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30 May 2008
brown brown baby

yay new look!
i dont care if its damn ahbeng lah
you're only young once
more fanciful hairstyles to come in the following years :D

once again i got the bung look -.-
i guess its time to dress up! (:

27 May 2008

what an ugly promise


25 May 2008
a blog to heaven

heres the link if you cant see....

quite cool quite cool

you go googoogaagaa

a long sleep was what i need man

the sleepover at np wasnt exactly a sleepover
i was coughing like some mad dog
throughout the night
haha cos i was mouth itchy and ate alot of tidbits

so i was another zombie the next morning
and they didnt let me drink redbull!!!!
so i was on blood water and oxygen that morning
and great yaoxing must sabo me once again
banana dance bimbo cheer and PARA PARA!
oh well atleast it managed to wake ppl up

and hearts go out to the FR/mkting team
dont give up till the end ok
exco will support u guys all the way
we've really seen alot of progress
especially since the meeting day when almost everyone did was "shoot" you all
you guys are great :D

NDP EXCO is love :)

23 May 2008
burning now; BURN BURN BURN

back from another camp; bedok view
it aint too bade
infact the 2nd day was power to the max
we started so punctually!
7.33 am start morning exercise power not
class 3N7 was also power enough
to end campfire prep one hour in advance!

rafting ended up as beach activities but still damn shiok
high tide!
plus no psd!

welfare was good
they had like 19 packets of maggi mee??!!
and alot of cup noodles and chips and drinks
that we couldnt finish
stayed up in 7a talking and eating
xuan and i were the last 2 women awake!
we only slept at 5
but that nearly killed us
totally shag the next morning
actually can say later in the morning lol

after we break camp
almost all instructors, joined with a few from bedok view sec 2 camp
we headed down to tampines sec to support andrew for briefing
*hits heart and does the downwards-2 sign*
magnificant sia

that basically explains why i disappeared for quite a no of days

next coming up:
going to stayover at np later
theres 1st volunteer trng tmr!!!

and bloody hell
so many chingay emails leave me out :S

18 May 2008
Welcome To NDP 2008

well its just leaders' training actually
but it went quite smoothly
no major hiccups
no major problems

stayedover on friday at some ulu room
the rooms nice though
every table had a powerpoint
so we called it a "can charge alot of things at the same time" room

watched 'What Happens In Vegas'
and 'Iron Man'
well i didnt quite watch Iron man though
i went to sleep halfway through
apparently the log boys didnt sleep the whole night
this is because they are also called the PSP Boys
so u get it
the room was freezing like mad, LIKE MAD
my sleeping bag wasnt powerful enough to block off the cold air
i had to wear my jacket inside, tighten all the strings
and i was still shivering

and i had a hard time waking up apparently
so bad that almost everyone tried and unsuccessful haha
until they had to blast the national anthem, play the trumpet, and bring out the MOTHER of all loud hailers, right in front of my head
woke up with a super stoned condition

so then we headed to the LT where we had our trng
it started on time
ice breakers ended up as a massive session of whacko
and then everyone started forfeiting and soboing everyone
but somehow the final victim was ME
i shant mentioned what i had to do or did
cos its really quite embarrassing
until photos and videos come up
but thanks to me! my forfiets somehow broke all the ice yeah!
yay for me :D haha
and during the teambonding games,
yaoxing and I started a cheer war
which is actually quite high!
group 4 rocks! group 4 zai!
but please stay like that until NDP itself ok? (:


camping next tues to thurs
stayin over on fri till sat
just in case you're interested in asking me out

