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31 January 2010

i think the best word that describes her is really "DIVA"

she earns a 101% respect for such awesome live singing
the 3 hour concert remained an all time high
and if its a plus, shes funny and friendly too

it was totally worth my moneh

see even diva digs leopard prinx!

favourite song!

and guess whats the next best thing? YANZI WAS THERE TOO

lol middle block first row sitting in between yanmei and nadim

now who wants to go xiang jing teng concert with me

28 January 2010

last saturday can be said to be one of the most busy saturdays i had in awhile!
rushed from place to place, meeting different groups of people

started the day early in kallang where i went for my first ever dragon boat training
seriously, i dont know what made me join. or rather what pushed me to actually turn up
i somewhat like it, afterall i kinda miss the whole girls team thingy
yet i hate it, cos its to tiring and painful
oh wells no pain no gain.
for nice sexy arms and back, TAHAN!

in my very sore body, went down to meet the nm ppl for our street photog shoot!
had a very filling shabu shabu lunch
okay technically the shoot almost didnt make it cos we concentrated more on eating
i brought them to children little museum and thats where everything started..

shant say anymore, let the picture speak for themselves
heres a few of my favourites :D

i love it! thanks to daisy yingqi and celeste that kept clicking away!

alright to end the day, i headed down to andrew's 21st birthday

now its back to school
one more day to go and the weekends are here again yay!
another busy weekends to go
leong's birthday
db training
hot plate
amei concert

24 January 2010

i think i just fell in love with being in pain. wtf

my body is in so much pain

23 January 2010

fucking scared for db training :( no company somemore....

21 January 2010

tuesday was a packed day
yet i never felt so accomplished in a long while
also because i havent spent my day so fulfillingly in a long while too

rushed down from class to kallang to meet these to boys to kayak!

something we've been wanting to do but our busy schedules doesnt allow us to do so for quite awhile, ever since we finished the one star course..

i made the boys paddle with me all the way till the flyer
and then we stopped and camwhore woohoo

oh oh, i found myself paddling straighter too!

it was a nice day to kayak
awesome sun; not too hot but yet still bright enough to roast my arms just to a slight brown
i like :D

okay i got tired when we were trying to get back and i found myself paddling in circles again >.<

i had to rush back to school after kayaking for the friends of nus dinner thingy
well, it turned out better than expected and i made some new friends
namely my american buddy, 2 married korean guys (lol), simin's hostees one indonesian girl and one thai girl.
wow pretty much internation yo
and i got a new shirt lol

timetable balloting sort of screwed up cos i cant get monday's tutorial slots with yq sy all and end up having to attend 8am one on friday alone ahhhhh damnit
otherwise, all is good
so far

18 January 2010

seriously, its times like these i wished i'd change major to ts
omg my governance lecture is so boring that i have to bring laptop and end up blogging -.-
unlike my voice prod class just now which was so interesting and fun
wished i'd major in ts :S

trying to stay awake now.....

back track a little
bbq on sat night at isa's place was fawesome!
enjoyed the food and of course, the company
having some lovely steak, free flow chicken wings
a little small swing by the pond
beer and a jolly good time
oh not forgetting all the zoom zoom times which really felt like a unsafe roller coaster was exhilarating

good times good times :)

16 January 2010

ahhh its a bloody obsession yes i know so shut up
how often do you come across such a cute thing, so much that you wish to own? lol
cannot touch, so look lor :D:D:D

ahhhh so humsum

12 January 2010

monday blues
tuesday woes
thank god its gonna be wednesday soon, my first day off from school in 2 sems.

i love school cos of friends
and yet i hate school cos of friends too

argh. moody and sleepy

10 January 2010


im going REDDDDDDDDDDDDDD this year :D

and i gotta confession to make.........

well we'll see about that

So baby don't worry
you are my only
you won't be lonely
even if the sky is falling down

8 January 2010

i've been drinking 3 days in a row
2 being erdinger at timbre
goodness i just love their chicken wings
i miss walawala chicken wings too!
now that school is starting, i have a reason to go to wala soon lol

everytime i start to think that i have a alcoholic problem
i think of chubi and isa, and then i feel fine again lol
i will not massive anytime soon, am gonna take it slow man
it just takes one bloody bad hangover to scare the shit out of you

so timbre on tues to celebrate jc's 21st
mambo on wed cos mich said she was going and i suddenly felt like i needed to go too lol
(it turned out rather boring, cos i was lonely and sober)
and timbre again tonight to meet up and sort of "farewell" to the boys going to sep
awww gonna miss having lunch with them in school next sem
we're not gonna see each other for a good 8 months!
except for hongrui which we might meet him in the US
so exciting!

the whole talk about going overseas, exchange, travelling
makes me so damn excited about work and travel
its just a sem away! quick quick cannot wait already :D

its been a busy holiday man!
and i really cant believe school is starting next monday zomg
and that we're turning 21 already
somebody knock me...

5 January 2010

sometimes i feel like a bad friend for having to rely on facebook to remind me of birthdays
and how often do we bother to ring them up or drop them a simple sms to wish them?
nah we take the easy way out by just posting a wall message
nay, its the thought that counts? i dont know man.. i still dont know hahaha
just a random thought.

okay not that random
i have a confession to make. the above scenario just totally happened to me
to two rather good friends.

well nevermind, this is to make up for the teeny little guilt inside of me haha


despite your worriness and somewhat blurness,
i can sense your thoughtfulness and sweetness :)



my ex-alternate-day-boyfriend hahaha
though you very bo sim we still love you much

3 January 2010

lpretty eventful holidays i must say
besides, who spends the first of january nursing a bad hangover
couldnt been worse man
lets just say i spend my 6am to 1pm puking non stop..
and then the whole bloated feeling which i think i still have it now (its been 3 days already)

a little bit scared of alcohol, gonna take it slow man

anyways first birthday party of the year goes to brenda lee
thanks to her a pretty decent meet up was organised and carried out
and its feels just like the good old times :D

erm plus some self-invite tonning and heading to church freaking tired.