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31 August 2008

i do my new template until want to die already

few updates~~~

i've almost totally moved into pgp!
i've cleaned up my room and ikeafy it a litttle bit already yay!
its colourful and pretty :D:D:D
but i still havent stock up finish haha
imagine having to move out soon :S

we were stunned when the toilet suddenly cannot flush.
but i solved it hohey

school has been.
it became more interesting in week 2
but it went down again in week 3
and i got "scolded" in lecture grahhh
cos i was getting restless and started to talk ha.

yup and once again
i must show off how great my bestie is
cos she accompany me to ikea
(and quality check everything :S)
bought all my stuff
lug it back to pgp with me
help me borrow cleaning devices and alot of other stuffs
and help me clean my room

and OMG 2 of us can fit onto a single bed
that was quite amazing
(although she claims that i nearly bummed her off)

but anyways, where can u find a better bestie than her right?

oh yes before i forget
the aircon was freezinggggggg
cos some great person went to turn it down to 17 degrees :X

pgp wheeeeeeeee

although abit lonely...

we pick and place the pieces in our lifes

-updated one more time-

yay this is after today! i went to clean my room one more time' now its sparking clean :D

somehow the carlsberg towel is more attractive than my bed right hahahaha
i think so too
haha and if u noticed the small red thing at the bottom corner beside my bed, yes its insect repellent
im FREAKING or rather, FUCKING scared of cockroaches
i hope there will be none during my stay :X

but still my room looks pretty!!!

and its back to school~

27 August 2008


any crashers?

24 August 2008

last night was arts bash
haha but the chaos only started after the pageant ended
stupid one for one jugs and number guessing game
that took everyone down
crap forgot to take photos of the drinks this round haha

lets see ah
i had a glass of vodka and a beer
then the games started
played the number game with terence one on one
that was literally tar-ing the long island tea jugs
then we recruited more ppl
but basically we were just drinking and drinking
2 long island tea, 2 cranberry vodka, 2 redbull vodka

and then the rest of the night was pretty much interesting cos i dont quite remember what went on

what a phucker. says:
anyway it was chaotic
what a phucker. says:
thank john,michele,hanjing,jeremy when you have the chance
what a phucker. says:
your friend eugenia too
what a phucker. says:
and anthea...hmmmm....quite pretty
what a phucker. says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
whos hanjing
what a phucker. says:
hanjing..dunnoe which og leh
taa; fucking hangover says:
i roughly remember the chaos
what a phucker. says:
but yup...he was around
what a phucker. says:
not really
what a phucker. says:
she attended to you for awhile then she went in
taa; fucking hangover says:
she dont care one lah
(anthea tan hint hint)
taa; fucking hangover says:
which is hanjing
what a phucker. says:
if i see him in sch or wad then i tell you
taa; fucking hangover says:
hahahha okay
what a phucker. says:
actually a few others were ard also
what a phucker. says:
cyan.....helped brought your shoes down from some high up ledge using dustpan
taa; fucking hangover says:
crap my hangover this morning was damn bad
what a phucker. says:
mao mao was there
what a phucker. says:
hazel was the worst during the stupor...but she recovered the fastest
taa; fucking hangover says:
she got recover meh
what a phucker. says:
like 30mins upon reaching her place...she took a nap at the void deck
what a phucker. says:
then she woke up....
taa; fucking hangover says:
what a phucker. says:
3 of us went to eat macs after tt
taa; fucking hangover says:
haha ho seh
taa; fucking hangover says:
the cab ride home was fun
what a phucker. says:
cab ride?
what a phucker. says:
eugenia sent you home wad
what a phucker. says:
she fetched you home right?
taa; fucking hangover says:
what a phucker. says:
what a phucker. says:
what a phucker. says:
you almost got into a fight with terence last night
what a phucker. says:
if you rmb
what a phucker. says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
for what sia
what a phucker. says:
i dunnoe
what a phucker. says:
what a phucker. says:
at least i spelt "Anthea" correctly
taa; fucking hangover says:
but come to think of it right
taa; fucking hangover says:
the other girls drank very little
what a phucker. says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
what a phucker. says:
oh right....
what a phucker. says:
you said you took the fucking pepsi challenge as well
what a phucker. says:
what a phucker. says:
wad was it abt?
what a phucker. says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
taa; fucking hangover says:
i think its your shit

