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28 March 2007

add you're interested to find out more of my emotions and stuff :D

meanwhile, i'll continue updating here cos this url is too precious to delete aight

i bet i'll be taken up in no time. hohoho

today was great
i love slacking with my sista :D

27 March 2007

sleepy as usual
sleepy in class, as usual
sleep and fall asleep in class, as usual

taa is emo lately
cos she has been listening to new emo yanzi songs which are oh-so fabulous i love them to bits
and u should really go listen
confirm gurantee stamp plus chop u'll turn emo too
and the lyrics are oh my tian so sweet and sad :(
now i feel sad too
and listening to it just makes me feel sooo much
and remember things i dont wanna remember
and think of things i dont wanna think about
but, i still love yanzi
no one shall stop me from listening to my dearest queen :D

apart from that
i've decided that i should just slowly give up
its all in the mind yo
can one can one
chang tong bu ru duan tong u know

oh yes, i remember why im so tired now
cos i had freaking mass pe just now
we had physical conditioning before running 2.4 WITH timing yo

26 March 2007

that problem has been stuck in my head ever since yesterday
infact it feels like it got worse today :s
why do i get myself into these kinda mess
and i dunno how to clear it up myself
why the more i try to push it away, the more i seem to want it
bloody hell >.<

on another note,
im home early today
we have 2 new "classmates" from prc
fengyan and caixiang
they're quite nice to talk to actually :D
this week will be different

went out for class lunch at madjack's
the fish and chips are really good :D
and the cakes look damn delicious
oh boy

24 March 2007

school past quite fast this week actually
there was alfresco last night
the bazaar was ohkay lah
dunno whether good or bad cos they nv had it before
but considering quite a few stalls sold out means shld be ohkay lah
it was raining so they moved the movie to the audi
but we decided to not watch so we went for prata!!
and sat and eat for a very long time :D
and found out something
which im not allowed to say here aye AMADEA.

oh i havent like updated abt last day of orientation
yeah we went ragon boating! yayyyy
and it was so fun
esp the rocking part
and one great boat capsize
so we sat there and watch the poor instructors scoop water out

but thats like the only fun thing of the day
considering the class i was taking
oh my tian so fed up

anyways its back to schoooooooooooll
no mood to study lah
like totally :D

18 March 2007

hmmm lets see
my head is like throbbing at the back
and my tummy makes funny noises as if i havent ate for days,
although i've been eating non-stop
ahhh sucks
and i've hardly got any energy
besides typing to reply on msn and turning to watch ren ci on tv
oh yeah, did i tell u i keep farting too
yes yes, i keep farting

im thinking if i shld go school tmr
shld i go to school tmr?

oh my goodness
i think i've slept for more than 24 hours already
and i still sleepy
well being sick gives u the excuse for sleeping non-stop
thats pretty good once in awhile
considering that i was really shagged the last week
maybe thats why i got sick :(

yes yes
been down with a fever
that made my head spin round and round
and puke and lao sai and puke and lao sai
like some bloody tap

and for the record, i ate like half a bowl of mee sua last night
and that was my only mean
considering i only ate like a spoonful of porridge during lunch
what a record aye

anyways i've just got news that they dun want us facils anymore on mon :(
like c'mon its dragon boating!
and i slept like 2 straight days for that!
now we're unwanted
i dun wanna go for lessons :s

aight i really need to sleep

16 March 2007

haha! im not at training but my back's hurting like mad
must be that long 6-5 match played with elizabeth yesterday
oh my tiannnnnnnnnn hahaha
and seriously, i dont like her (no not elizabeth lah)
actually, i just cant stand her face and how she talks to yifei
blah blah >.<

yesterday night was good
we had ig3 outing part twoooooo
steamboat at marina

meet meet meet
wait wait wait
talk talk talk
wait wait wait
eat eat eat
laugh laugh laugh
happy happy happy
and loads of SOTONG!!!

and we watched a really good show
cannot find on tv or cinemas
those ahlians were really hilarious
"zuo mo! kan she me kan! tui she me tui! lai ah! bu pa!"
smth like that

the best part that got amadea super tickled was
"ni shi bung wo ye shi bung! gan ma pong wo mei mei"
hahaha damn funny please
it was like a huge joke

and then i saw noveyy
and i found out it was her group of friends
and amadea and cheryl both knew ppl in that group also
and great janan lah, call dunno who novelita
wad sial! novelin + carmelita = novelita
funnyyyy hahahaha

great day, good laugh
i love ig3, now known as the clique according to jasmine :D

14 March 2007

quick update about the past few days :D

ig outing on monday (:
it was good cos of the company
i love all of your company really
tons better than me own ig
but we watched a very horribly boring movie
(yes i admit i suggested it)
besides knowing thy love lit, history and they're gay
i really dunno wads it about
so dont watch

went to the beach yesterday with brenda shawn josh isa (and met shawn's friends)
wasnt fantastic but ohkay considering we really havent hang out for so darn long
wad a pity my sister's busy, and my buddy one's got canoe
and my girlfriend's at camp and my dumbblonde missing in action for hell long
but yeah
i GOT BURNT again
i dunno how cos the sun only came out when we were abt to leave
its damn pain now :X

but we watched a good movie after that
music and lyrics!!
oh so good!
go watch go watch!

