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30 December 2009

is it the yearly recap time?

considering its 30 december today, yes it probably is recap time
i think i'll do a quick one, before i start to get all emo lol

major things to remember this year?

  • the mambo madness in sem 2
  • and of course with mambo, comes many flying nights
  • i fell in love with ts (and of course my awesome fire and the rain group mates)
  • i went to japan
  • i went to US
  • because i went to US i missed arts camp, AGAIN
  • my birthday was on the last day of oweek again
  • went dbl O and got pretty much wasted
  • then year 2 sem 1 came
  • i partied less than 5 times this sem, WITHOUT getting drunk at all
  • the mad rush of projects, stayovers at NM room; love the bed big time
  • i started to fall in love with advertising and photoshop
  • i actually studied for exams with my new found studying partner at starbucks
  • my CAP improved by 0.3 and i got my first B+ woohoo!
  • i went to melbourne and got high there
  • christmas was great

woohoo! now its time for the new year!!!!

for that one big regret in 2009, i strive to improve on it in 2010
cos deep in my heart, i actually do care, alot

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

the old school towning days are deeply missed

flipflops, shorts and backpack
neoprints highly preferred over cameras
piercing ears
walking around not wanting to go home
watching random movies

aye the good old days!

felt a tinge of that today :D:D:D

27 December 2009

my christmas this year....

didnt really feel like christmas, cos the build up wasnt there
afterall all the festives and birthdays didnt feel like they should "feel" too

well heres a short summary, for the future me to think back :D

eve of eve, failed mambo -> velvet -> butter -> nana
have i already said that im not stepping into nana anytime soon again?
gosh the smell ah...... GGXX

eve of christmas
dinner at grandma's house, got a freaking cut from a super nice steamed crab
oh well the price you pay to devour that thing..
was glad that bestie actually agreed to go to church with us, and that gerald came too
choir performance was erm, entertaining enough i say
mass didnt feel as long as it actually was, thats a first!
loved it when the two priests started singing haha
headed to uncle george's house for christmas supper again, the old school eurasian style
that felt heart-warming :)

christmas day, the usual family lunch thingy at my house
this year with a new baby being the center of attraction. he loves my tummy >.<
dont know if thats good or bad haha

headed to zirca/rebel in the night
it wasnt too massive la (of course since massive hsu left early)
it was old school hip hop man, though not everyone liked it
i did! heh
and then i got dragged to nana again, which made me confirm that im not heading back that again cos its so smelly, though the chicken wings were really good

boxing day, christmas party at vera's place
simple, well "simply" dinner, great company and fun games, oh and harry potter too
we played taboo and cherades and it was more fun that expected
quite a decent crowd!
and then there was the turn-taking-massage chair and massive photoboothing
yay simple but fun :D

(photos soon in facebook!)

well this year christmas turned out better than expected
smal little things that makes the heart feel warm, i like :)

well to all those that i love and love me,
heres wishing all of you COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON!

24 December 2009

just got back from thai disco
omg la, it did not occur to me that i've actually been to club nana -.-
its actually the good ol' plush, or even earlier, club momo
minus a few things here and there

we missed mambo, i miss mambo
i miss those stupid party days, dont have to worry much, just go and kena kena kena and then fly so high and be so happy
its so hard to get high these days, sigh
partly cos my wallet is a restriction, and my alcohol tolerance is amazingly rising all thanks to chubi's trainings
i drank such a mix today (again), now i feel like im brewing a hangover
the most recent type where i get bloody bloated for the next full day and it sucks
i was almost high today, but bloody zouk was so crowded i waited so long to re-enter that i got frustrated and sober up from that not-even-enough-to-fly highness

butter's not as good as it sounds
the only 2 things commendable are the nice walls and decor, and the peanut butter shots which was really awesome, but tasted like the cowgirl shots i bought back for chubis from melbourne

okay im ending the partying stuff here cos the main reason i came to blog was after reading someone's blog. that someone will remain anonymous, for now.
anyways, it reminded me of a conversation with a friend few days ago, sort of about relationships
he asked how would i know if someone was interested in me
and my reply was, if i knew i'd be attached by now

true aint it? haha maybe i should study some psychology thingy, can read ppl's mind
its cool yet uncool. cool because you can finally know what ppl are thinking, but uncool if its bad things about you that their thinking........
okay wtfx. im totally in a love-hate relationship with my current single status
that statement itself doesnt need further explanation

well my imagination do run wild at times (rather at many times)
and sometimes, or rather again most of the times, i wonder what is the reason of not being able to find the other half haha physical appearance? character? or just fate?
think so much, say so much, also no answer
wtfx now im starting to talk to myself not cool at all, must be the brewing hangover lol

okay maybe i'll just leave that for now, end this rubbish long post, blow my hair and go to bed

oh ya, i bought a mini hair straightener from melb. and so far its working quite well, though my stupid hair will curl back in less than an hour but its been fun hehe

happy christmas eve, im going to midnight mass hoho

22 December 2009

check this out!

