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30 October 2010
Volcanic Disco


17 October 2010

i wonder when will i ever stop party loving. It sort of grew out of me, then came US and it all came back again. Whats so good about drinking, dancing and merry making? Or rather I should ask myself what do I like so much about drinking, dancing and merry making?
I can't answer that myself. But i suppose I do enjoy.
Ah the sinful, always ever so attractive.

School's not exactly a bitch, only the thought of the countless projects I have waiting for me to finish
Okay maybe not so countless. One huge ass focus group recording to transcript (heard thats really a bitch). One huge ass video to edit and churn out for mno which really has been a bitch and i abhor that module to the core of my very core. Which explains why i have balls to skip classes (like tutorials) even though class part. is like 15%....i really really really HATE IT.
guess i wasnt cut out for biz afterall. thank god my results sucked and I came to Arts cos im lovin it here.
3217 (aka publications and design) hasnt been a complete bitch. Instead its my lack of creative juices this while thats mindfucking the hell out of me. My flier turned out a disaster and I'm ashamed to show it :( unlike 2208 where everything went well. On top of that, designing the poster for Volcanic Disco's publicity hasnt been going too well either. Fuck my creative juices, did they all come out when I puked too hard from a hangover? I hope not....
And of course the only reason why I love school has to be the 2 adorable theatre mods this sem
Asian's hilarious (and tiring). From chingchong acting to kabuki leg training to INDIAN DANCE. Hell yeah baby I've got a Indian dance routine up my sleeves. And boy is that shag...
Praxis has been awesome in its weird little ways a la bitching sessions. And seriously, I've not come so close to listening, speaking and even acting SEX before. Hell yeah Volcanic Disco is mega sexed up. I really hope people do enjoy our performance. I suppose my butterflies will start to appear and time draws nearer. BUT ZOMGGGGG IM LIKE A MEGA SEXCITED!
and and and theres Spring Awakening auditions which im excited about too!
well i prolly wont get in laaaaa, but the thought of it just sounds awesomely fun.
and its because of all these little involvement in theatre made me start to ponder if i really should walk that path after i graduate, which is like next july. knnnn thats like 8 months from now. Come next sem I should get my lazy ass down to job applications. No more procrastination!

Alright back to rehearsals. Well I wanted to say that I've been dancing really hard this semester. I think I've never danced so much in my life before! zomg on top of the weekly clubbing kinda stuff, theres luo zhi xiang's mv dance class, theres asian theatre's indian dance all, theres the opening dance epilogue which is the epitome of sluttiness, and finally theres the glee number. wooh! work those abs baby. my legs are like a very sore from all those dancing (plus weekly sessions of handball which is rather exciting)

okay i should chill for now. blogging's style is somewhat different from usual today hahahaha