"all i wanna do is find my way back into love" (:

tennis camp for the next 3 days
but mostly,
im hurting from my burnt :S

12 March 2007

wah looks like im really tired
i've slept for like 12 for 2 days in a row and im still so sleepy
die lah, my bio system is screwed up :S

the show going on tv is damn lame
its the wu zhong xian show where everyone cannot laugh
hahaha, i think if i actually participated in that show
i wld laugh like mad and make everyone laugh like mad also

ig outing later
cool ahhhhh'
my ig more bonded than my class

its gonna be a packed week

mon- ig outing
tues- beach
wed, thurs fri- tennis camp
fri- ig outing 2

how about sat??
sure can plan smth

have fun in your hols :D

10 March 2007

preorder sale out already!!!
im gonna get it
tmr tmr tmr!!!! :D

super duper happy me (:

photos! as promised
ska mascot!
ska flag
ska banner!
haha jayceee

yes IG3!!!

i totally agree with mich!
today is one sat i seem to be super free in months
from cny to CTs to chingay to facil
and did i say yesterday was the earliest day of the week i reached home
its 6am in the morning and 10pm at night
thats why im so darn SHAGGED
but i guess the efforts were paid off
made really good friends and had loads and loads of fun
and it make me suddenly feel like going back to class,
to listen alittle and then fall deep asleep

no crashes please
this is purely a ig3 affair

photos soon!

9 March 2007

IG3 dont go away
i miss u so much :S

im taking 1T03 now
can't really tell if they're good or not cos its only first day
but they seem to be really stone and uninterested :S
maybe its my fault
cos im really darn tired and i guess i didnt look very approachable
well sorry
i happen to lose my voice :(

wadever that it today wasnt very fun at all
i hope the following monday will be better

any teachers i meet in school are either
"collect your hw from ur classmates"
or "the class is very quiet without you"

okay im really very tired

8 March 2007

i say s-k-s-k eh yo eh yo eh yo
s-k-s-k eh yo eh yo SKA
boom kalaka eh yo eh yo
boom kalaka SKA
gonna win it no limit strong SKA we are
Skalight SKAbright Ska will rock the house to night
yah mun

we won the BEST HOUSE
yeah green's the new in colour
it was good
entrance was good
danceoff was good
cheers were good
mascot was good

oh and facil skit was good
i think quite alot of ppl liked me as bulbarsaur, spinnning lightsticks
hahaha, what a random skit

orientation rocks
i love IG3 (:
they a loving group
although they are rather lagging at times
they bonded hell load considering 2 days of sch only

apart from that
im seriously SHAGGED
and my voice is sexy now
its gone again yeah yeah

but apart from that, im loving it
(ya mun no lessons, ahpek can go die cos i'll come back and haunt him)

5 March 2007

the 9pm show is so ridiculously sweet
if only things happen like that in life

i feel kinda bad cos i was supposed to me yink ys and ant for dinner
but i was really damn tired after facil meeting
paint banner until my back hurt
fuck that back injury lah
its so irritatingly pain

on a happier note,
our banner is fantastic and our cheer is cool :D
i love SKA (:

orientation is in a day and i still havent learn the mass dance :s

4 March 2007

had facil trng yesterday
which shagged me like mad
but it was fun (:

learn the NEW mass dance
oh my tian lah
the one we're performing consists of 4 diff dances
and i happen to only know the bungra one :S
but the new mass dance is NICE!
and sexayeeee
so good luck to me, its sunday and orientation starts one wed!

then we played games
we had this 3-way captains ball
and guess what,
our "ball" was a full raw chicken
yeah with the head all still intact
omg u should have seen it FLY
the head, wings and thighs were like sticking out lah
and we just stood there and laugh and laugh and laugh
chicken fly!

tanjeksuan was like "too obscene"
please change the object
then they use cuttlefish
and unded up playing with the tentacles that disintergrated
but it was funny

and i think the theme for facils skit is like heros
oh my tian
it sounds funny too
cant wait to see what it turns out into

by the time trng ended i was really damn tired
can like faint lah

went to uncle pats hse, which was actually very near and got a straight bus
but detoured to tpy to meet di and mi first

we had a good girls chat session
and DAMN
i didnt know my family was so scandalous!!! :D

2 March 2007

sally molly dont cry,
chen dada loves u okay :D

1 March 2007

CT's are finally OVER!!!!
yayness :D
but come to think of it, its only ct and we're all so stressed out
but yet again we're stressed out cos its either history or we dont know how to do
whatever it is
wahooo (:

we supposedly had class lunch together today
after that they decided to watch a movie
some darn iwo jima shit
which i absolutely abhor (oh my so familiar haha)
so i didnt watch
it turn out that i was the only one that didnt watch
so nv, i returned anthea's call
grat anthea didnt pick up her phone and by the time she did, she was at home already
so great me actually sat at lido mc cafe and hang around for nothing
i went home btw

and im stoned again
but oh wells
i shall happy happy watch my show tonight
yay! :D

to my sister olsen: erm i dont quite know what to say but i hope ur ohkay alright? love u (: