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29 February 2008

blog abt camp
blog about latest chingay stuff
blog about 200+++ emails!
blog about 200+ photo tag request
blog about ndp???
blog abt kt tunstall
blog abt chubis!

after i come back from my movie


camp was alright, quite high actually
although most of the time watching those few buggers lol
everday sleep at like 2+++ am, wake up halfway do and hours century duty
and then sleep again..
which is like less than 2 hours cos ppl start waking up as early as 530am to washup

didnt know bottle tree park had place for camping sia
but we didnt get to sleep on tents
but i guess i could get use to those safari beds

aight about camp
everything was quite smooth
the timings were seriously MORE THAN PERFECT
the most perfect timings of activities i ever experiece
yayness (:
small hiccups here and there but its okay cos we're new hehe
group 1 was more or less fine
except the poor girl being left out
(i shant blog abt her, details ask me)
campfire was...
ok didnt even have a fire cos rain
so it was like massive rarrar session indoors
and i guess the students did enjoy themselves :D

hahaha the bathing part was HILARIOUS!!!
the toilets had indoor bathing cubicles and outdoor shower areas
girls just went outside in groups
stripped to their undergarments and started bathing
super funny and R21
esp today cos some underwear were transparent
and some bras werent in the right position
LOL LAH! u can imagine..
but the girls bath BLOODY FAST!
wahlau i dunno why so fast sia! seriously
about 100+ girls can finish bathing in less than 45 min is damn POWER!

learnt new cheers and new songs yay
although certain cheers must get used to
guess wad i love!
"gimme one merlion cheer.... BLEAHHHHHHHH!"

so thats for camp
came home, on computer, sign in to msn...
200++ emails, mostly from dreamteam :S
hotmail hang like mad
change to gmail no one emails -.-
go out for dinner come back..
100 new emails
wahlau eh!!! these ppl all too free sia!!!
sigh still need to plan for lan.. haha

in addition, went into facebook
olsen amanda mary sent me 200+ tag requests!!!
O.o she holds a record seriously
2 shocks in a night. power

im uper tired
i dunno how i had the energy to leave hse for so long this evening
cut hair, wah finally
met 2 ppl + 1 im dying to meet, eat dinner (lol)
which makes me happy happy
watch movie; 2 faces of my girlfriend
funny yet touching
played arcade although not the games i had in mind
received a ride home
gorgeous company (:

hey hey you you
all the best for tmr
i believe in u :D

lastly, plan to go watch kt tunstall concert with chubi joeyong
dunno if its a right 'investment'
but..we shall see (:

26 February 2008

a new gang was borned today!!!
a new new gang :DDD

its called the TY gang

hahaha and it consist of only 3 ppl currently, until we can find more
members include:
Tan Yen Soon (TYS aka ty small)
Tan Ying Xiu (TYX aka ty extra)
Tan Yan Ling (TYL aka ty large)

yayyyyy (:

ok taa is officially going mad due to planning of the leaders appreciation night (l.a.n)
which the very first thing, ie DATE is not confirmed :S
how to book pit sia
but yet again, the plans we have sounds good!!
yayy yay yay!
oh and so is the dream team awards thingy hahaha
cant wait for those days to come!
<3 dreamteam

today has been shopproductive lol
went shopping with my marder at tangs
(i obviously bought stuff but im not saying hah)
and then met THE STUPID BOY to shop at queenstown
which sucks cos i spent more moneh than him
but yat again, im happy with my new shoes!!!
144 bucks for asics (cant rmb the model) is sure a good buy

oh ya. i also bought a hell lot of socks haha
and i was being psychoed to get pink and red socks -.-
i only got the red one if ur wondering
19 bucks for 3 pairs of adidas
is that worth ?
i cant really remember if it is
cos i havent bought socks for more than a year i promise man

oh ya if ur wondering too, THE STUPID BOY bought 2 singlet
someone tried on a GIRL'S SINGLET
wooh sexaayyeee

had HK CAFE for dinner! yea again
but this was my first trying the MEESUA
and its damn delicious!!!! really
i dunno how the i-presume-is-chilli-sauce tasted like vinegar in the end 0.0
but we ordered too much food :S
in addition to our meals, we had..
no i had a stupid milk tea which tasted like yuan yang and it shld be HIS fault
and then we had siewmai, hagao, guotie and a complimentary plate of friend wanton

so we started playing scissors paper stone to finish up the food
i got bullied lah :(

ok so i came home to see my email inbox being flooded like mad again
my goodness chingay ppl are.....
hahaha every night 60+ emails
how siao ah!

