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25 February 2007

"hi welcome to chingay, how can i help? okay your seat is ... enjoy your show!!!"

chingay was good good GOOD
damn good
uh, maybe the post party

we didnt go to the floats display area and the hip hop area was pathetic
with like 2 big groups of breakdance showdown and a few random girls trying to look sexy
ewwww, nah not today

so we headed over to the RETRO area and it was a blast!!!
the songs they played was like hell great!
not all were retro lah, they also played stuff like lets get loud, she bangs and she bangs ( william hung's version!) and many more lah
so one group of us from cj ended up jumping like some mad ppl and it was so fun!

oh and jo should be there, haha, they played her mickie song

crap it was so fun!
but im damn bloody tired now
i dont know where am i going to find that little bit energy to study that little bit for CTs
hhahahaha, so screwed :D

i wanna go back to chingay next year!!!

20 February 2007

promiscuous @ dxo yesterday
was not bad, good infact
with a little small hiccups before the party started
but it was ohkay

i think i got pretty high
cos i roughly remember whats going on
and i think i did something that shocked the whole world
u all shut up okay, its not funny
but anyways since my memory is blurry
i shall heck it

well i sober quite quickly :D

lastly, BON VOYAGE shukkun!!!
hope u had fun yesterday
(i think u all had fun watching me making a fool out of myself, haha)
but anyways, see u soon alright! :D
and u'll get ur moeny back soon i promise. haha

from tmr onwards, carmelita is a good girl again (:

18 February 2007

(taken from brenda's blog)

Handwriting Analysis

The results of your analysis say:

You plan ahead, and are interested in beauty, design, outward appearance, and symmetry.
You are a person who thinks before acting, intelligent and thorough.
You are diplomatic, objective, and live in the present.
You are not very reserved, impatient, self-confident and fond of action.
You are self-confident and like to bring attention to yourself.

happy cny to all :D

new year overall has been fine
although i have been rather unlucky on the eve :S
i had been banging into ALOT of stuffs and the worse one was "kiapping" me poor last finger in the door while trying to close it
OUCH i tell u
teras almost burst out of my eyes
and now its red and swollen still
sadness :(

but other than that, cny is good
i happen to make my grandma super happy this year with all my wishes
haha how great
well it feels great making some one feel great

tmr's gonna be slack
just one house to visit and then its promiscuous at night
wheeee :D
until then, ciao (:

16 February 2007

today was one of those very little days where i never eat for 7 hours straight in the morning

cny in cj is not fun at all :s
lessons lesson lesson celebration concert lesson
oh and damn i almost failed chem cos i screwd up equilibria
haha but it was funny

so my very first meal was like at 2+pm
i think i had gastric
there was this horrible sharp pain on the left of my tummy
but anyways, i had one of the best oily chicken
the one at chinatown
highly supremely recommended ohkay! :D

cny is coming
ang pows ang pows!!

15 February 2007

valentines this year was a complete blast
one of the best ever! :D

i love everyone!! esp to 2T09
you guys are so so so great
everything is just a blessing in disguise and i thank god for having all of u as classmates (:

if u guys didnt happen to see the msg, this is it:
2T09!!! you guys are my unintended and forever will be! love, welfare (:

anyways, met up with shuk today! and a funny incident happened
we were queueing for bubble tea when this woman started starring at us
then she walked pass us and started scolding us in canto
shukkun regconised the word "say" which is like die in canto
she walked off and then walked back and shouted "SHIT" at us
we were like wtf lah
so i immediately replied,"go toilet shit lah"
and everyone choruses "BITCH"
wtf wtf wtf lah!

watched 'just follow law'
its quite good actually
and fann wong's eng improved ALOT (:

13 February 2007


since i prolly wont come online tmr so i wish u here now :D

treid updating a few times but blogger always kick me out

so i shall try to keep this short and sweet

its valentines tmr!!

happy valentines!!

especially to the ppl i love (:

3 February 2007

yay im finally receiving new songs
thanks filly (: hohoho

today has been rather slack
i used the word "rather" cos i wiped the tv console, so i cant say i did nothing
ohkay thats lame but yeah

practically im bored thats why im here blogging again :s

im nagged at everyday to get my work done and to study
hell its j2
but i dont feel the stress
im still taking things easy
and im planning to chiong only after cny, and maybe for common tests

and well i was given a warning not long ago if i screw up CT,
aint no more tv watching for me

but like what i always say, HECK IT
and the point of this post is:
im really quite free
and im not that tired anymore cos i had like 12 hours of sleep today
cheers to me (:

2 February 2007

haha chingay - kana sabo go on stage roleplay

this is for my churchies (:

it was supposed to be on our blog but i dunno why i cant get it up :S

happy birthday kianlong (:
and happy paktor-ing tmr. hohoho :D

tried to give him a surprise birthday celebration
but as usual annmarie pal ng must spoil everything
lousy welfare :D haha
but i still love you

this week has been another week of a whirlpool of emotions
seeing people around me going through different emotions make me feel it too
and as soon as i feel it, everything comes back to me
no no, im not giving in so easily
i must be firm, and stick to my decisions
dont be so softhearted or fickle minded
alright ta (:

well i passed my maths fa
dont know whether to be surprised or not but heck

to wanrong and annmarie:
even if the going gets even tougher
im always there
i may the smelliest and the biggest mouth ever
but i promise to be the bestest friend also
im on all ears and i'll always be there for u 2 ohkay?

ps: remind me if im NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ANYONE (:

valentines is coming
time to get all the presents for my loves :D

photos soon. promise