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30 November 2006

argh! so nice!

29 November 2006" method=post>
i love myself im in love (uh. like someone counted lah) × the person i like does not know that i like him/her
i talk alot i talk loudly × i'm a stalker
× i love reading blogs (i only read close friend'sss) i love surfing friendsters (okay lah) i drink alcohol before (DUHH)
i smoked before × i had sex before (ben xiao jie is a good girl and not HORNY. hahaha) × i told a lie today (i told so many secrets today)
* * * * *
i dislike chinese lessons (besides the part where i get to suan lao shi) i love jazz i love pop
i own a camera phone i own a webcam × i'm sick currently (thats for the ppl around me)
i'm dark × my shoes size is smaller than 5! (siao so small. no balance ah. hahaha) my har is short (shoulder length)
i love to sing i love to talk on the phone i love to sleep
× i live to eat (according to kangster..) i own an ipod my ipod my spoiled currently (damn it)
i'm thinking why this damn quiz is taking so long i love to play pool (big time) × i got a big mouth
i am overweight i own a blog × i don't like pe
i dont like doing household chores × my room doesn't have aircon i sleep on a queensize or bigger bed
i got at least an O levels cert × i currently have solid black hair i hate it when my mom nags at me
i love the sun × i love the rain (sometimes lahs) i love doing manicure (yeah but i havent tried pasting diamontes on my nails yet)
i love going for spa (i WOULD love to go for a spa) × i smuggled someone home before (almost wanted to. haha) × i ran away from home before
i love my parents × i love my siblings (en xiao jie bo brother bo sister) i'm happy that this thing is finally over (yayness..)

You can to this meme, or Create'>">Create your own!

i gotta blog about today
and i was told to blog about today
cos today's another crazy day
well and more of a lup sup day! woot!!!!

met shawn gerald and josh for breakfast at 7am
damn i got my morning call at 6.30 -.-
and great shawn and gerald are ALWAYS late
heng got josh's company

since both josh and shawn left
me and gerald were bored
and guess what we decided to do
damn we followed shawn to the mrt
and then take train with him all the way to clementi
and then take a train down to cityhall and up to town
right so we reach town at like 9.30?!
not much things to do at that time
and we were dressed in horrible tshirt and shots and slippers
okay i was
damn horrible lah

we sat at cine box office
the palce where u get to see the trailers
for like more than a hour
waiting for wanrong and josh to come down >.<

and then went to pool at moneter when it strike 12
(cos monster opens at 12)
and the uncle was like wah so early ah!

we made gerald late for trng to eat oyster meesua for lunch
so he decided not to go (hohoho as usual)
but to come my house "work out"
so we gymed tennis and "swim"
he swam, i only soaked my leg
and like that can waste the whole day away
thats just so cool!

ps: gerald your tennis improved seh! hahaha
and thanks for being such a "PAL"
but u better not leak my secrets or else............


a day at mich's house
as of as usual
woah! ant ur hairs purple! now then can see. haha
oh my tian

28 November 2006

today's shopping day!!
went bugis to shop with my ma and my aunt
oooh shiok shiok
everything bought today was for me
and so i bought 2 tops
2 skirts
and a wedge
and it totalled to 200+ bucks
dont need to do xmas and newyear shopping alr

oh and i tried on my wetseal clothes
they look not bad actually!
cant wait till i get a chance to wear everything
which wont be anytime soon
oh wells

meeting them for breakfast tmr at 7
oh gosh 7!
but its fun
the old times are back!
oh yay!