ok no photos of today
but photos of dreamteam massive camwhore after AAR is in my facebook!!! :D

20 February 2008

today dance team has just formed a new team....


it couldnt be funnier that this la
this is called MO QI

hope everyone is well :D

19 February 2008

today was another good day
since when days were bad when you're around the dream/scream/dance team
haha i wonder whats next really.
they're the best give (one of the best) ever since As ended (:

before going on about them, must scold someone first
wahlau stupid boy pangseh me
if my mom wasnt there i swear i'd be left alone la :S
but at least i got some shopping down
i'll buy my coat/jacket/blazaar soon :D yay

so went off to meet the dance team!
had dinner in powerhouse
the food was good man!
and its been a long time since i last drank cranberry w/o vodka hahaha
so today was the first time i went into a club,
ate dinner, danced and drink non-alcoholic drinks
oh and we left at 9+pm if i rmb correctly
power sia!

and thats how the dance team was formed
the scream team was still in action though :D
super fun
and we were dancing purely on carbo/sugar/self highness!
the best were the nj ppl
how about underage + school uniform in powerhouse?
double shiok

okay photos are in facebook help yourself
hahaha im lazy to copy link and paste here

18 February 2008

especially all excos/SICs/area junction volunteers
thank u thank u thank u thank u

another set of memories and experience that will never ever be forgotten
and i thank god that everything went well
junction rocked!
especially cos we're the link between area A and area B

after about 3 months of hanging out, interaction, going out, meetings, trainings, lunches, recces, back to office to help out
chingay dream team has became a big part of my life
im sure its the same for every single one of u
check out msn!
everyone has chingay stuff on their nicks

chingay was all good
screw ups are inevitable but they made us stronger
hotel was even better
the long emo talks which end up bursting out in laughter
and omg, the snoring symphony
those were the highlights really
(supper gang vs hotel gang!)

padang and LTA concourse became our new homes
and being able to hear the dream team from any other parts of the world became a trademark
try me, i can tell u every bloody exit of lta concourse :D

chingay dream team'08 is love

so its enough rest and back to daily life.
a pretty interesting one

why do we look like kukus?

11 February 2008

today was great!!!
although i woke up super early to tutor saifudeen
he's going for an op tmr, hope alls well.

so after that, went to meet barron
OMG. stupid boy make me wait so damn long
if i didnt choose to travel from jurong to buangkok,
which still make me wait abt 20 min before he picked me
i would be shopping alone at vivo for 1234565698374293874 hours

his car is so cute!
super small and chopped off at the back
DAIHATSU huh hahahah
it was a super not car, car
but i could get use to that :D

so went vivo
walk walk eat eat watch watch
everything was good.
and we shared a chocolate banana cake with icecream from secret recipe
(forgot the name ah)
stupid barron so honest when we can escape from paying for the icecream :P

and oh. AHLONG PTE LTD is super funny!
we laugh until want to peng la
super super funny. marklee is good la seriously
"ni ji huai de wor, wo ji suay de wor" hahaha

but after the movie :(((
my bag's largest zip spoiled right before the movie
so my bag was like left open
but i was cautious of that
come out from movie my side zip also spoiled
(it was spoiling but this was the final straw)
and wads best
MY FREAKING FACESHOP EYELINER (2 of them, brown and black)
and i couldnt find it at the toilet nor the theatre
and its all barron's fault
cos he freaking jinx me

we left for yishun
parking costed us 7 fucking bucks and 6 fucking 4 cents ($7.64)
drove back to yishun and met claire and lingwei for dinner
AT SAKAE -.- haha
dinner was good
but the company was better (:

and then he sent me home!
oh oh
i got him a shot glass from daiso to remind him of the
mighty puking drunk and sleepy day at zouk :D
ahahaha how fun

i love the meter thingy that looks like clock!
although it cant be seen here :S

stupid boy drive la

act cool ah
gucci shades wor!

