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28 March 2008

Y T and S at cineleisure watching step up 2
eating lunch IN the theatre
T tapaoed chicken rice
Y and S tapao long johns silver
it was quite a scent i must say

T commented, "step up 2 is not bad. very up beat and all, with many hot bods. and that asian girl is damn cute! ooohhhhh he got the keyssssss. i love ah-meh-ri-ka!!!!

Y T and S was also spotted doing S's favourite 'low low low' action.

Y and T were then spotted, trying to take a bus down to suntec
where their singaporean kiasuism appeared
and they strayed off to the bodyshop massive sale at level 3
but there were apparently many more ppl that were more kiasu than them
so they squeezed out and left to level 6
where KT TUNSTALL CONCERT was held

it is heard that the concert was not bad.
as so it seems, T and Y had fun
and finally saw what they were waiting to see
they came out satisfied

as Y, preferrred to be known as chubi yong, was buying the tshirt
T, aka chubi taa, ran out of sight and back into the concert hall
thats when she discovered KT TUNSTALL was around, taking photos and signing autographs
so the kiasuism appeared again
and to their amazement
they managed to take a photo with the star of the night
and got their concert tickets autographed
now how cool is that huh?

did you drool?

26 March 2008

these 2 days has been good
much better at least
a new environment, an old one
both made me happy

lets start with monday

wanted to go escape with audrey
travelled all the way down and it was CLOSED
har har har very funny
couldnt go wild wild wet for various reasons
for that moment almost stuck with nothing to do
after barron came
we decided to go pasir ris park for a walk
we stopped by some area that had pathment, grass, sand and sea
and thats where the fun began (:
ended up camwhoring
(will upload picture soon!)

havent felt so close to nature for a long time
for that moment i had a peaceful tingy feeling inside me
i felt happiness
i had good company, lovely environment
and the sun dried all my troubles away
or maybe i screamed so hard that the waves washed it away
and so the moody me was blown away by the wind too
thanks for being there for me you 2, especially you
i really appreciate it
it made my day :D

we then met up with jc for some bowling fun
and then down to jalan kayu to eat prata!
and that is when we realised 3/4 of us knows kingsly
oh forgot to mention barron drove
thanks for going the extra mile to send me home (:

on the other hand,
made up with chubis
what is done is done
and it shall be forgotten
"we're here for each other" always chubis always.

so the tablemates
was spotted at 'the pump room' bar
drinking a tower or PRL (pump room lager)
but they couldnt finish lahhhhh :SSSS
however it was a good day of catch up and hang out
chubis Y T and S

23 March 2008

life is full of ups and downs
and it sucks when your brought to heaven
only to find yourself instantly falling down to hell again

your mood is made of many small things
little things makes you easily happy
yet little things makes you easily sad

people disappoints
but the disappointment is greater when your expectations are higher
especially from people closer to you

i have a patience ok
and it can hit its limit anytime

LAN started out great
but it didnt quite work out for me in the end
it was just the sequence of events that happened to me

reach there, not raining yet
put down things start to dristle
hurry up set up tent, slack awhile
started to pour
some of us entered the tent (bloody 2man tent)
the rest of the guys took our umbrellas and left
greatness, he touch my umbrella and it spoiled instantly
we sat in the tent, it started leaking from all different directions
kp and olsen were drenched INSIDE the tent
the left and the tent situation was literally flooding

rain stopped, more ppl start to come
the fires were finally started
and i had to leave
cousin was sick, had to attend mass alone
walk damn far, got a taxi
great taxi driver didnt know how to get there
started walkie-ing all his friends
finally found out, costed me TIME and MONEY
reached there late, looking super underdressed
had to stand and the corner
warden kept starring, didnt have a candle
looked like a goon
stood for 3 hours

however besides the mass being very long and draggy
it was an interesting experience
baptism was the original dipping whole body in font
choir was really good
it became more of a spiritual musical for me
really loved the music
and the priest was really funny
father boscow i think