i got kp cos of my hair the 1st thing in the morning
i freaking woke up early to make it on time for trng
and then stupid that mean kp me right after i put on my shoes
"i told you before sch ended. this colour is not acceptable in school. you must be properly attired. you are not trng today"
i wasted my time lah
sit there and rotted for freaking 3 hours!
could have went off for breakfast or stayed at home and sleep
im not going on wed

pooled again
the uncle was like
"wah! xia yu hai ke yi lai ah. ni li hai ah"
(wah raining also can come ah, u best lor)
for those who seriously cant read hanyu

met yinkies mich and ant in the evening
oh my tian
i was so broke!
i didnt even have a 10 cent coin in my wallet
and my ezlink was left with 20cents inside
so yink bought me a milo
and that was my "dinner"
went to mich house
like after dunno how long!
and just did almost nth but stalking and stupid stuffs, as usual
yeah i really missed it and it felt good
i love their company

if you guys are reading this:
i love u loads and loads and never ending loads! (:
and yuanshan who wasnt there

to yinks: damn u little rascal. i'll keep you your dirty little secret :X

the walk to the busstop was horrible cos of the rain
so everything was wet
damn gross!

and my clothes from wetseal finally came!
and i thank god i could fit perfectly into both of them
though they say one of them make me look abit aunty
shall see about it

26 November 2006

i dyed my hair again!!!
check it out!
its gold again

i think its looks quite coo lah
its not as ahbeng as it 1st seemed okay

me and gerald decided to dye on the spur of the moment
we were stoning at far east when we came out with that idea
palty's a good brand
but dont add the bleach though
gerald's hair didnt turn out that golden

celebrated angie's birthday this afternoon
went to the sakura in town
the spread there is good seh!
should go more often!
i almost burst
i almost puked
i cant eat buffets
i always go over my limit
poor andrew couldnt chiong cos he was recovering from food poisoning (take care buddy!)

and dyed hair
today was fun (:

25 November 2006



done with the birthday wishings
today was a terribly lazy day
woke up at 12 plus
ate lunch and a little tv
and then headed back to sleep
watched like 3 movies since then
damn starmovies are showing good stuff these days
watched robots and some johnsons family reunion thingy
now its playing the fast and the furious
damn cool seh!

apparently we're gonna celebrate angie's birthday tmr
but its seems like alot of ppl are busy
i hope it doesnt turn out too pathetic

ps: if you're reading this, i miss you

24 November 2006

The Movie Of Your Life Is A Black Comedy

In your life, things are so twisted that you just have to laugh.
You may end up insane, but you'll have fun on the way to the asylum.

Your best movie matches: Being John Malkovich, The Royal Tenenbaums, American Psycho

You Were a Swan

You are a spiritual soul who sees into the future.
You are also good at interpreting dreams - those of yourself and others.

oh cool! lol

23 November 2006

today's another tennis day
played more and played better
i feel the adrenaline rush and its shiok
i didnt to seem that tired
thats good i guess (:

had yong tow foo at lucky plaza for lunch
it was good lahs!

and cos it started raining which forced us to stop our mixed doubles match -.-
we chionged cards in the class which was actually fun!
a kind of bonding indeed!
bridge is getting more fun!
michelle yifei and tommy are actually damn fun to play bridge with

rachel was going on about her "y'all" and her englang pronounciations and her angland slang
her england slang is actually good lah
and she sounds like hermione!!

well accompanied tasha to ntuc and we decided to hold a "cooking day"!
yeah man
go someone's house and just cook cook cook
and obviously eat after that lahs
and thay day is dedicated to tash cos she really seem to love cooking!
i gotta start thinking wad i can actually cook besides maggi mee omelete and suasages

im gonna rest
and decide if i shld go tmr!

do i look burnt?
yeah damn
i look burnt -.-
damn i look fat here!
but i like the background -.-


we gave him tits and cockk!!

yeah my homies!

love y'all
canoe canoe

22 November 2006

today was fun
gotta admit lahs

damn i went too early
i dunno why i didnt see apparently that trng started at 9 -.-
so i reached at 8
and micheal tan was starring at me

damn i played better than usual today

we had like 3 hrs of break
so i went monster with the guys
cos the girls wanted to eat seould garden and i had not enough money :s
anyways i rather spent it on pool than food

our bill was like 30 odd bucks lah
thats my most expensive pool bill to date?
i guess
not sure lah

damn my burnt is damn frigging pain
especially my shoulders
the pain only started to set in this morning
and i think i got darker from tennis
tmr also
thats good thats good
at least i look fitter!