disclaimer: photo was taken during a red light HAHAHA

8 February 2008

shu nian xing da yun! hahaha

new year has been smoothhhhh yeahh

reunion at some coffeeshop restaurant at katong
as usual family as wayyy rowdy but it was cool
super embarrasing but fun
and they were having fun telling story about they're kampong life
about school to their dogs to food
i never felt my family was that tight before
it was a weird tingly feeling of "tan"ness, yeah
hard to explain but ya hahaha

couldnt wake up for mass on chu yi
forced myself out of bed
sooooo sleepy until i couldnt be bothered to makeup la
and that startedmy angbao collection yay :D
headed to moms side grandma house to eat "zap chai"
eat it every year and it tastes best at newyear (:

evening was to the other grandma's house!
where i finally met my GREAT NURSE COUSIN
whom i havent seen for like literally a year!
(shes always working -.-)
and everyone was entertained by joseph aka zunzunboy
first putting coins into his doreamon pigy bang
then running into the room every 10 min to "BAI BAI JESUS"
and then out to snatch and play with random toys
pushing chairs all around
i swear his gonna be a big rascal!
im gonna meet him tmr night
damn i gotta start my warm up already

left early to meet CHUBIS and isa and barron!
went to zouk to partaayyeee!
great ant brought us to vip bar,
got a table and open a bottle
champagne rose if i remember correctly
and it was gone fast
so we decided, since there was 1-for-1, might as well order more
so we ordered:
-cranberry vodka
which means 2 jugs
-3 shots of apple shooters
since apple shooters came in pairs, it was X4
so it was 12 shots
-a bottle of SOURZ (the main ingredient of apple shooters)
(its freaking nice!!! that explains the tarring)
isa ordered 4 midori which he finished himself,
and 2 flaming lambo h=which he had one
and i shared the other with barron (:

(by this time the rose was alr gone)
and we tarred the shots
cranberry v. was like a quenching drink sia lol
so our dearest shukkun was like "damn shiok ah lets order 5"
lets do maths: 5 X 2 X 2 = 20!!!
it came and so we tarred again
being in the tarring mood, we tarred one jug of cranberry v.
(so in total can u figure out how much we drink?
if u dont, here it is again: one bottle champagne rose, 2 bottle sourz, 32 apple shooters, 4 midori, 2 flaming lambo, 2 cranberry vodka)
it sounds scary O.O

then all cannot take it alr
all chiong to toilet to pee
by then, my dearest BARRON was drunk omg.
he was falling all over the place and laughing like some idiot
we went to the toilet and he freaking puked into the sink
while some spilled out onto my shoe!
stupid drunk boy i'll get you for this man!
so the whole night he was in the drunk/stone/coma condition
he was like a zombie on the dance floor!
damn it yink deposited bag so didnt take photo of his unglam moment!

ok after he puked, i puked too
and then soon after i was sober
thank god, no chubi and penis this time
only embarrasing moment was that i met ketsu but i cldnt recognise him
and he was like "shes high ah"
i was on my way o sobering alr ok

after dancing awhile
we went back back to members area, got a table
and continued tarring
(the sprite was klike left untouch and the water only went down by half)
chubis are crazy tarrers man! hahaha

and then everyone was in a screwed up condition so we all left
shared a cab back with isa
and guess what??!!
in 2 months, i've seen 3 ppl puked in a taxi
yup, after yink and shukkun
isa was next
"eh plastic bag"
"huh! uncle you mei you plastic bag"
before i could finish uncle stuck his hand out with bag
before i could even open the bag, isa snatched it with abit of puke on his hand alr
omg la hahahaha
but cant blame that poor boy, he was sick
(boy his gf is gonna kill him)

