and so did the FLOATING PLATFORM
damn i could walk straight
taa; melancholy says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
taa; melancholy says:
thats the best
`eugen|e the second story says:
taa; melancholy says:
taa; melancholy says:
maybe i should call u my idol
`eugen|e the second story says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
how come?
taa; melancholy says:
dunno leh
taa; melancholy says:
i see u like some superwoman
`eugen|e the second story says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
whr got
`eugen|e the second story says:
if im superwoman i'll........(privacy 1101)
taa; melancholy says:
ok ur near being superwoman
taa; melancholy says:
at least ur level of motivations and self happiness is slightly higher than me
taa; melancholy says:
i think our lives has changed tremendously this few mths
taa; melancholy says:
at least for me it did
`eugen|e the second story says:
`eugen|e the second story says:
in what way?
taa; melancholy says:
transition period
taa; melancholy says:
from A levels
taa; melancholy says:
to long holidays
taa; melancholy says:
to ndp exco
taa; melancholy says:
to camps which was abit screwed at first
taa; melancholy says:
some stupid ***** fucked me up
taa; melancholy says:
then fuck a***** up
taa; melancholy says:
then appeal to uni
taa; melancholy says:
get thru to uni
taa; melancholy says:
orientation camps to new school life to hostel life
taa; melancholy says:
dont u think its alot alot
taa; melancholy says:
and me forever langbei-ing
`eugen|e the second story says:
hmm thats life i guess

holy shit thats life
come to think of it
i was forced to get use to life.
play too hard, tired
dont play, sian
study, doubly sian
what else can i possibly do?

anyways theres much more to the convo
and i just had to say
i love this girl alot alot
ok stop at the yellow line before the trains takes u to lesbianism
like i said if i had to rate my friends
she amazingly zoomed up to top 3
-i dont know how dont know why
possibly cos everyone else is so busy with life recently
and everyone else is emo too
maybe its golbal warming that causes the emo season
too much UV rays in the head zomggg.

how to find that spark.
tell me tell me
i'll give u a million bucks
blah. monopoly money
but i'll give u million kisses or whatever.

i still got somemore assignments left to do @#$%^&*(!

on a trying-to-make-it-lighter-note
i realise my good friends have INTERESTING NAMES
chubis (thy stnix clique)
[ok claire is a chubi too, she was the pioneer actually]
{within: chubi yong, chubi kun, chubi leong, chubi moch, chubi KKBZ)
alcohol induced churchies
sistaa (olsen)
buddies (gerald and shawn)
girlfriend (andrew hurhur)
pal (annmarie)
bestie (eugenie)
even day boyfriend (wait i want a breakup)(jc)
part time boyfriend (barron)

ehhh. did i miss anyone out?

whatever the case is
whether your listed or not
i hope that you've realised that i love my friends ALOT ALOT.
until that my parents are jealous.
im not bluffing.
maybe thats what u get when your the only child
loneliness, reliance and dependance


omg i should bang my head now
gosh if i were to have more good friends im running out of names

18 October 2008

wheres the motivation

everyones looking for that spark

but maybe its not that simple

in simple words: study for exams and do your assignments

17 October 2008
anthea tan

yes zouked again
the second time in 5 days or maybe more than that

oh man i realise after school started, im starting to club again hmmms

anyways this time is we chubis gave face to anthea chubi tan
cos its her nineteen
however that chubi only met us for like minutes and kept disappearing
wow what a birthday celebration

we love you so please dont be so fucked up.
hurhur u know what i mean

so everyone left while leong and I stayed
mambo was alright
phuture was horrendously crowded
(ahem with desperate army guys omgzzz)
i became like some personal female body guard -.-
oh goodness dont remind me

oh ya one more thing.
i repeat one more time,

its back to school

12 October 2008
a sober day


i finally pass my directional change
although i cant straighten cars for nuts
its good enough, for now hahaha

and its pretty rare that bestie has to langbei yay
met her in town
although mamamia wasnt fulfilled again -.-

we had 20 piece nuggetss la omgggg
and then we headed to hardrock
where she was going to meet her gang

it was saturday!
so boyfriend came too :D

but thanks to someone with some curfew
we went to zouk without her
it ended up a pretty weird night out.
with everyone bringing friends
it was a pretty mix haha

i didnt drink much to my surprise
didnt get very high at all
so i know what was happening more or less
and guess what!
some spicy scandal took place hurhur

kingsly! havent seen this guy in ages







and guess who i met!

alvin the ALP (from ndp!)
he was wearing a shirt that was shouting "EMO" that caught my attention
and then i thought that guy was quite cute
and then i realised it was him wooh!

bestie take that smirk off your face if your reading this haha

oh yeah the scandal was like never ending
so i left first hurhur
i think im going to get a serious nagging tmr :X
and chubis pangseh lah :(
but i was high at the point when u all pangseh

on a heavier note
3 assignments due monday

9 October 2008

Hello world im still around
been busy, yeah pretty much "busy"

this weeks quite alright.