what a phucker. says:
what a phucker. says:
my tshirt
what a phucker. says:

what a phucker. says:
hazel is a trance of all sorts
what a phucker. says:
you were more to the violent side
what a phucker. says:
lol.....still "sorry lah"....insult my tshirt
what a phucker. says:
"you think you took the pepsi challeng you fucking zai is it?"
what a phucker. says:

` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
i cannot rmember much abt u
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
u kept scolding me
taa; hangover and chaotic says:
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
den u said u are married to a guy
taa; hangover and chaotic says:
i just rmb u kept sitting on the floor crying
taa; hangover and chaotic says:
siang also keep crying
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
taa; hangover and chaotic says:
i got say i married?!
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
taa; hangover and chaotic says:
ok i dont rmb thaT
` ` lezah. aluh + eagger says:
u told me o be yr bridesmaid

21 August 2008

i was on my own blog surfing he archives

click DECEMBER 2005
click DECEMBER 2007
2005 was when i graduated from st nicks
and there was prom
where i looked like some wrapped up pink colour present
2007 was when i graduated from cjc
and there was prom too
and im prom there were boys!
and looking at the photos again suddenly struck my head
"damn i look good in 2007, prom"
and i'm proud of that
at least i didnt go to prom looking like some fashion disaster
and best thing is; i did my own makeup yay!
soon it would be "prom" of NUS
too fass to fass
too fast fast! hahahahha
cannot take it already ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

17 August 2008

im currently at macs with handsome (ha) and olsen
she's supposed to be studying history
but i think she got stuck on one essay outline for damn long
i feel like a good girl cos i finish my nm1101 readings for tmr's lecture woohoo :D

olsen is a pig
she was supposed to gimme a morning call this morning at 11 so we could go for 1145 mass
it ended up me msging her and finding out that she just woke up
so she cant make it in time for mass
and then i waited for her to come and eat with me
but she ended up having her mommy buy her lunch
so i had to "eat alone"
bleah! do your history lah pigggg

im gonna meet the besties later for prata yay!
(aka eugenie and victor)
maybe i should call jc along too hmmmmm
super last minute planning but i like (:
and we're meeting tmr too
to have some sophisticated chilling at mt faber
wahhhhh solid sia
dont jealous okay!

12 lotus has been stuck in my head for quite some time
initially wanted to watch cos of yanzi (bloody hell 3 min)
but the show turned out quite okay
like some dark hokkien musical
and you'll hear some familiar tunes (like small umbrella and 1million bucks if ya know what im talkin about)

LIAN HUA is abit too miserable right
i find it too absurdly miserable
i mean of cos there are some super suay ppl that are that miserable
but i watch until buay tahan sia
i feel like going in to slap those horrible ahbengs and her irritating father

"bo ai, ma na wu tia
bo tia, ba lu wu ai"
"ti gong tia gong lang"

but however, it really did get stuck in our heads
for the past 2 days, it became like the main conversation topic of me and bestie nurse :D
and the song, oh yes the song

so in conclusion if you're super curious after reading this, go watch it
(although yanzi has bloody 3 min as a guanying HAHAHA and i burst out laughing like mad)

life is pretty.

15 August 2008

HELLO!!! I'm not Lindsay Lohan. but i'm taaaaa's best friend - EUGENIE!
guestblogging for her from Coffee Club White Sands since we have nothing to do except camwhoring and doing nothing and drinking coffee and doing nothing.

yes, and waiting for Victor's best friend to answer his freaking phone.

ANYWAY. this is a post to show you how happy we are while waiting for Yiyun, and speak of the devil!! SHe's here with her freaking short green tshirt!

be jealous, because we're happy. and we're going to watch 12 Lotus later!