21 November 2006

today was fun fun fun
really fun

met gerald shawn and olsen in the early morning
and left for sentosa!!!
goodness we reach siloso beach at like 9+?

played loads of volleyball
omg my cute hot orange board shorts guy!!
hes so cute please

tan swim tan swim

we buried gerald in sand
and we gave him a super standing d*ck and boobs

and we went to canoe!
damn shiok lah
we rented 2 single and 1 double canoe
and we were like swopping in the middle of the "sea"

and guess what
we met joshua neubronner there!

anyways im rather burnt now
my shoulders and face are burnt
not really serious though

but damn
theres trng tmr
dont wanna go
i wanna vivo

oh yeah
photos are with gerald
so wait wait

20 November 2006

take it slow
go with the flow
and then lay low

i bought my webcam
like finally
its 29 bucks and it rocks big time
muahaha (:
anyone want to webcam with me?

esp to:
(sorry if i missed out anyone)

im bloody bloody bloody happy for u guys
and i mean it (:

the past few days has been busy, busy looking for a job
this weeks gonna be rather busy too
beaching vivo-ing and chilling (?!)
oh yeah

im gonna chill COMPLETELY
and enjoy life
as much as possible
time flies too quickly
and soon i'll be a freaking j2 :(

alright gotta go
have to attend this wedding dinner
here i comeeeeeeeeee

19 November 2006

everytime things start to turn for the better
something else will happen
why the fuck is it always always always like that
why can't i just get what i want for the first freaking time in my freaking life
is it that hard to ask for?
oh god why are u like kidding around with me
i feel so horrible
like a hell lot of emotions stuck inside waiting to explode
yes i feel like exploding but i can't
it always at this time of the day the feeling is so strong
is it wrong to want?
then send me a sign
im tired, so tired, very tired
i just want to go home
to go home and find repost

if music be the food of love play on
give me excess of it, that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken and so die

in love with the idea of being in love?

O time, thou must entangle this not I
its too hard a knot for me to untie

taken from twelfth night if u happen to find it familiar, everything seems so familiar

things happen so fast and so quick
too fast that i did not have time to take a breather
and all of a sudden
things start to slow down
and my decision suddenly became clear
and i was sure
i am sure
i think i know what i want
though it may not be forever
at least its fine now
yes, its fine now

thank you people who really cared
and listen to me repeat the same things over and over again
and venting my stupid frustrations on you
especially shawn gerald and claire

18 November 2006

when your pass haunts you like a shadow, always there even in the dark, sometimes hitting you like a train in the face, its hard to stay sober and sane

i just need a chill

16 November 2006

oh yay.
im blogging again
i havent blogged about my waking up time today
its 2pm!!
damn im so piggified

olsen came over cos she finally finished SUPS
and we went to satisfy our chicken craving
okay it wasnt exactly satisfied
but it was better than NOTHING
but damn
aint not touching that for at least one more month man!

reduced the redness of the template cos of SOMEONE.

ciao all

that picture was meant to be today's post but since it turned out so fitting with this template
it shall be there for as long as i like it
so the point of this post is in that note

15 November 2006

why am i updating about my waking up time?
cos i dont get to do that during sch days
decided to wake up abit earlier today
rock right

i shall be busily typing to get my money today
no distractions!!

but it seems like a boring day

i woke up at 1.20pm today
its getting later lah!

thought i could stay home and type and get some money but i typed for barely 15 min and kangster called me out to acc take photos

well i had quite abit of fun i must say
it was rather interesting
wahlau he everything also take lah
and his camera is cool
ohkay fine im noob
but its cool lah

met gerald and shawn for prata after that
kua wan hornay sallymolly wrong came down for nothing cos she wanted to see kangster
but yeah

shawn and oyster came over to my pool after that
well i cant say house cos its the 1st time they didnt enter my house
we sat by the pool and chat
tsk tsk tsk

damn the photos I took were damn cool lah!
shall upload another day

off to bed
i dont think i should wake up at 1+pm again tmr

14 November 2006

how shiok is thati woke up at 1pm today!!
wanrong had a hard time calling me
anyways met them to apply for this job in ntuc income
its a data entry job
so we had to go for this typing test
hahaha so fun lah!
i typed 50 words per min
i hope i get the job at hq and not TAMPINES!!

