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29 November 2007

oh bother
i tried uploading whatever photos i have but
yes yes so photos will be up soon
(as soon as i get mine uploaded and receive those from others)

prom was...hmmm
better than expected
but neither was it worse than expected
its a werid feeling
it wasnt fun fun
neither was it bad bad
yeah and it felt like a dreamt!
it was the rush rush rush feeling
(not forgeting the pay pay pay feeling also)

everyone looked so diff and to a large extent good!
i couldnt recognise quite a few! (ferlin wins the most unrecognisable award)
i thought i looked much MUCH much better compared to sec4 prom
(omg the pink dress. damn the pink dress)
and this time milli's dress is not the same as mine!!
but it was similiar to nicole's
but that was cool!
this goes to show we have good taste

cam whore cam whore cam whore
and literally cos u didnt charge and it died halfway -.-
but still thanks for lending to me ur "never charge since u came back from aust" camera :D
thanks yink for companying me to put my first pair of fake eyelash!
so scary!!! but its so so nice!
(ps: i decided to keep and not sell HAHA)
and must not forget
thanks shukkun(again) and claire for prom dress hunting with me
we tried so many until it was so tiring! =p
(ps: hope claire gets her dress like soon SOON)

ok back to prom itself
WOW i ate so little!
must look demure huh
so just let the guys whack like nobody's business
and oh!
the nehneh that sat next to me really looked like a tycoon son!
food was alright
the emcee was....-.-'''''''' funny la

okay post prom
and so i went in the end
paid to use the dxo toilet la damnit
didnt quite want to go in ctually
so me and shukkun sat outside and drink tower
the lychee vodka was too gassy and the screwdriver was too juicy -.-
but flaming lambo and waterfall was good
and needly to say
our dearest taa was on a high again
no more sara, no more cakes and no more yanzi
this time it was SITI, SECRET DUNGEONS and WATER
hahaha the girls wanted to bash me up as so they say
oh boy
can someone take a video of me when im drunk seriously?
i kinda wanna see for myself
and so u can imagine.....

all in all it was fine
nothing big went wrong and im thankful :D
love goes out to those that crossed my path in cj in a way or another (:

for the last time alright
LET OUR FLAME WARM OUR HEARTS AND UNITE (teng teng teng teng!!!!)

24 November 2007

wahlau eh
im really quite screwed when im high la
stupid yink keep making fun of my stupid conversation with sara when im high
haha go readif you're interested
si bei paiseh la

nehmind i know im damn entertaining
so you should go clubbing with me
hahahaha i make you all laugh until u peng

okay actually i also dunno whats the point of this post la
i just felt like typing

been shopping shopping shopping
ever since A levels end it was shopping
minus one day
so it has been 6 days of shopping oh my tian
my legs peng alr sia
and i've splurge like more than 600 bucks up to date
no it must have been more
oh my tian

but im happy cos i bought a new pair of heel/pumps
and i shall wear it for prom
fuck sia 70 bucks of course nice
shukkun own la 30 bucks so comfortable damn it
im gonna buy more pumps from now on
damn nice to wear
well, after my ankle is okay
freaks i think i'll only go to a sinseh after prom
fuck it man

okay okay apart from that i got a manicure done
and guess what
FUCK i regret also
the pattern i chose was damn nice
but the woman dunno how she do do until dont even look like la
only the thumb nice
heng i chose diff pattern
bo bian 50 bucks fly away :(

22 November 2007

fuckk la
my leg really damn pain la
no its LEGS OK
my left ankle hurts while my right knee is grazed
the best part is i dont even remember how

but as far as i remember last night was fun
hoi i still remember the amount of lychee martinis and vodka we drank
OH and the freaking 151
which yink didnt like so i tarred one half
shiok la

eh bitches! I LOVE YOU ALL FUCK!

18 November 2007

the hair story

one day this girl called taa realised her hair was growing too long and becoming too curly..

it messed up very easily so she got irritated and decided not to keep long hair anymore

(short hair is still cooler, pun intended)

so she went to cut it one day after studying too much!
after cutting, she was still stressed
so her friend by the name of claire suggested they went treading
(btw it was fucking pain, i screamed and cried HAHA ok just tear)
and her friends decided she looked like a jap boy if she styles her hair!

after about 2 weeks

exams finally ended

and taa finally had a chance to dye her hair again!

pink is the sex man baby :D