what you just saw is the freaking map of universal studios singapore! (ps:you can find the map in Sentosa's website)
zomg, cant wait for it to open
i want to goooooooooooooooooo

Click here to see the construction progress!

so awesome, im excited already :D



and young >.<

if you're curious, they're SHINee, a korean boyband
quite obvious eh hehe

19 December 2009

what a night! hahaha
i just have to blog about it

basically it was a chubi + associate meet up for celebrate mich's birthday
started with ramen dinner at a new shop in central
ITS GOOD! will wanna go back there and get some serious ramen eating again
if your wondering its the very obvious ramen shop beside waraku.. its in the main area, near the weird corners to find (unlike ma maison which is was bloody crowded)
if im not wrong they only sell like 4 or 5 kinds of soup base, and a few toppings to add on..the hard/half boiled egg is really good!
must bring celeste to eat sia...

next was helipad..
it was chosen cos all of us never been there before

so mich reserved a table
but it was sort of a wrong choice
cos the service there was freaking slow
it took damn long to get our drinks
ant order chicken wings but it was like after 1 hour of waiting the bloody waiter told us that the order wasnt even put through
chicken wings came and so did the bill -.-
they charged us for the chicken wings and did even offer any complimentary until ant kp-ed to the manager
damn man..shouldnt be heading back in there any time soon..

thanks to ant's great suggestion
destination 2 was club georgio (or however its spelt) at lavendar/kallang
the idea was quite cool la lol
in plain simple words, its a chinaman host club
ladies would go there order drinks to look at "handsome guys' do karaoke on stage
they can then buy flowers (like in the hundreds dollars) to give to them
and then the guys will be at the ladies' beck and call

thanks to ant once again..we had like guys sitting with us at our table
practically one guy to every girl.. talking and playing drinking games

oh ya, if you offer them to sort of sit, they will help themselves to the drinks
but a relatively small amount tolerable lol
but the whole idea of the "host club" is so funnily awkward
well we were a little awkward
only ant there having fun talking in chinese to them hehe
what an experience..UNFORGETABLE

finally part 3..moved to st james powerhouse
mich was probably at her limit, having to puke already

i enjoyed the drinks and music
damn the music was good! havent felt so happy and eager to dance in awhile man
but thanks to that too i think im gonna have a hangover later
the whole bloated tummy thingy, thanks to the mix of alcohol and he CHAMPAGNE..
sigh always
siangugu was damn high man, shouting rubbish in the taxi lol

mission bring-mich-down considered a success
its a good night (:

16 December 2009

im back, to civilization thank god
to be exact, humidity and singlish civilization

for the past week, i've been hearing so much aussie slang (though its kinda cute and fun to imitate)
nothing beats a good ol' LAH LEE LOR wooh

to sum it all up, down under was in 2 extremes
started off in melbourne city
ended it all philip island, the countryside
this trip in particular i kept seeing beaches/seas/oceans
and a hell lot of animals like the seagulls, pelicans and penguins
pretty relaxing to soak in nature for awhile, though long bus rides never fail to irritate me yada yadaaaa

well yeah
it was a good recharge

now i need to find some time to shed all the meat and fries away
and cure my horribly peeling arms, probably the worse in my life

photos in fb soon! :D

10 December 2009

damn it got cheated, melbourne turned out colder than i expected it to be lol, so langbei can...
every "summer" that i come, always turns out colder than its suppose to be
oh wells, cold vs flies??? hard decision hmmm...i think cold wind >.<

anyways i had a weird dream last night again hahaha
i dreamt that i had a huge house and everyone was there eating and we were supposed to go k but never did cos ppl cant finish eating ggxx

more k when i get back home, definitely :D:D:D

for now its me, my scarf, backpack and shukkun's phone call.....
more beer too! (:

6 December 2009

if you're wondering what i've been up to over the weekends
theres only one thing:
rowing and capsizing
ok technically its 2 but it falls under the same category

a reminder to self:


then can go on expeditions and look zaiiiii
learn more skills and tricks
woooh new found interest

this one-star cert
went through sun and rain
aching breast and arms muscles
burning skin as red as the crab i ate just now -.-

now now
imma go for 2 star yay!

3 December 2009

about 18 more hours to academia freedom (though a temporary one)
the excitement is not totally kicking in yet, maybe cos i've nuahed the past 10 days away
but i am rather anticipating the massive throat killing session planned after stats
oh yea that sounds good. calling in to reserve a room already made my adrenaline starting to pump woo woo
my head and heart has no space for such a word called "study" now
it is yet another of those times when you feel like you've read the stuff a hundred and one times, yet not too sure if you actually do an exam on that
oh man, stats is all i have left.........
well okay, apart from tomorrow night's activities, i got a pretty packed weekend comin up

to do list:
kbox with the nms
do my laundry from pee-g-pee
shu's birthday party
lisa's birthday party
some relative's dinner
and then im off to melbourne on monday night

woahhhhhhh so fast, CANT WAIT LA