was late in meeting kang
went to watch step up
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhso nice!!!
haha the leads are HOT lah
but i was freezing like mad as usual

well we had dinner at taka
shiok lah
so long nv eat takopachi and yakitori
he bought this chocolate crossant for me (:
oh yea
and today's the 1st time i tried chicken skin
OMGso guilty
i shall nv touch that ever again

kangster sent me home ater that (:

photos another day.

13 November 2006

oh yeah forgot to blog about this
i almost decided wad i wanted to do
and one freaking msg just melted me terribly
bloody hell
but i wished this dont happen to often
feels horrible man
really horrible

some bowling photos
damn i do not look pro

im the 119 okay!
im the 119!!!

12 November 2006

today's sibei slack lah
didnt do MUCH hw
but the fact that im doing hw comforts me

played pool
okay man
its holidays and its time to chiong pool again
but i cant afford to keep going monster
cos its actually a little bit more ex and elsewhere
its in town
okay, so maybe i shall frequent kpool
and mainly cos they play CHINESE songs there.
so i can sing along!

i dont know what kinda hols i have man
but it feels quite long alr although hols just started like last week?
no this week apparently

im sibei slack

ps: if you're reading this, im talking to you yet im missing you loads :D

10 November 2006

wanrong dont be sad
you can cheer up by reading my blog

check this out:
1) think of 15 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself and they gotta be true
2)come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun's sake keep them in the threshold of possibility
3) jumble all of them up and list them in any order
4) post in your blog and let people guess which are fake
5)get 5 others to do the same

1) i got fatter over the years
2) i think yanzi is super ugly but i just love her songs
3) im addicted to dying my hair
4) i love taiwan vareity shows
5) im crazy over princess hours
6) i think yida cant sing now
7) i want to get a tattoo
8) i dont like "happily ever after" stories
9) i think gays are disgusting, but lesbians are okay
10) the guy i like is in cj
11) i knew jieying before primary school
12) me and michele had a little rough friendship
13) i talk on the phone too much that the phone plug in my room burnt
14) i love st nicks alot
15) i love eating meat
16) my tennis suck more than my netball
17) i've never wore a thong before
18) i got a bikini chucked somewhere in my drawers cos i dont dare to wear
19) i got a bronze in swimming lessons
20) i cam-whore

good luck
its quite obvious though

and i choose..
yink, shukkun, anthea, noel and andrew

9 November 2006

op's finally over!!
down with all those essays and presentation!
i dunno if i did well but its over so i shall not think about it
anyways im too happy today to think about it

hanged out with wanrong yunxin and minzhen before meeting kang with wr and yx for a movie
all the timings were horrible so we ended up watching a good yea which ended up not bad afterall!
nicer than i expected actually
it was sweet (:
and it was sweet watching wtih someone sweet (:

i shall start doing a little holiday homework tmr
im gonna be the new age good girl man!
wish me luck

oh and i shall TRY once again to go on a diet
cos im afraid to get diabetic (pun intended, dont understand can ask me, i shall see if i wanna tell. lol)

8 November 2006

yunxin and wanrong are over
lol cos we couldnt decide wad to do
so we watched harry potter and played pool
and now watching princess hours -.-
cant wait for project superstar 2

ever since last night
after what he said
i've been so so soooooo happy (:
and every single word is engraved in my mind

