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28 April 2008
damn accurate!

created with
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26 April 2008

this time is really damn tired
and its the whole body work to the last bit of strength
such that its full of lactic acid now
and aching to the core

my neck hurts
my back is sore
my shoulders are freaking stiff
my hands are aching
and my shin hurts like fuck
i even got a butt cheek cram -.-

lets see
my first time in SJI
my first time as runner
stnix first time camp with campha
i've never done so much first aid in my entire life
(i had like more than 20 casualties seriously)
i've never filled up so much water
i've never carried so much heavy stuff consistently for 2 days
i've never walked so much in these recent days

but still i got to say
this st nix camp was just amazing la
brought back so much memories
and its damn fun seeing the teachers' expression
i heard that like at least 5 times
and its like a weird thingly feeling of having your teachers watch you at work
super weird
i wished i had a group though :S
i dont want to be runner, esp not at SJI
wahlau so tiring :((((( although somehow theres still a sense of accomplishment

campfire was good
although i chose wrong major to sit in cos they ahem abit boring during transition time
the performances were good
almost totally original - stnix style
hell yea the st nix culture was there and strong
and i bet the other instructors could feel it
as compared to other camps where its all the same old stuff
the most interesting thing i heard so far?
one girl wanted to burp as her campfire talent performance
interesting thing no2
the girls actually used mrs yeo's x = minus b....formula song as a cheer!
hahahahaa and they made her go up and "dance"

and, i must keep learning
i am still learning
alot of things are just mind over matter
watching the kids do monster inc upslope really did touch me
it was that tingly feeling again
its whether u want to push on and perservere
dont let any other things/one affect you

ok im seriously tired
and going into a black/coma state
i'll be back

22 April 2008

yay new template!
still kinda simple i like :D

just feeling kinda grey lately so both lj and blogger are all grey yay! :D

ok anyone wala wala on thurs???
call me!!!


yay pretty pretty!
everythings pretty pretty!

so i finally downloaded messenger plus
and i downloaded this super cute skin! wheeeeeeee


i guess im really too free :P

20 April 2008

im back to civilisation again
aloha changi was...lostable
almost everyone got lost while trying to make their way there
tsk tsk tsk

im like damn tired now
but so tired until the highness is like appearing and disappearing
you know that kinda feeling
had one hour of sleep last night (this morning rather)

cant say CAG was damn successful
but neither can i say it failed
cos at least the few of us got to meet and hang out all over again
meanwhile get to know someone ppl not initially close to better
yup yup it was good
and i bbqed my zhao pai none marinated chicken wings for everyone
and response was overwhelming wahaha

since there werent many ppl
we ended up playing mahjong...
playing psp...
playing random hand games...(moo moo! ask me i teach u!)
i watched meet the spartans haha...
learnt 2nd layer of rubriks yay!
and of course catch up!!

and in a blink of an eye these random stuffs kept us awake till 6+ am
that explains the one hour of sleep
alan sy and kk prepared breakfast!!!
it was quite a spread haha
and we had too many chips left
and since we were all leftover high
i started making yingxiu do all camp cheers and dance
and now she's addicted to parapara hahaha!
meanwhile joel and christina were busy taking down snippets of memories

and then we checked out and headed to starbucks in some mall in tampines
to celebrate christina's birthday
the cake was nice lah!

ok abit overly detailed already
oh anyways..
i was supposed to receive the "dreamteam PINK GIRL" award
why am i not surprise -.-

long enough, photos another day :D
im off yo~

---------------edited esp for yingxiu-----------------

ok early in the morning 7am
when we were all stonage after being forced to wake up
yingxiu and i went to the room to join christina
the 2 single beds were joined
so chris was on the right one, i was on the left
and yingxiu was across both
then she moved over to chris one
i saw a gap in between
so i tried to use my butt to move it closer
guess what
the bed craaaaak and one quarter when down
we were like omg alr so i tried to climb out
i moved a leg and the whole bed - the wooden plank and mattress literally sank down
hahahaha causing a loud boom followed by lots of screaming and laughter
i literally sat there, legs folded, stunned
hahahahaha it was super funny
should have seen everyone's reaction

so the guys, upon hearing all the screams
rushed into the room to find all of us laughing
and me sitting on the floor still
yingxiu started proclaiming to the world "taa broke the bed"
i climbed out and the guys tried to fix it
(it did not break, the corner got detached)
they moved the mattress out first
then alan and yensoon lifted the heavy wooden plank
and guess what
the moment alan touched the plank he immediately let go
"ahhhhh splinter!!!!" LOSER!!!!!

