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30 January 2008

the evolution of taa's hairssssss
i just had the strong urge to do this :D

finally pink (:
after As, wanted pink but refused to bleach.

became this:

its like red la

and then it faded to brown -.-

end of promos: the golden fringe

ya this was the day i got banned from trng and started to camwhore :S

before the golden patch, still in school

brown highlights

after Os, dye + highlight

haha SHIOK not!

yeah baby thats what i call sexy :D

yay taa finally has PINK, i mean PINK hair
super duper huge YAYNESS
after waiting for like how damn long and screwing the first time of pink up
although everyone says its nicer -.-
i still like my PINK hair, whether u think its ahbeng or not

tired, still
had CHA trng today, hoping to get to some assignments soon
still working at taka square
though today i just contributed to my commision
met up with chubis, the WHOLE group of chubis today
which is super cool like finally
and celebrated yuanshan's birthday
which reminds me i have to wish her now :D


and the wishes come in purple cos she just dyed her hair purple!
her purple is DAMN NICE, really

so now we're the chubis with a patch in their hair
(well minus ant and mich who refuses to dye her hair)

oh hornylicks visited my house today
and i had fun walking him to eat and back home

i feel like going escape
i need to escape awhile
escape from this hectic schedule
now work and chingay
after chingay its camps camps and more camps
i'll die of exhuastion of public speaking
my goodness

speaking of which
chingay is going all well
and im ENJOYING, i really am la, most of the times,
my role as a SIC
its tiring yea but its..
fulfilling? i dunno if thats the right word but something like that la huh

and then there's you
which a simple "how was your day" puts a nice conclusion to my day
and a smile on my face before i sleep
thats enough, for now
i shant get too greedy :D

20 January 2008

yes TAA is back muahahaha
indeed i've been gone for long

and im super duper tired
i've nv felt this drained in such a long time
came back on tues night
start work on wed all the way till fri
which was HAHA fulltime -.-
at least my boss which is xinrong's sister's fiancee's sister
gave us a lift home
then sat it was up and early off to rj for chingay
and 5 of us (celestine, kaiping, yongjian and tattoo) got promoted to SICs
hahahaha but we had to go for recce -.-
so it was a super long 4 days until now
which i glady say i woke up about 2 odd pm and just watched finish eragon on tv
i miss these kinda days man
wake up alr immediately switch on tv and computer!

yes yes and i miss my chubis loads
we should have a chubi gathering!
and go clubbing
OMG go clubbing
guess what, i havent clubbed for like 1234567890 mnths!
haha okay soon man

oh yea korea was alright la
it was super cold
temp ranged from -5 to 5 degrees while i was there
and it was freezing cold
wind was more cold than snow yea
i saw falling snow!
infact i was woken up the snow
cos my mom and cousin were like shouting
"ITS SNOWING" in the hotel room a million times
yup and i skiied, visited many places where shows are filmed
and ate pretty good food
(i didnt eat kimchi although there was for EVERY MEAL)
not much shopping cos it was winter and expensive
apart from stocking up from faceshop (SHIOK)
there were cute guys WOOOOOOHHH
felt like taking photos with them man
and went to 2 theme parks
but only satisfied my craving for thrilling rides on the 2nd one
saw someone filming a show
and slept in different hotel room almost every night
but ritz calton on the last was the best :D
and i seriously think i put on weight
(duh so much good food and RICE omg the RICE)

lazy to upload photos
so photos whill be shown only on request
(ya like who wants them right.haha)
okay taa will be working the next few days
come and visit me!

7 January 2008


like seriously la
we shop until we literally dropped
everynight reach hotel like 3,4 am
woke up at 7am ( only first day la)
the next 2 days we overslept -.-
but still
the stuff were like cheapcheapcheap (of cos got a few wth ripoffs)
and we were literally stocking up
i bought like about 10 tops, 2 pumps, 2 slippers, 3 bags and other random stuffs
ya and i blasted like 400 bucks, completely left dry before our last lunch
and the best is i found my paradise! hahaha, ask me if u wanna know
platinum's like far east and chatuchak is like a super duper BIGGGGG flea market
and OMG they have all kinds of stuff there, i really mean all kinds
from clothes to shoes, to household stuff to ANIMALS and a hell lot of DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!
wahlau they're like small and puny and so freaking cute!
felt like buying a few for one day then give away

cute right cute right!

