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28 April 2010

So my air tickets have all been booked
received my eticket not long ago
I even logged on last night to choose my seats
the best part is the 18 hour flight to US is full
which means my left and right are all strangers :(
which also mean i cannot nuah around anymore gahhhhhhh how like that???

okay back to main point
main point is all these admin flight stuff feels so surreal, for now
i cant believe that im actually flying off in 12 days time
12 DAYS!!!! omg thats like left than 2 weeks
its like so exciting yet scary
cos its freaking 3 months!!!
the though of 3 months really gives a weird feeling
similar yet different from exchange students

what if i don't like the job there?
what if things happen and i can't handle on my own?
what if i get home sick?
or maybe what if i play too much that i don't feel like coming back
because coming back equals down to reality and back to school, argh the dread

sigh don't know how to think/feel
i don't feel terribly excited now actually
i wonder how fast my heart will pound on the day i step into the airport
afterall its the first time i'll be away away from home gee

okay okay back from far fetched thinking, go and study now

ooh ooh ooh
good food good food!

so the post easter celebration finally happened
we made it down to miramar hotel for ikoi restaurant's jap buffet


(so awesome that everything i say i must repeat hurhur)

it was my dad's first time having SASHIMI BUFFET
you should see his face hahahahahha
he ordered so much that I felt paiseh......

and so we all went home with fishes swimming in our bellies hehe

23 April 2010

WOOHOO! I just had to blog today
because of the awesome dinner i had today

So it was siangu's early birthday celebration...
because few of us are flying and dont get to celebrate her real birthday
It was initially Gyu-kaku but due to unforeseen circumstances (lol),
she changed to place to Prive instead

Nice atmosphere, good views (of all the nice yachts omg, its a pity we didnt take photo of the surroundings)
Fantastic food and awesome company
never fails to make my day!
meanwhile a little treat for my good grades this sem and a little break from all the mugging....

and so i had THIS:

US Prime Rib eye
that shit costed me 70 bucks
hahahaha kinda ouch but it was definitely worth

see that happy face!

Anyways I had two servings! lol
I was barely into the quarter of my first steak when I found like strands of hair, LIKE STRANDS. super short ones
And so they encouraged me to complain and I got a new one
hahahaha should have eaten more of the first one aye?
good stuff good stuff

18 April 2010

blah blah blah
i've camp up with my to do list when in the US hehe
zomg its 3 weeks away, like a fast!
and also cause I didnt want to study today
i always seem to have the decreasing urgency syndrome LOL
the nearer the exams, the less urgent I feel to study, sigh and I always manage to come up with excuses for not study.
okay back to the point, my to do list....
*drum rolls please....................................................

``visit as many cities as possible in the US, namely
New York, Boston, Montreal, Niagara falls, Chicago, Orlando (Disney, Universals & Harry Potter), Miami, LA, San Francisco...
``shop as much as my finances allow me to..OUTLETS ahhhhhhhh
``look at hot American guys hurhur
``get my tattoo
``get a tongue piercing
``go to a club and manage to get in
``go to a house party
``drive a car
``cook as many oriental meals as possible
``find time and motivation to exercise regularly

and basically, have a freakin huge blast there so that it'll be the most awesomest summer holiday in my whole life
best 21st gift to myself :D

ohoh, not forgetting Japan!
erm, the only thing i wish for is not to get lost

13 April 2010

yay update update
i finally have something exciting to update about woooo

been busy over the weekends, spending my 2 days at kallang!
and we can proudly say we got our 2 STAR!!!! yayyyyyy

it was a super slack class
especially when we get left all alone doing rubbish while they continue about their canoe polo stuffs...
but that was cool
i realise i panic when i cap
partly cos theres this huge sense of insecurity
and partly cos the first time i capped it was totally unprepared and so i was stuck with the spray skirt on and i felt as if a second longer in the water would kill me
fortunated or unfortunately i struggled hard enough to pull the spray skirt out and save myself

sigh, i really wanna master all the rolls
they look so cool please
check it out

it would probably take me forever to master them zzzz
first i need to find a way to calm down in the water and hold my breath longer.....
any tips are wayyyyyyyy welcomed

6 April 2010

you'll always be in my prayer :)

if you could read my mind,
what a tale a fox could tell

if only i had the guts to...
you wouldn't be there
cos you'd be here in my arms

Happy Easter my friends, Happy Blessed Easter