woke up at 3pm today! wow la
my parents left for 2 houses and i didnt even know
how bout they didnt even bother to wake me up haha
so i woke up at 3pm after receiving a few smses
quickly dressed up and left for cousin's hse to bainian
my uncle cooked maggi mee for me cos i havent ate
and GOSH, he cooked 2 packets i didnt even realise -.-
(still in the after clubbing and waking up stone mode)

ok fast forward
just came home from KUNGFU DUNK!
its damn nice lah! go watch
jay chou is super act cool, but i like haha
and the other basketball guys in his team are damn cute also!
esp bo lin with his long hair drunkard look
hahahaha wheeeeeeee :D

oh i forgot to mention
when mich and i stood up from our seats, we immediately saw leeweisong
it was like face to face
and then we walked out and saw leesisong with a whole gang of ppl
music school gathering sia! lololol

okay end of post
happy new year once again :D

6 February 2008

tired, but i'll still blog anyway haha
came home late again from chingay meeting
it was like madness i tell u!
everyone was like shouting and shouting and shouting
as we stick the names and photos
it was as high as a market place! haha
but we're still not done :S
so its back to office tmr to continue sticking
i love exco/sics <3 haha

and i did more shopping today!
i bought 2 pink underwear
3 black tops -.- (yea i know)
1 pump
but 150 bucks flew away~~~~
that was like half of my pay! gulps
i tell u if my nets didnt DECLINE i would have bought more man!

day before was "reunion dinner" with keewah ppl!
at vienna buffet
also SHIOK sia
whack sashimi like MAD
me and xinrong camped there la
(in front of sashimi plate) waiting for it to be refilled
and for the first in 18 years
and its nice lah!
oh oh before i forget, the CHEESECAKE was damn rich and good too
wad a pity SOMEONE didnt eat it hahaha

damn it im hungry now :(

5 February 2008

taa is happy cos its pay day!
although so far i think i've spend more than wad i've earned
not that tired alr cos i finally had some good rest
= sleeping until 2pm = SHIOKNESS

and i've finally uploaded pics from my cam and hp
yay! and i shall post some now
(i.e blogger doesnt hang on me =p)

chingay has been fun, well as an SIC
we are like quite tight and bonded
and coming in late didnt really make the 5 of us very left out
aka we felt welcomed and comfortable la
afterall we alr knew a few of them before we got promoted
but, high ranking also has its fair share of duties
loads of meetings/emails/admin stuff to do
attire, attendance and attitude must also be there
it gets kinda tiring after awhile
but its nice to see everyone pressing on hard, together!
2 more weeks baby! to our destination (:
and the best thing, new good friends
love the company <3 href="">

kaiping and pathma!
pathma: TARRRRRRR! haha

SICs recce: all in red yo!

but it looks like rolls royce to me
tell me about doing carpark duties

left: quan yi feng's car (with bryan wong inside)
right: michelle chia's car
and i talked to them!!!! hahaha
"please leave by the back gate" HAHA
quan yi feng was like daoed -.- michelle was smiley! but her hair abit....

i present to you, CHINGAY 2008 exco, sics, gics :D

yea okay thats for chingay
stay tune for more (aka preview and parade)
oh and if anyone wants to go for after party please tell me!

next up, CHUBIS yo!
as usual, favourite hangout is still......
how bout like shukkun's office is there
leong and my cha hq is there
and most of all, our drinks are there
esp PUMP ROOM! (not really for me though -.-)
i think we're there often enough...
ok blogger is screwing with me now
trying to get photos up -.-

ok got it!

please be able to save :S

its always like that: shukkun and yink beer, poor me drink cocktail which is damn little and ex :(
kandi bar! finally :D

clubnana: it was a re-experience of thailand again, i promise

yeah my chubis (mochele like huo meo mia though)