so that was the morning's drama basically :D
just imagine.....unforgetable

18 April 2008

camp was alright
primary kids are
i mean they are really KIDS!
kids with so much energy
literally never ending energy
and that makes me feel old
they can run around non stop
and they dont sleep on time

but my kids are really cute
the girls are..a form of lovable
and the boys are...super rascals
and they are never on time :S
they run around when im talking
and they like to talk back

ok anyways,
few highlights of the camp for me
first time into nature rumble
got freaking muddy cos i went in the mudpool with them
see instructor so wei da!
super black natural dye! :DDD

next, damn lot of belaying
which is causing massive aching
especially in my neck, shoulders, arms and legs
im not exaggerating la
and i got like skin tears as a result of friction
while adjusting harnessess for all my kids
and that includes 2 slots of crc, rockwall, abseil
wahlau fingers dead alr la
and i got some bruise which looks like internal bleeding from the karabiners
haha ok sucks
but i like belaying! actually
its tiring if u belay for too long
i like pulling the rope so taut that it forces my camper to move haha
damn fun damn fun
but rockwall is the most tiring
cos its really pull them up
until i have to remain in squatting position
and many times got dragged and almost got lifted
even though im fat and my camper is just a scrawny p5 kid
amazing huh

last thing.. POWER
campfire's fireball
totally completely absolutely FAILED
hahaha 'it flew down for a second or two and then i dropped
like literally drop, bounce abit and roll
everyone stunned
stop and stare

campfire was damn long
20 groups hurhur
i cheated off item
so rendall danced both tarzan and jane's parts while i sat there and action
cool cool
first time finale performance

for your eyes, i present to you maha bodhi p5 camp group 3!

and my cute cute girls
i like felicia the most
thats the white shirt girl directly above me with the "twist"
she's damn adorable!!!
and she damn cute
oh yes, she suddenly randomly wrote across her arm
"instructor ta rocks"
SO CUTE RIGHT!!!! hahaha (:

13 April 2008

hello testing
this is a testing post hahah
did some changes to the font
but i dont think anyone can tell -.-

anyways Definitely, Maybe is nice
a super schweet cheesy love show
i like (:

i liked today's drinking session
you can say it was quite massive
one of the most massived one i've ever had with my family

went for mass and then headed down to dempsey
went to wala wala for dinner and drinks
started the night with a chocolate martini
food was good oh yea
had mushroom pizza, calamari rings, short ribs, chicken chop
and then a cosmo

since they had limited cocktails i decided to go for the kill
i had a glass of erdinger black
and i LOVED IT
well my dad was the one drinking initially
after those few sips that WOW-ED me
i went for the kill haha
its damn nice la!

and then the live band started
and they started with 'suddenly i see"
what a good start haha
and they sang really good songs
*good songs = songs i know and like lol
from maroon five to whatsup!
and its really cool cos they were like damn close to the crowd all
one of the better live bands i've ever came across

and then we ordered a plate of chicken wings
gosh i was really joking; my dad ordered
whack ah
and guess what? i finished my mom's hoegaarden haha
damn shiok la

if this tummy will never go away :S
but this lifestyle is...shiok haha

ps: things are goin fine with my computer
although i still feel like my eyes are gonna pop out

10 April 2008

hello world
i finally got my new computer!
after 7- years of lagging

and guess what?
the screen is too big
until now im still not used to it
(ok its been 7 hours of usage)

a little bit more bigger and it wont be able to fit my tAble ha!

look at it yourself
the pink thingy is a highlighter
the normal fat one from stabilo
and the end of the lighted part, is also the end of my computer table

so now is massive installing programms
just for phone, camera and ipod alone takes up alot of time and space
ok dont complain
im contented for now (:

other updates...
oh yes i finally applied for jobs!
but somehow the first one i got the pay abit low
$4/hr leh
see how la

missed chubi Y as she was out with shrooms massive outings before sara leaves
missed chubi S as she was busy getting high and gambling

meanwhile im gonna watch stuff on my com
ITS DAMN SHIOK!!! wahaha
but i still must get used to the uber super mega big screen
i feel like my eyes are gonna pop out soon

6 April 2008

congratulate me
you seriously need to congratulate me from your utmost sincere bottom of your heart
especially if you're a victim of my ever lagging computer

the good news?
i did 2 minutes of shopping at funan
went toilet for some big business transaction
came back stoned another 5 minutes
and then i got myself a new computer
throw in some free cable, wireless stuff and a PRINTER -.-

well i should be happy
but at that moment
i was more OH MY TIAN-nish with my more aunty than my aunty mother, father
power i say power

after that i had a super nice and filling mc flurry
and got myself a 160 gb external hardrive

indeed a fulfilling day
anyways you should have realised by now,
i didnt not stay in funan for more than an hour
like seriously haha :D

so now its massive transferring and deleting
and WOW i just freed 10gb off my current computer
and it feels like a F1 now
so imagine my new hp 24 inch..
it will be like a rocket blasting into the sky

