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31 December 2012
So the end of the world didn't come, yet

It is not until 31st December 2012 that I remembered I have a blog. Considering the fact that most epic moments were blogged, and I just read my 2010 reflection post, I decided Hey why not lets do a quick one for 2012 since the world didn't end?
Well, also partly because I'm sitting here at work, shaking my legs until its almost numb and painfully waiting for time to pass so that half day would finally arrive and I get to home and prepare for my steamboat party which will be a blast later on.

I could only say you know you are getting older when your New Year Eve's party consists of a cosy gathering at home instead of doomzdoomzdoomzing and grinding your ass away at zouk after getting shitfaced by all the flaming nonsense. And this is me, last day of 2012 typing in my blog (of OMG, 10 years) trying to sound all old, matured and reminiscent...

So anyways, its been 1 year and 5 months since I have graduated and started working. Life has moved at a ridiculously confusing pace; one minute its too fast (whether I'm having fun or not, thats a different story) and the next its painfully slow (like now, dying please).

I have somewhat found a place and a sense of belonging in advertising agencies and I kinda like it.
I would call my job satisfactory, because many things could be better, but at least im not slave-driven and I get a decent salary. And how often you'd get a celebrity for a boss?
I do miss DDB despite my stint there being disgustingly short but oh well, look forward and who knows which agency I'll be heading to next?

With that said, no I'm not hopping jobs yet (3 jobs in 1 and a half year does sound a little hasty but its not my fault!!!) I figured i'll give this place a chance and stay here for maybe, say a year or two? Maybe more, we'll see in time to come.

My goal is, still, to run away from this place a little while and work overseas, maybe for 3-5 years?
Anyway I think I wouldn't be able to stay away for too long because you know how I love my Asian food and going to USA will kill me, like killlllllll..... But the thought of dropping everything and just moving is simply tempting, too tempting. And I really want to make this happen, at least in the next 10 years.
Who knows? I might find my good catholic chinese boyfriend hidden in some dodgy looking streets in that foreign land (but it must be english speaking, must!) and he might just be the hero that saves this damsel in distress...okay thinking too much now.

At this point I realised I haven't exactly looked back and reflect but maybe for a change I shan't. It might be a better idea to look into the future (no more phuture, yay I'm all grown up!), eat, pray, love and hope that I'll continue to be blessed with happy things.  Stay humble, appreciate the smaller things in life and stay happy.

 Happy New Years' Eve everyone! Cheers :)