so mass finish, cabbed back to pasir ris park
met huilin and raymond, leaving
cut across the grass, 'plunged' into a pool mud -.-
it literally splashed up to my thighs...
reached the pits, could find faces i wanted to see most
those that were there were leaving too
they didnt say much more and left

seriously thank god for alan, don the porn, cheryl, shiyong and daryl
alan obviously had to wait for me hehe
but yea they were the last company i had
i only managed to eat chicken wings and friedrice/beehoon
thank god for the chicken wings they were great
but its kinda sad
"who ask u go to church" huh
WE had to clean the whole damn place
bloody 2 pits
full of rubbish all over the place
and full of mud in between, i keep stepping on

at least they got to try my na shou chicken wings
those that left too bad
but i really felt very sad
waiting so long to see everyone
and then got held up by mass :(
so we packed up, carry all the stupid things home

went to bed and got up damn early today
considering i slept at almost 5
called chubi for 4 fucking hours with no respond
couldnt plan anything
original plan failed
and thats when i exploded
im sorry i sound damn fucked
but sorry it came at this time
when everything is accumulated
and my mood went crashing down to rock bottom
didnt want to do anything but to stay home and sleep
i guess i was tired, too tired

i am actually
i seem to have to many things, yet too much time
yet again not enough time
i dont even know whats going on in my life
waiting like a hopeless idiot for that one guy
always being there for friends
when i dont feel like they're there for me
always planning/organising things
and ending up doing most of the things, and sai kang
and it feels like if im not around
they dont know how to ask everyone else out themselves
it is a pleasure initially
however its TIRING
u hear me? tiring.

i feel so bloody empty

21 March 2008

i can swear to god, i've got the coolest church friends on earth
and the best thing?
catholics arent supposed to swear

so read on...

Firstly, we hardly meet IN CHURCH
that means, we only meet AFTER mass, which only one or two people came from

Next, our conversation topics are considered X-rated, especially for catholics
Since we're not supposed to have such unruly thoughts in the first place

Thirdly, we're alcohol induced, which is sadly dissolving in recent times
there left to two good sister souls with the booze
why how sad

Lastly, we haven't met for like 19287391826481725417825648712 years
but it takes less than 0.00000000000000000000007 secons to melt the ice

thats how coolz we arexxx, aint we?


nah nah happy now???

19 March 2008

finally watched leap years with chubi
its nice, and certainly many things to think about
i really love the "poem" Li-Ann wrote to Jeremy
the one about st Bridget thingy. sweet.

and it really made me think
do you really wait for the one to come by
or do you be with someone just because u long to
but it doesnt really make sense to wait for someone isnt it?
what if it takes forever?
can you really give up everything for that one man you long to love?
i dont think i can really.
i think its only human to long to be wanted and loved
but theres a difference between that and loneliness
which is sadly hard to differentiate sometimes
even i get confuse most of the times

why love is such a simple yet complicated thing
maybe its just luck that you meet someone that shares the same opinions with you about love
i guess thats the one for you?

love live and live to love

16 March 2008

why are CHUBIS so fucked up?
hahahaha seriously
maybe because being fucked up is how we stay close

lets start with myself
waking up at 4.30pm is damn fucked up
holy macaroni
my bio clock is screwed

chubi joeyong called me at 4am
wahlau get me woried for nothing
haha bu initially i thought she was laughing
lol -.-'''
dont worry chubi yong i love u muchx muchx
those ppl are more fucked up than us and u know it

everybody misses chubi kun
although shes one that comes back the MOST OFTEN
as compared to ppl who go overseas to study
that makes things mre fucked up
chubi kun!!!
faster come back with our SOURZ
more meter or what, for-get-it and dont siao
and stop gambling ok!
oh and remember to try our milo mix baileys
i just had another one O.O

lager beer when chubi kun comes back
chubi taa is ready ho! (:

ps: i love the other chubis too, although u guys mia and kkbz alot :S

14 March 2008

this is what you get when u put two hungry chubis together on the phone
er. after satisfying their hunger that is
so maybe i should change it to
this is what you get when u put two thirsty chubis together

MILO + BAILEYS ( optional caramel) = <3 <3 <3

get the point (:
shukkun try it!

