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29 June 2008
the lights at night

recee on friday
and they were testing out the lighting
absolutely pretty!
esp the purple lightssssss :D

although things may not be going very smoothly at this point of time
i believe we still can do it!
and i just love the company of these ppl (:


yay lejia my temp leader haha

floating platform

so pretty!

up: my photos of flyer totally sucked, thus explains its adsense :D:D:D


meanwhile, pre-uni entrance is killing me
so many deadlines
so many things to do until im going nuts
and cofusing the shit outta myself
must tahan and do things right!

and clementi is motherfather bloody far arghh.

26 June 2008
they just know it, they want me

big and clear i can't be wrong..

FASS HERE I COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



omg omg omg
i freaking dreamt of zombies last night
(thanks to this movie i watched recently featuring zombies called fido
and claire who always tells me about her zombies dream also)


somehow the classroom we were in was like super run down
and super near to this room where they bury dead bodies.
There was this particular coffin that was left open with the body BLACK (yuck)
and someone told me that this guy died a tragic death
and he wasnt given a ritual when he died
so when the time is up he'll turn into a zombie
which from the looks of his body its soon


me and my friends faster stand on top of his coffin trying to nail the cover down
so the bloody zombie cannot escape from his coffin
but we obviously failed
so we were on the run
and we were like equipped with crucifixes and bottles of blood
(i dunno whats the blood for man)

and then there were like zombies with different powers
its super scary they 'poof' infront of your eyes

haha this is the funny part
me and a group of escapees ran to a beach like swimming pool
(i also dunno what lah but got water can already)
and i discovered i had the power to breathe in the water
hahahahahahaha funny sia!

now everytime i close my eyes i see that stupid zombie coming towards me
its that detailed and i remember everything
freaks :S

25 June 2008

ok i know i havent been blogging
but lifes pretty much boring and monotonous
at least nothing super big that might probably interest u
not that i can think of

im still coughing and that is sad
cos i finally found a new job
(im selling ice cream at udders btw, thanks to alan)
but coughing and ice cream just dont go
imagine faces of disgusted customers when i cough right into the whole ice cream fridge
i'd run away man! and never patronise that stall again
bahhhhhhhh :S

i've decided that i'll do camps at a super ad-hoc basis
and i'll try to go for day events or 2d1n camps as much as possible
sigh, i think i really lost the spark after so many things happen
and its a pity so many ppl left/are leaving
oh wells, you cant please every single body so there

and i've discovered something recently
that is, mood is totally affected if you're alone or cooped up at home too long
at least for me, i get grumpy
and its kinda true actually
cos when u face the stupid computer, you dont talk and u dont get fresh air
maybe thats the reason why harhar
so now u know what have i been doin if i appear grumpy/moody

havent met chubis in ages
everyone has been busy
and basically i lost touch in the clubbing and partying world
somehow i prefer to stay at home, watch youtube and be grumpy
rather than being out there, drinking and making a fool out of myself when im drunk
sounds like a total change of lifestyle huh
i've been a good girl, well abeeeet lah.
and the thought of coming home super late in a cab is damn turn off
1) my freaking security guard gives me that look everytime im home late in a cab
(he still does, he probably think im some super rich spoiled girl when IM NOT)
2) taxi fare are just damn bloody expensive to accept lah
nahbei jump 20 cent heart also kena stab 20 times
besides, im not earning enough to last me so many 30 dollar taxi rides home
3)errrrr. i scared some tiko driver drive me to some ulu road and dont know do what, so i dont dare to sleep which results in a horrible uncomfortable ride home

might as well as just at home from the start right.
aye whatever the case is, i also cant stay home too long
i need my social life back to
maybe i can allow some exceptions when CHUBI KUN is back in singapore
damn i do miss her

staying at home too much is also making me FAT
not like im not fat already but its making me fatter argh damnit
i think the time of the month is coming
cos i cant seem to stop munching damnit

time for some exercise!
i shall start my swimming routine again
if time allows me
and laziness doesnt get the better of me

ndp is kinda killing me
with @#$%^&*(! horrible deployment plans to churn out
admin programmes to churn out in less than a day, or rather few hours
meetings and meetings after meetings
and boring boring boring infomation overload
however i have to admit that i do like it to a relatively large extent
because the PLANNING COMMITEE is love. it has been fun afterall
(although im the main contributor thank you harhar)
but yah i enjoy their company and presence haha
and although my DUA EH MIA ALOT ALOT
and everytime also got miscommunication at crucial moment
and always at crucial moments everything throw to me
i still love her alot alot
somehow or another, our personalities are pretty much alike
our mindset is pretty much similar
and finally, we can hang out and go crazy and laugh like mad women pretty much
oh and of course not forgetting the new SOICs im getting to know
ppl like alex are hella fun too - just by the l.o.v.e thing alone can make me laugh
so therefore in conclusion, NDP is pretty much <3

so this post is getting kinda long
i dont know who will read
but yar if u miss me please do call me we can work something out
haha cos im kinda lacking in social life ah
or at least im getting abit tired from talking to strangers
forcing smile out although im dead tired
and trying so hard to rahrah bloody irritating kids, although sometimes it can be fun
but still..u can the point
i need to soak in the presence of good ol' secondary school or jc friends
or maybe even primary school friend (aka liangtong i miss u hurry come back from hk)
or maybe church friends that i always nag but they always dont bother to call and now that we hardly meet each other in church although we're called church friends

btw i know its kinda late alr, but good luck for mid years :D:D:D

12 June 2008
i hate it when

i hate it when i fall sick
it makes me feel vulnerable
and like crap
its this irritating feeling somewhere inside your body
and in your head
it makes me feel like i can drop any minute
its scary
it makes me crave for someone to shower special care and concern for me
as if i was a baby all over again
and people not being understanding makes it worse
not like falling sick was a choice

ok enough ranting
its just flu and cough damnit
go and rest

5 June 2008
he's a jolly good fellow

2-4 June 2008
Tampines Sec School, Secondary 2 camp
chief andrew's last camp
one of the best camps :)

so many instructors! (sadly i dont have a photo of instructors) yet!

campfire was great
reached a complete highness
even seen more than 30 instructors dancing?
superb, fantastic, excellent!


my partner instructor PX!!!
yay E2Bsqaure manage to complete the raft and send it out to test
(although it kinda failed still)
us with student instructors (and willy in the background)
hornet attack!!!!
waiting for activities
challenge pole woohoo!!

trolley party - student instructors (minus kaijun)

2E2, aka E2Bsquare - Best Class in our eyes
we're proud of you guys :)
(no nature rumble though, sigh)


Best Male Camper 2008 Award!!! :D

and to andrew (although he'll nv read):
thanks for believing in me
and keep giving me chance to improve myself
especially when i was down
with all the rumours going around
and people disliking me
always encouraging us
and never giving up on us
your debriefs are very valuable
and we really learn alot from them
although you're hot tempered like nothing
and a bloody ahbeng
you're the best CIC i've ever known
and the best welfare provider

from the bottom of my heart
THANK YOU alot alot alot :)

bloop bloop bloop BOOM!