bestie's on holiday so we've been meeting up quite often over the weekends and start of the week
our threadless tshirts finally arrived yay
and we've been calling and pestering boyfriend almost every other day
that i think he thinks that we're freaks now haha
i hope our plans to go zouk on sat will succeed.
meanwhile boyfriend is in outfield
poor boy until tomorrow hahaha
and bestie is in camp
only TAA here is always langbei-ing around wasting time :X

oh yes i had concourse outing
although only 8 turned up
nonetheless it was a good catchup
and plenty unglam camwhoring bleah :X
the above is taken by larryboi hurhur

drivings a bitch
its getting mundane and not as fun as it started out
i guess its like that
i cant lane change for nuts
i nearly crashed a million times
and it was quite funny today when i stopped the car in gear one and changed it to gear 2
(stun sia)
but anyways, talk about cars
i probably get one that i can call my own till im what, 24 25?
keep dreaming keep keep dreaming oh

im rushing assignments like mad
okay at least i soon will be
i got 3 due on monday omg
2 geog and 1 sw :X
kill me now

bloody MOS had to close down
when its only 1 week left to term paper submission
cant they wait a little longer? :S
so we changed our target to attica
and i actually went down last night (ladies night)
to do fieldwork
of course ladies night cannot be called ladies night if i didnt go arena to kena first
but the drink they served was disgusting
i miss the lychee martini damnit.
they needed to finish a bottle of red wine before they start the lychee
and we couldnt wait

and then we headed down to attica
(we being me and great sianghoon that companied me)
i couldnt find anyone from the management to interview
that amanda girl didnt reply our email
i ended up talking and taking photo with the DJ
ha pretty cool huh

i did force myself and interview 2 random people
and obviously the foreigner was of much more help bahhhhh
attica gave me a weird headache
and i didnt have the mood to "club" ha
so i ordered pure coke (WOAH CHUBI, its FREE!)
and gave the remaining tickets away to some random hot girl on the dance floor
and then i came home on time :D yay

ok i better go rush my arts open rules and regulation
before ivan kills me :S

4 October 2008
vroom vroom vrooooooooooommmmmmmm

guess what. i saw this:

in NUS.

and then i saw this:

once at hyatt

and later outside esplanade

the engine goes VROOM VROOM VROOM

the driver like young :D:D:D

but my daddy still refuses to buy me a car.

boohoo :(

2 October 2008
The good ol days

omg i just totally blogged from my phone
how noob but its okay haha

anyways found this in my aunt's wallet
rocks i dont even have them myself!

remember pri 1! (left picture)
the trying of uniform
which explains why the blouse looks so weirdly big
but omgggggggg im so cute

and if you realised. i had mushroom hair since last time alr hurhur
then it sorta translated into center parting which is absolutely disgusting to recall now
but now its back to banging mushrooms yeah


1 October 2008

hahahahaha its kinda cute :D

(click to enlarge)
this shit is addictive man
but somehow although i starting playing damn early, my score suck badly
dont believe, look at my friends scores

oh yeah its time i formally introduce
if you didnt know better, this is what i play during SW lectures
hahaha cos its damn super ultra boring
and it seems like kinda of a common sense thing most of the time
that is also when i first discover this game

which ever since, got everyone sitting around me watch me play
which ever since, got everyone sitting around me start to play

hahaha imba sia.

anyways i just had a fulfilling dinner with a super big plate of sahimi
so much that i feel like a swimming polar bear now omgggxx

and before that i just had a super long and shiok nap/sleep
i reached home at 10am hurhur

heres what happen last night. or rather yesterday:

i overslept, didnt go for geog lecture (atmo! wooh!)
rushed down to take my final theory trials, which i got 47-50 for so i hope i pass tmr!! :D:D:D
and then i had to LANGBEI again
i overcame it by studying myself at amk macs
and i manage to get some productive reading done yay! not so guilty

then i met victor at chinatown
and we continue to langbei cos everyone else was LATE LATE LATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
from SEX SHOP to transformer watch to eating in the "rain"
wahhhhhh that was the first time i "Hangout" with that guy ha.
then bestie finish langbei-ing also and came to meet us, followed by 8-30-yiyun-who-came-at-10-30
even day boyfriend came so late, that it became odd day already :S

we headed straight to kster and did some serious singing.
yeah damn bloody serious
anyways afterall, it was my virgin overnight singing experience
bad joke :S

then then then
we walked over to SGH for some sotong misi to collect her misplaced and highly important flowery printed pencil case (Which look more like a makeup case to me)
and then we continue to langbei, at the taxi stand, on 2 benches
the taxi uncle waited until he fell asleep hahahah
we took like more than an hour to decide where to go
and by the time we decided, the want of immediately catching a bad home to sleep faded
thats how long we took
so we left of and walked aimlessly
but the walk was really good cos the weather was cooling and with great comany and conversational topics (:
so we walked from no men's land (outram) to tiko men's land (chinatown) to drunk men's land (clarkequay) and to working men's land (city hall)

and we finally reached our destination - MARINA SQUARE HONGKONG CAFE yayyyy :D:D:D
where they had breakfast
and i had my supper
hahahaha SHIOK.

that was like 6am already.
we eat eat eat and talk talk talk
alot of fond memories and HTHT
we ended the session at 9am

great day. great activites (urgh ya). and great people. i like!

problem: piling up assignments and test on friday.
and FTT tmr
argh stresssssssssssssssssssssss