7 November 2006

life is tonning down lately

went american club with anthea yesterday to tan swim and do everything there was there
the weather wasnt on our side lah
it rained and when it finally stop
we 2 look like some ppl desperate of the sun
after applying sun tan lotion for like 10-15 min
the sun went to hide again
so we wasted time and tanning lotion

but we went to swim and it was quite good
i didnt know american club's swimming pool was so deep lah
the diving area is like 2.7m deep
okay damn noob
but it was fun
we did swim properly okay!
but it was horrible w/o goggles

and the toilets are damn cool!
the door is damn liberal haha cos it has no lock and its nearly transparent
and it has soap shampoo hairspray mousse deodorant and hairdryer!!
damn how come i nv seem to step in the swimming pool toilet before

and then we chiong time crisis 2, pool, air hockey, pingpong and bowling
damn shiok sia!

thanks ant
yesterday was great
i had a great time (:

and i must mention yink cos she wants me to blog about her
your turn

6 November 2006

i dont want this to end
cos im loving this and i dont want it to end
not so soon
let it continue for as long as possible
cos this is the real you and me
and i love it (:

5 November 2006

i feel much better now
after a nice dinner with daddy and mummy
loads of good food and talking

maybe i was just tired and thinking too much afterall
but i cant help right
after all these and still going
i just hope its not turning bad
cos it really seemed positive

whatever that is
learn to relax and take things in your stride taa
its not everything

damn horrible lah
it was like a bad day for me yesterday

while going over to shawn's hse
i freaking fell down the bus
i was like rushing to get out of my seat and faster tap ezlink and get down cos everyone seemed like i was hogging the line
the next thing i knew my heels accidentally kick the bumpy like thing on the top stair and then i "flew" down
abit like i crashed my knee, knock my shin
my legs were like on the bus and on the road
and my hands were on the busstop curb
how graceful indeed
so embarrasing please
the whole bus stop was staring at me

but this nice couple from church came and help me up
and i thank god for that (:
and teacher julie, rocks lah
abit across the busstop shout "are you ohkay"
that added to my embarrasment

and now my knee hurts like fuck as well as my shin - it has a horrible bump and a blueblack
and random skin all over my hands and leg were scraped

and then we couldnt find the place we were supposed to go for the ac thing!
anyways after the ac drama thing (it was good btw)
not abit hard to find our way out from mohamad sultan
walk like damn faraway to city hall mrt
and i was constantly bugged by my great mother
not like im not tired enough
walk the whole day around the same places again and again
and by the time we reached city hall mrt
my heel's rubber thing at the bottom totally came off
so i couldnt walk properly

so tired
thank god my great father came to fetch me

and alongside
someone said he had a rubbish day too
but it cant be as bad as mine right

4 November 2006

photos from last night
well it doesnt feel like last night cos of today but anyways
the kang!

i waited with this girl for 2 1/2 hours at immigration just for her freaking passport
she only waited 1 hour for me at the mrt
who wins???
we're rather even

at dinner.
camera phones exist for a purpose!

edited in my phone ohkay!

2 November 2006

photos from the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards on sat (:

Andy Lau!!! He's actually quite hot lah. heehee

Pretty babe! yanzi :) (thats her 3rd outfit)

Fish Liang Jing Ru
Guang Liang
Yanzi! 2nd outfit. lv okay! i thought that was hot!

(i dont have a picture of her 1st outfit cos it was in red carpet, but it was also lv! oh my goodness)

typo error from last post and lazy to go there to edit
its *angry* by the way

i dont want to try uploading my gcma pictures cos im scared blogger will hang on me again. lol

theres chi As tmr and i cant wait for it to end
theres chi As tmr and i cant wait for it to end cos it means time is drawing nearer
theres chi As tmr and i cant wait for it to end cos it means time is drawing nearer to meet you (:

i dont understand what you're trying to say but be comforted that i'll be there when things gets rough

1 November 2006

and yet again im angey at blogger cos i cant uplaod my gcma pictures
another day i guess

i've found out something
and it seems quite positive
so im hoping for the best
i shall see how things develop and decide to blog later on

meanwhile, goodluck to all taking exams
and myself for chi As and pw oral presentation (:
im gonnna give the speech of my life