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28 November 2009

our dearest michele just langa into her club's carpark barrier
holy crap

my eyes were close because i was complaining that she was going to fast up the winding carpark...
the next thing i knew i felt a jerk, heard a "BOOMZ"
opened my eyes the barrier (with some major advertising sticker stuck on it) was right in my face

at such moments, only 3 words managed to run into my head
you all can guess it, lets say it together

anyways she langaed quite hard that the barrier is now dangling and seng-ed(slanted)
hahaha quite amusing actually
and her dads car power, one super small dent (not being sarcastic here by the way)

hahahaha had to blog about this man, memorable
its a "major accident" for michele according to michele

this reminds me of myself...
i remember i caused half a side-skirt to dangle hahaha
cos i knocked it so hard
oh wells...

at least we're all safe ya

24 November 2009

i cuttedz my hairzzzzz
asdfghjkjkl i dont like it
it feels like the top is poofy and the bottom is thin and long
and it just feels weird weird weird bleah :X

anyways i feel as if exams are over hahaha
lots of enjoyment and chilling feels great
especially when i've really mugged my ass off lass week
sheesh so hardworking!
culture industries sucked though, another unfinished paper sigh
i hope i wont get a D again :(

i visited my grandma today
geez its true that recently i only see her once a year
maybe it was a good decision to visit her today...

19 November 2009

yup yup once again, im back with my whole advertising in life kinda thing

todays chapter was non-traditional advertising
and just nice it was talking about product placements in shows/movies

and then i realised......

this bentley was featured in 2012
and it only occured tome now its BLOODY PRODUCT PLACEMENT

omg what is this advertisin strats doing to me grahhhhhhhhhhh

oh yes.. im at a sushi house now
the sushi is tempting me....


lol its rare that i actually want to watch such epic movies
usually i'll prefer some stupid comedies or those cheesy chick flicks/romance
it wasnt a bad decision to watch this show

(hell publicity.. too much advertising strats gahhh)

okay whatever free publicity im giving this movie
well its quite worth la haha
the scenes were epicly hollywoodiously nice, so must give credit

the only thing is that now when i walk, i tend to worryif the floor is gonna crack and split apart

rohkay im going back to cafe world
i MUGGED today okay.....

16 November 2009

hello world
i am once again in the nm soc room dominating the bed
hur hur hur
im trying to download SPSS but its so slow
so meanwhile i got nothing to do
oh yes im addicted to cafe world damnit
i keep cooking chicken and it looks so yummy hehe
i got my favourite blueberry cheese bread beside me and im damn tempted to devour it now
and this gives me a small reason to feel a little bit happy out of these stressful times
yes i should be glad........

14 November 2009

presentation was....
alright lah, could be better but good enough

and its only until now that i realise it was on friday the 13!
wah heng ahhhhhhhhh

now i'm quite scared of Cotton On
stop me when i start about it..

i had a weird dream last night
i dreamt that australia was fully submerged under water, with only their airplane runway on the water surface. and then i landed with my dad and got greeted with a bentley. and then i wanted to go to some ulu country to give porridge to the poor. and some guy i knew could fly with just his hands open wtf?!

oh then i woke up

soon i fell back asleep....


7 November 2009

new clothes never fail to make me excited :D:D:D
now i got a new favourite blazer and im less hateful to shirts/blouses


our presentation is gonna KILL.