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28 July 2006

school has been crazy this week
started with desperately trying to do 7 pullups on monday and failed terribly
i didnt even have strenght to do one lahs
and i was like laughing like mad when wanrong and minzhen help push me up

went morning run with anthea on tues
bathing in the morning is really damn shiok!!!
but after bathing when changing the sweat is like WOAH, like tap like that
bath = no bath

and then in the afternoon we went for lunch, okay she accompanied me for lunch at tpy
we ended up combing the whole of tpy central lahs
looking for anthea's stupid beads
and then we came to this shop that sold party stuffs
damn cool lah !!
i bought this transparent dice
damn cool!
and then when we were walking out we saw the bubble
the one where u press it out of the tube and use and straw to blow
we bought and started blowing lahs
and then started taking photos with the damn bubble in the middle of the walkway

oh well
and then i got my class blowing the next day

and kuawanrong is freaking stalker lah
he was in my class tt day looking at some stuff
and wanrong was like helping me take photo of him
she did it again
she just walk right in front of him and take
and he was like "wad the fuck"
and then he and neh thought tt it was wanrong that likes him
oh boy
i dunno if tts good or bad

damn funny
its like we just gotta help each other stalk
she finally saw her kenloong in canteen today
and so i was helping her to take his photo
eh not bad ohkay
at least i got his profile

wad a week =p

21 July 2006

i did it again
i dunno why i did it again
it just comes
i dunno how and why also
i think its quite bad
but i just cant control it
i can only apologise after that

i've got a spliting headache and a horrible stomachache lately
i feel like crap
i go for econs and i dun fucking catch a single ball
i owe shukkun like a fucking 200
i mean its not shuk but its the money
u get the point

i dunno bloody hell why there wld always be a time in my life where everything turrns dull
life seems to lose its meaning

15 July 2006

i just realised my class girls are actually quite stalker lah
but its been damn fun
and its always during pw periods
like all the girls flog to one com
1st trying to get into frenster to see his
and then managed to see his blog
and oogle when he said he missed us
and then leaving some funny but bloody hell spastic comments
seriously man
this is wad i call JC life

yes and my results are like gone gone GONEEEEE
4 fucking Fs
acutally i cant say fucking cos i didnt study
but omg!
now it occurs to me
how to fucking promote at this rate man!!
no no no
this is damn wrong
my best subject become my worse and topengs
quite sad lah
sure must go meet bro paul like tt lah
and then if i really dun start mugging now
i think i'll really retain
no no no
i cant retain!!!
if i freaking go poly next yr
i'll be 2 years behind!!
that means i'll go uni (if i ever make it)
same time as like andrew when he finishes army
thats wrong
one way out

boo yea
and so i went with gerald to study today
ohkay lah
i feel quite acomplished
at elast i got my hw done
we'll go mug again at boring ol' northpoint tmr again
anyways, its been a long time since i strolled in a pasak malam
and i finally got to drink LYCHEE DRINK!!
ohkay it wasnt from the pasak malam but u get the py yea
quite shiok lah
the chicken and the icecle or wadever its spelt
one word---- SHIOK

8 July 2006

ohkay, here are the "pile" of photos of my recent happenings
1st "batch" is trip to OCS
playing with the guns!

class photos..

the reason why OCS was fun
but somehow he doesnt look good here. lol

winnings from betting??
fat hope lah
itts minzhens.....
im gonna rob her...........

the only reason why im chasing world cup so eagerly
bet until luan ah!

this photo is seriously damn bookie; phone, pen and betting slips =)

okay that was my fault ohkay

but it was worth keeping. lol

thats what effect sonyericsson phones can do

the past week of sch has been damn slack
so many half days and outings
totally dont feel like school at all

went to OCS on wed
the sergeant in charge of us was so cute!!!
whole class agreed =)
and we got to pose with guns and riffles
lazy to upload photo =p

hanged out alot with anthea and shukkun
my betting mates! =)

watched RE-CYCLED yesterday with yunxin, wanrong, shukkun and manpin
we were like terribly regretting when we walked in and wished we were going to watch some comedy or romance story
actually it was only me and manpin freaking out
and it seemed like we were the only ones screaming and laughing damn loudly
quite paiseh lor
and then before the show ended me and shukkun were terribly urgent

the show was ohkay
it wasnt the terribly scarey kind lah
infact some parts were quite sweet, uh touching lah
so yea
im not going to watch a ghost movie again
i keep saying and keep breaking it

2 July 2006

im blogging ohkay
stoops gerald

he and shawn left my hse not long ago
seriously i realised everytime we say we'll hang out for awhile, we end up hanging out the whole day

meeting was cancelled today
so we got our lunch earlier
aunty's the best lah
come out for like 10 min and then go home
so we elft for ang mo kio
my last time di pan, andrew's current
finally got to play at snookerium
shiok shiok

and then i got swayed by them to play cs
so we went to raiders
eh quite shiok sia
im not bad lah, for a beginner
at least i head shot shawn
okay i think i'll play tt more often now on

world cup..
damn sad lah
bloody germany and brazil
bloody disappointing lah
300 bucks flyaway~~~