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29 March 2009


life's really a beach.
but im dealing with it just fine (:
just let me rant frist.
bloody slept in tanjong beach on the centerstage
so freaking sandy, i slept on a trash bag sadly
and everytime my head tilt up and open my eyes, i see ter's armpit -.-
thank god theres no smell
so freaking warm at night
so freaking cold in the early morning
so freaking tired can't sleep well
bloody pub/club started to test music, and their music was TRANCE, at 5 fucking am
play stop play stop. i think i lasted for at least 2 hours?
i was so tempted to wake up and scold grahhhh
thoe whole event was alright
infact i heard that the games went on damn well
we had damn good weather thank god, onions chilli and garlic always work for arts (:
centerstage was erm.. slightly more disappointing
but for the fact that our 4 bands + 1 performer came and performed in time
minus the equipment screw ups
and we had 3 games,
it was alright. good enough. we did try..
got my ass moving to some great volleyball action and that was the bomb man
i really like volleyball sheesh, why didnt st nicks have volleyball!
with so much action, im and truely madly deeply shagged now.
and with beach fiesta coming to a close,
i finally get to spend friday nights at home :D:D:D

27 March 2009

need i say more?

from excitement
to nervousness
to anticipation
to uncertainty
to happy.

25 March 2009


he's called FRIDAY. hehe
the irritating but super loveable sugar cheese ice all meltsssssssssss gahahahaa
he's cuter than horlicks :X opps

there. the pictures say it all :D

good movie to lighten your heavy day!

22 March 2009

time for a decent update!

another shaggering week has past wooh.
its always nice to end with alonggggg sleep at home in my QUEEN bed!

been having intensive meetings for arts club activities recently
in a blink of an eye, food hunt ended and beach fieta is next WOOH.
i really do hope for the success of beach fiesta and of course, CENTERSTAGE.
afterall we've really give alot for it.

lets start with wednesday!

went to the beach with buddies, girlfriend, grace and friend
got some volleyball action going woohhhh!
but ended with a very very very bad SUNBURNT
to think we stayed for around 4 hours only.
my back, neck and shoulders are hell red and painful
sleeping and tossing in bed is a torture, especially the first night

anyways after beaching we headed to cine for buffet
(i dumped school opps :X)
we're cool man we had a 15min buffet
gosh i dont want to try that again. not fun at all
it was a good day to hangout and catch up
buddy pop-ed, shawn graduated from poly, andrew was on leave
nothing could beat sitting at macs and talking :D:D:D
and of course the usual pool
its been sometime mannnn

being so burnt and shag, i gave mambo a miss.

thursday and friday was spent with more meetings
from taking care of NM bazaar and missing my last shuttle bus to more foodhunt and beach fiesta meeting.
arts club room was so lively!

so food hunt was held on saturday.
i got to facilitate terence's and the guys group, thought i ended up playing along.
quite fun but i say more tiring. and zomg we really ate non stop from 11 till 6pm.
i think we had duck rice, beef kway teow, mutton soup, yogurt ice cream, bubble tea, xo fish soup (THIS WAS DAMN GOOD), fried kway teow, chicken rice, carrot cake, pancake, satay, fried oyster
goodness i don't know if this is all hahaha
we didnt win but...i guess the food is good enough :D

left halfway to meet chubi to head over to st nicks for Last Chill Out
its pretty neat concept by old girls for old girls
apparently before the canteen close down for renovation
sigh things will never be the same again :X
i heard chicken rice stall is not going to continue selling after the new place is done :(
im gonna miss the curry chicken fried rice and my meatball meesua

its cool to see so many old girls. ranging from batched that graduated in 1985 to 2008
there were many familiar faces but evidentlly grown up
thats cool thats cool
the me-coming-from-food-hunt-look was sort of underdressed but oh wells
orange bowl and chicken wing stalls' queues were *@(*#&(@*$%(*(!*&#(!*#$!@!@(!@*$&(@*$ zomggg long

at the end, when most people started to leave
they started to serve sparkling wine how cool is that
i think that was my very first time drinking (alcohol) in st nicks.
top it up with mrs cheong on stage shouting yumseng hahaha.
well, the alcohol were the starters;
then came family dance, line dance and calisthenics
a test of memory and yes we embarrased ourselves by dancing in the middle of the canteen hahahah but it was good fun
(thats why they needed to have the alcohol first yo)

photos! taken from facebook (:

well this is the subscience photo! hehehe
ahhh memories of kimmi and her spray and NANNY NEVER COOK SWEET CORN
i dont think we'll ever forget that lor haha

this is the prefect and delinquents photo hahaha. pretty interesting!
haha okay. it was actually us trying to spoil the photo that was coincidentally the prefects one

2005 batch that turned up for Last Chill Out!! :D

15 March 2009

A good deal came out of TS1101E afterall

apart from wrecking my brains to memorise my scripts
and digging out past emotions to play my character
and of course not forgetting the never ending boring theory about semiotics and all

i watched a musical play! yay

you can check out more on their website

sadly all shows ended today
if not i'd surely recommend!!!

a little confusing story; superheros, fantasies and the world
many sexual connotations: HA! how about wanking actions throughout the play
batman, or rather known as flying fox in the show is gay with sparrowman
a VERY FANTASIC SET, espcially the movements all
and none-the-less, great song and dance
it surely entertained me (:

saw some celebrities, infact quite a number of them
i guess everyone waited till the last show

oh. theres a tiger beer road show at plaza sing
and apparently they're doing silk printing on plain tshirts for free
so a few of us literally spent our night at the roadshow
printing tshirts and waiting for them to dry
how cool is it!
now i got a new tshirt yay for arts camp yay cos its yellow yay.

and that basically concludes my day

ps: today's the first time i've ever been to NUS's open house. quite impressive i must say. and quite fun to pretend to be a freshie :P

8 March 2009


and because i've been a good girl, I GET IT

yay. new toy, temporarily happy :D

the latest drama i'm watching
freaking NICE!!!

omggggg mizushima hiro is so damn hot ahhhhhhhh

yes i've come to terms with myself;
i like pretty boys, i like pretty jap boys
who gives a shit if they're faggots or not
they are so damn HOT.

and thanks to jap and michele, now im really in the jap drama mood
i think i should follow moch and watch jap dramas until this sem end haha

oh did i ever say i just finish watching PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN
so touching
and yamapi is so cute!
and yes moch is crazy over him now......

can't be more glad since midsems are over :D:D:D

4 March 2009

this blog seriously needs an update

been busy (or so)
the past week.
but damn the recess week always have to fly past like that
good times always have to come to an end

shuk's last mambo was massive and good
a hell load of people turn up
making it feel like my birthday in the end
godh i really loved the crowd and the energy that night
a good final one for me

weekends was spent celebrating birthdays
starting with alex and weishan's on fri
(man that totally killed my throat, on top of mambo)
lele's on saturday
and nikki's on sunday
my wallet is burnt from buying birthday presents :S
but oh wells how many 21st...

now i cant stop planning for mine
i really cant think of anything yet though..
minus the whole world telling me just to book a club zz

this week is a busy week
midsems and assignments
hate essays hate essays hate essays gahhh

i've nothing more to look forward to,
for the time being?
bestie and chubi left sigh.

oh i remember what i can look forward to!

shit junes too far away, too far :(