but anyways, we left chatuchuk early
cos 2 ppl got sick and puked in the taxi back -.-
shibei drama cos they were asking for plastic bags
and puking one after another IN THE CAB
the sun was quite hot so we presumed that was the cause of the puking
(although i was seriously enjoying the sun la)
and because of them we headed back to hotel, instead of kenaing more platinum zzz

yea so u can prolly imagined how we spent our three days la
waking up to the stupid PHANTOM OF THE ZOO was torturous,
it repeated like wad, more than 5 times every morning?
and then going shopping was like madness
finding food just to fill our stomachs actually
(beisdes shukkun who ate phad thai everyday)
and then it was night life
from suanlum to patpong to khaosan
omg the club we went to, was literally EMPTY (suanlum)
only for a few angmoh who came in, danced awhile and then left
super empty, but damn nice to shuffle! heh
apparently no one really clubs cos the princess passed away and they're mounrning
this also explains why whilte clothes can discount but black cant really
okay yes, and the clubs close rather early
especially khaosan! it looked decently good
and alot of chinese face but english coming out of mouth ppl
which obviously was better
at the time we reached it was like closing alr, left high/drunkard on the roads
the roads were also super messy cos of the markets which was closing also
but clubbing is cheap
its like 100 baht for a drink ( to get in)
and then drinks are averaged between 150 to 250 baht (which is almost normal la)
cheaper than sg at least. HA

the 2nd night we went to watch the pussy show.
it was like OMGly, weirdly, horribly entertaining
their cb is like invincible man
try watching man
the one we went to was called SUPER PUSSY hahaha wtf right
but we got ripped off damn it
the guy said 100, in the end he ran away and we paid 300 baht
and wads the best, most of us got touched/grouped
wtf this fat bikini woman was trying to touch my back like up and down
and then this trannie waitress who was trying to pass some money to the bar, she freaking pasted her boobs (probably plastic boobs) on my back
i should have turned around and tell her fuck off cos mines bigger and not plastic
wahlau eh, wad an experience!

wads the best is, while we were kenaing some green curry, tomyam and friend chicken with sweet chilli at the airport, we almost missed our flight
eat so full, ran like some mad fucks
we were like wearing either slippers or heels, im sure can run!
plus the airport so bloody big
we ran at least 400 m to reach our freaking gate which was near the end -.-
a few min after we got in the gate close
super heng, but i nearly puked la
swiss airlines was ok, though the games were abit little and they didnt have cards but the chocolate was nice and the baileys bottle damn cute!

our hotel was okayokay la
in the end i was the one who slept on the extra bed cos i didnt want to sleep beside the wall or curtain -.-
BUT i apparently, was the only who didnt kena bed bugs bite! hahahahaha shiok
the hotel looks a little old la but not that bad
at least i didnt see any bugs or cockroaches
the only that i want to complain is there was no freaking HOT WATER on the first night i bathed
fucking cold ok, plus it was 4am and we were sleepy
and im damn angry at myself cos i left my fucking esprit tshirt there lah :(
damn sad can, thats like my new favourite black tshirt :S
but oh wells

and so 3 days came to an end very quickly and im damn glad we did it la
like finally no more empty talk
CHUBIS OR CHIBUS i love them all <3

eh shukkun! meter or what! FOR-GET-IT! shi bei cooooooooooooooool!

and for photos, go to yinks blog. haha!

next up yo, KOREA baby!
somehow im not as excited as i was for bangkok man
its the feeling the ppl ur going with that gives u
i better hope and pray to kena some young and fun tour group sia!
and i hope i can meet audrey there!
but now please help me and tell me wads the country code -.-


3 January 2008

im damn excited im damn excited im damn bloody excited!!!

finally flying off to BANGKOK with my girlfriends
at least the few months of talking were not empty talk (for once) heh
and my luggage is actually kinda huge, for a person going overseas for three days
HAHAHAHA who cares

and after bangkok, im going KOREA!!! yay yay yay
although it was supposed to be japan, well who cares
im gonna see snow and ski! hahaha
i wonder if i'll meet any korean stars
but yet again, even if i meet them, i'd prolly wouldnt even know that they're some star
unless they're like super famous like the song girl or the song guy
OR RAIN. yea rain oh man

haha so there
taa's gone!
dont miss me
its only 2 weeks
and to those schooling, HEH ENJOY SCHOOL