5 April 2008

im in the fucked up mood. again.
bumming ard everyday is seriously not the solution
i need a job fast and quick
and also because im near to bankrupt once again

oh if you didnt know
im not doing camps anymore
not in the near future at least
cos its fucked up
i seriously dont know what did i do
or who i fucking offended
such that some irritants who dont even know me, are passing rumours abt me
whats with the sucking attitude and all
like hello
even if its an one-off incident it doesnt mean one thing totally right
who cant have minor screw ups
you, whom i dont even know
is making things so big
spreading around
spoiling my fucking reputation
even if i did something wrong
its just not fair to me right
secondly, you dont even know me well or worse still personally
how you know wads going on
if its in the attitude, then why cant u come and fucking HELP ME when u see that im heading in the wrong direction
being new doesnt deserved to be judged
not especially when i was only give 2 fucking chances
i only did 2 damn camps
there is only that many people i know
so please, if you dont know me
just shut up and stay out of it
if its a mistake on my part
tell it to my face i will think about it and apologise
using low down means behind my back wont work ok

who wldnt be pissed after hearing such things about themselves
i have that right dont i
if its going to be like that
why stay on
a reputable company pasing such jokes around is just simple degrading la come on
i just want my pay and i'll move on

and if theres any follow up or misunderstanding to this issue
i will blog about it
and apologise if i have to
stop it already
im not even near


on a lighter note
im seriously broke
cos thanks to barron

its not his fault actually
considering he spent quite alot also

but thinking back it was quite a waste spending on food and useless entertainment
play so much arcade got what use
in the end it doesnt create another path to uni doesnt it?

however, i must mention this "japanese" restaurant we came across
its not even a restaurant
its so small and tiny
it should probably be called an eatery
its located at meridien shopping center,
the corner opposite monster cue
the whole atmosphere simply made me feel like i was in japan for a moment
hahaha although i think the shopkeeper were chinese
no if they were watching NHK, they shld know jap right?
maybe they're japanese who knows chinese
ok whatever

the foods...alright la
although the yakitori was quite small
and salty
i dunno
its just the whole feel i guess
u can go try it out

photos soon
after some navy boy uploads it
until then
ciao baby ciao

1 April 2008

mylifes stagnant.

however, at least before hitting the stagnating situation
it reached a high
higher than a high ha.

the weekends were great
filled with fun joy and laughter, and of course CHUBI love
this is because our beloved chubi kun was in singapore

so after the kt tunstall concert ( i mean days after)
it was crazzaayyee

started out with a fantastic bowl of
with barron at s11
and then heading to SUPER ntuc to stock up on bbq stuff
it was really fun pushing a cart going round and round
hahaha i could do that longer
so we paid (b paid) and we headed back to chubi Y's
talk about smuggling a small cake ha!
we were quite succesful i guess

ended up not using the pit we booked
but some aluminium tray
food was good
too much though
we didnt touch a whole pack of wings
and SMART B went to buy WASABI nuggets :S

so our 5 ppl bbq was considered a success
chicken, sour monkey, beer, baileys, chubis + B + S = <3<3<3
cleared up and headed back to stnix

we had a school tour
and then back down to the track to support our beloved sch in breaking
the record of "most no. of ppl running on a 400m track in 24 hrs"
so chubis + b + s contributed 5 rounds on the average
and guess what
tar and alcohol started choking the blood system
although some chubi hit a worser situation lol

oh did i mention that this run thingy was done around 1am to 3am.
yup okay mentioned

plans pushed back for at least 3 hours
(ended up reaching stnix at 2..)
had a massive fight with the sleeping god
it was massive i repeat

funfair was not bad
quite massive also actually
but it felt like it was being taken over by outside ppl
rather than kids cooking/doing their own stuff
sigh schools these days...
but THANK GOD and i say THANK GOD
for the fried chicken wings of the mushroom rice stall
it tasted like heaven :D
goodness havent ate that for 123456789 years

however it was stone for the first half of the funfair
we had a battle against sleeping god remember
actually it was quite stone la lol
ended up trying to finish the coupons by playing arcade
er..arcade set up in the lower concourse
catch up abit with yeoyeo
found msho
but everyone had to leave
anyways fair was over

oh must i mention that B was being a super darling by literally being our AHMAD for those 2 days
he drove around, sending almost everyone
thanks DUDE :D
but it will become a bad habit lol

sun was church, 1015 after another 123456789 years
and the Alevel gang - angie + olsen.5 + pathma.25
ended up playing guitar heroes
(is that wad its called?)
at cine's E2max

and then we had project run-away-to-topshop/men
we dressed up andrew
but was a horrible failure due to size
and a horribly transparent shirt(LOLOL)
went upstairs and claire and I picked out clothes for each other
conclusion: failure.5
actually it was more ?????

had sakura buffet for dinner
well it was MY TREAT damn it
but sashimi tasted like i went to heaven again
ate too full! too full!
so the 3 buldging tummies took train home together
and the centurian.5 was acting like a small kid -.-

and thats where all the action ended :(
today was..
submit stuff to smu
rush to paragon but SIA closed on us
WE REACHED AT 1759 hours (WTF)
went tangs to use the expiring vouchers
and finally bought my swommong costume
only to know wild wild wet is closed tmr :S

meanwhile chubi Y and B have displayed their
disappearing act