11 March 2008

these few days has been
relatively wasted and super slack
been bumming around since saturday

had first ndp meeting on sat
and got pangsehed after that so went home

went smu open house on sun with gerald
(after much persuasion and force lol)
kenaed a glass of hoegarden myself fir the 1st time!
(chubis are so proud of me)

went out with brenda on mon
(we agreed like 10pm at night??!!)
fucking gd la seriously
i highly recommend it
esp if you're a music student
its just AMAZING

suppsoed to meet some chingay ppl today
for discuss about lan and 'watch' them study lol
in the end i woke up at 2 plus
cos i was on the phone with chubi till 4am last night
(its been a long time since we did that huh)
and then it was raining heavily so...
the laziness set in
stayed home and finished watching DOU NIU YAO BU YAO (:

eye candy; instructors of fajar camp (:

9 March 2008

okay, so results have been released
this made time past evern more quickly yet slowly
yather yather u'll know when u experience it

had "class" lunch in the afternoon
while we were having soup restaurant
we decided that we wanted to turn up late
hahaha so we wasted ALOT of time
talk started at 2.30 while we were still shopping
lol we only reached the school at about 3.30

annry had to pay school fees so i followed her
and then the woman gave her two slips of paper
we were like stoned la "what was that"
and then i realised OMG THATS HER RESULTS
hahaha yea it was
its amazing la haha
i shant reveal anything further

ok so went to class and waited like super long
cos i missed my register no. so i had to wait till the last
and then without warning, mswang shove a photocopied paper into my face
and i realised that was my results -.-
wahlau all no warning one la
i look and i got a freaking B for gp
hahahaha i see until scared ah
wth is B for gp??!!!!
my entire life i never got beyond E for gp
haha greatness la, i damn stunnnn

and then i looked down the paper
and i didnt know what to feel
happiness cos i got B for chem,
which i never studied finish and thought the paper was damn hard
and i got C for geog
omgomgomg hahahaha the never once pass geog before got a C!
studying in library helps yea :DDDD

and then i look further down and disappointment starts to set in
wahlau eh i studied the hardest for that
had 2 tuitions ( i can explain this)
did a STACK of essays
and thats wad i fucking got?
and so was maths, i got a fucking B
my one chance of getting an A.....
saying that the cohort did very well and results were moderated
is just deceiving yourself, seriously
i want my A. i want my A. i want my A.

its over uh huh its over
so just thank god fo whatever you got
and tell yourself that it could have been worse

and nows the problem
with my results..can i even go uni not
ok how bout can is can
just that at the rate of the popularity of business courses
im damn bloody unsure if i can get in

6 March 2008

camp2 check.
its good
its better than good

its tired
but not as tiring as camp1

4 days 3 nights
it always have to end when the bond gets stronger
thats life.
they're werent exactly very obedient and cooperative
but at least they tried
i saw their efforts and thats enough

im glad that at least some of them were touched
the tears explain all

their disappointment with not being able to do alot of things were all paid back at campfire
campfire was a huge blast
it was fantastic fabulous faba-licious!

you guys really gave me sweet memories
i'll try to forget the bad ones though! lol
hope u all really enjoyed yourselfs (:

i miss chubi joeyong and chubi shockkorn
sigh, tablemates wont meet up until months later :(
so the next chubi apart from joeyong i'll meet the most often is leong
yay go campfire tmr!!!

and a must mention:
i dont know to be happy or to be scared
fates are sealed, cross my fingers
and prepare for the worse
goodnight world