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29 September 2009

one of the toughest assignments of my life ever
also can be said to be one of the most ironic assignments of my life ever

2500 words, 30% weightage

Write an academic essay about the cultural industries. Focus on a particular industry or cultural product. In this essay, you should cover the following aspects:
  • a short history
  • why you think that this industry/cultural product is especially interesting
  • critical review of existing academic publications on this industry/cultural product
  • new or emerging trends
  • what your government can do to support the industry

OMG how bloody vague is that -.-
and GKC claims its not vague, its flexibility -.-

great so i'm supposed to do something that i am interested in....
and so knowing me, i chose Mandopop
and here comes the ironic part....
I CANT SEEM TO WRITE.. so much for being "interested" in it huh

ah sucks la
hate going through this
i'll never have peace until i hit my 2499th word -.-

26 September 2009

after a super long
i decided to click all those people i've linked on my blogroll
turns out that more than half were stagnant or dead, disappeared from the faces of this earth

as much as im lazy to update/blog
i'll never delete this blog
it holds too much memories, yeah too much
and its always nice to look at the archives to read a post or two
laugh at how ridiculous my typing was, thinking saying certain things were "very cool"
the complaining about school, about boyfriends, about wanting freedom
and this whole recapping thing never fails to make you emo, well for awhile

actually come to think of it
i don't think i've changed much
the way i talk, even the format i blog still stays the same

i shall make more effort to put in more snippets of my life into this blog
i will keep it till the day internet crashes (if it ever does)
my future children will look and laugh at me, and then realise they're facing the same problems too
great, sounds good

alright enough of deep thoughts
i shall go back to mugging, for the midsems of my 4th last university semester
(omg the countdown starts)
and wait for that horrible claire to come swim with me

23 September 2009

25 years and counting
that aint a joke man
its pretty sweet actually

maybe sometimes, i shouldnt take them for granted
maybe sometimes, i should really show my love for them more

maybe sometime.. i will find someone that will walk with me this 25 years too...

17 September 2009


im here to promote my design blog
its actually a journal for one of the module im taking
so if you're free go drop by and check it out
or maybe drop some comments :)
(esp pal ng)

10 September 2009

im alive and kicking
sort of lost it in blogging
(since i got a bloody blog-journal to maintain for one of my mods)

freaking busy this sem
assignments seem to never stop coming
and its only week 4 arghhhhhhhh
sort of sucks
and then i have totally no idea with photoshop and illustrator its bloody frustrating cos all i can do is PAINT :S
ok i must stop complaning about it

and oh
i never really did have h1n1
stupid doctor anyhow assume
yes i had a fucking bad fever (prolly one of the worse in my life)
but im strong and i got well in 2 and a half days
and managed to spend the remaining days with the fukuoka people (yay)
so thats that
im super alive and kicking now

this is random but i suddenly miss chubis
like all of them
it feels like a million years since we CHUBIED together
party and fly high
oh well, good times
will come soon enough!
i must make it to melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i hate my pgp room, its bloody warm :S