13 August 2008
a happening life tamed down

okay okay
i've accepted the fact that im 19 and ageing well hahaha!

i shall describe breifly how i spent my birthday lolwoke up late, didnt go for war games
ended up meeting SHULI:

at clementi for lunch
i think i said that already haha
so heres the birthday cake they surprised us with
chocolate mango!
quite yummy i must say

and then came the actual NDP 2008
but it didnt feel like it also
maybe we got too used to the shows on every saturday
that it doesnt become exciting anymore
i think everyone felt like this too

but i must say im very proud of my beloved CONCOURSE
they did so well that i got nothing else to say but thank you
ndp makes you crazy
i mean really crazy
one minute you're so busy
the next minute u feel empty without work
it makes u high and happy
the next minute u feel emotional
it makes you angry and frustrated
but you learn alot and move on

just when it started to become part of my life, its over :S
i guess its always like that
i'll be around for the next few years :D

chingay and ndp 2009 anyone??

above: a treat from AJ that got everyone crazy :p

7 August 2008
hap hap happy!

19 is a big number man
the last of my teen years, which makes me feel old already :/
i dont feel the excitement, ok maybe now cos its like 20 minutes more
but yea its not the same anymore, i guess.
talk about feeling old
yes yes i feel old
cos im aching all over again
i admit im super unfit
imagine not working as an instructor, i'll be a freaking couch potato by now
orientation is xiong yet slack
games are not bad actually
ahaha and i like our cheers la
one day of captain's ball brought me down man
unfit and rusty. oh boy
but it did bring back some memories :D
FIC was...HAHA
i didnt sleep the night before
and the dean was erm. very interesting!
actually i dont know haha
i was fast asleep before he even started talking man
i only woke up during the singing parts lol
here's ABTINI all dressed up (a few of us la)
and our ogl and senior looking super underdressed haha :D:D:D

looking oh so brown (:


omg so touched la
didnt expect a cake today, especially from ABTINI :D
thanks guys, it was really unexpected
especially when kenny walked down the staircase with the cake
i was still thinking "wah another birthday"
until he came close enough to recognise :p
celebrated with rachelchiong for the 3rd time lol
and apparently it was many many ppl's birthday
but somehow it didnt feel like mine, like just any other ordinary day
but in any other ways, i shall enjoy my last teen year, somehow someway :D

oh but in actual celebration
i actually "celebrated" with shuli
by eating SHIOKSHIOK you mian and botak jones cheese fries :D
and we watched 'journey to center of the earth'
and she's so tickled by the fact that i shouted/screamed when the pyranas-looking-fishes appeared
they were scary ok, they scared me :/

on another note...
yay for us!
cos we're always winning our games
as compared to other ogs in absolute
yay i like abtini more and more each day

and to sam if you're reading this :D
thanks for being our ogl!
oweek would have definitely been different without you
thanks for being so rar rar even though ur super shag
thanks for being so understanding and caring!
i love abtini and oweek ok!
see u next year hahas :D:D:D
and from now on, i officially upgrade your status to NEIGHBOURS (: yay!

2 August 2008

omg my new dreaded word lah
imagine having to go through that the start of every semester
i could soooo get used to it lah :x

the feeling of insecurity is so cool man
and then you dump all your points in
and probably give up some popular module cos u want the other module
and then results come out and the winning bid is SHIPEI low

eg NM1101
Your Bid: 420
Winning Bid: 131

wahlau NBCB
some idiot when to put like 400+++ points during open bidding
make everyone kanchiong

but thank god,
i got all my modules
and thank god,
the modules i chose were less popular
therefore i got back 466 points HA

conclusion: i really dont like bidding, and so does the whole world bleah

on the other hand, im starting to like abtini (whats left of it haha)
oh and best friend!!!! <3

1 August 2008

bidding sucks
i finally understand the pains for an NUS student
cant everyone be friendly put 1 point?
HA yea right
there never will be such thing on earth
thats the point of bidding
but arghhhhhhh
should i keep a close watch
or just leave it as it is now and pray that it'll be fine
and or maybe that i'll be lucky huh
i could SO get used to this man :/

so far oweek is erm...
hopefully it'll be better!