16 May 2008
fucking cheebye

wahlau i ji tao sian can
i dont believe my eyes lah
i fucking failed my fucking basic theory a-fucking-gain

like that must wait how long sia
from decemeber to febuary
from febuary to may
basket now may to july
for fucking BASIC THEORY

wahlau im like a major loser la
go in uni already still dont know how to drive
and my marrderr keep saying ITS FATED

knn lah arghhhhhh
damn frustrating lah
total i take 4 (2 trial 2 read test), i fail 3 times


im damn tired
once again im lacking of sleep

serangoon camp wasnt very good
put it bluntly it was CUI
wth sia, campers all bo chup
campfire like sai
even with zhongwen around still cui
means really CUI.
quite demoralising ah

rafting session,
3 boys tying ropes, 1 girl "playing" with the barrels
the others, which is like 12 people, all in the shelter
4 girls fell asleep
student leader also sitting inside tiam tiam slacking all the way

no ice breakers, hardly any team bonding
no flag creation, first thing they did was CRC wth man

however there were still fun stuff lah
nature rumble was actually good
especially the HORNET ATTACK!
kena saboed like mad
yay i like zhongwen's method of conducting
i shall learn from him

OMG finally got to kayak in JBAC
wahlau if not other times always rain or not enough time
and we kayaked pretty far away, Shiok!

and joshua and i were finally in the same camp together!
although he wasnt an instructor
stupid boat man go around "vroom vroom vroom"
if not flirt with campers
if not sit in front of rockwall and slack slack, walk here walk there

but still..

for taking over from area cleaning onwards :D
must tell me the result of my CV ok

13 May 2008
they want me

first things first
didnt really have a good day today

i fucked my FASS interview up
and when i mean fuck, i really me FUCK
i said things that put myself down
and the more i say, the worse it got
until the "what the fuck" look appeared on their faces

damn it i fucking hate politics
the only reason why i want to get into FASS because
i kinda realised business is not my kind after all
all in all, its fucked for now
until i receive a letter that starts with A

next up
i failed my bsic trial test
fuck la
how long must i take to pass this stupid test
by the time i ever get to drive
people are probably driving spaceships alr -.-

however a bowl of ba chor mee made me happy
with extra vinegar
but a stupid %1.50 ice milo killed my joy
went arcade to try to make myself happier
favourite machine
i accidentally tapped my card twice, it deducted 2 credits
i pressed the wrong thing
failed at 2nd and 1st stage respectively

dragged myself to office
and was super sleepy
huiwen and i both fell asleep
and found out a huge secret for now
which i cannot reveal and its killing me already

i do sound pretty fucked dont i?
please try to make me happy
im like almost totally drained
thank you, friend

10 May 2008
it goes way back to 1998

facebook is the coolest shit alive
well in my life, for today lol

I found my primary school favourite netball teacher/coach
and then i found her good friend who was like our..nvm
well she taught me geography in sec 3


yes im talking about ms chee and ms ng
wahlau eh stunn sia!
and they really look like they're having a good life
hahaha thats good thats good
i was like dozing off until i saw the name somewhere at the bottom of my screen

speaking of dozing off
im tired. again
interviews are extended to tuesday O.O
well monday is my big day actually
big busy day;
nus interview in the morning (BLOODY 10am, means wake up 8am)
theory trial test
and then more interviews to the end of the day

let me tell you a "joke"
well it made ppl laugh at least:
i'll always be punctual, or even early
say it fast?

HAHA. laugh

6 May 2008

Please do LOL

did you manage to see anything wrong?
check PIONT huhhhhhh
hahaahaha wahlau eh
embarrassing sial :S

anyways ndp's getting abit crazy haha
i just did like 4 hours of non stop calling
trying to get ppl slotted in for interviews
and interviews has been going on everyday
(gosh if i went everyday i'll be :S:S:S)

people are so interesting to watch, seriously
maybe its a good thing that we did agree on interviewing everybody
at least quality check's there :D

soon soon soon!
this sat got games trial
then got recce
then got leaders trng yay (:
cannot wait!

hate politics
hate hate politics

1 May 2008

worriedz worzzz
more and more ppl are getting accepted into uni worzzz
sian i hope i can get into a decent course at least

but even if i were to look back
i dont wish that i'd study harder
infact i did study really hard before the exams
at least the hardest in my entire life lah
its just...
dont know what happen during the exams
ok this is actually applicable to maths and econs only la
shit man
each time i tell someone my results, i'd wish i did get my A and B
if only i could get my paper back and see what went wrong
yet again, if i missed A by a mark or two
i'll go bonkers
ok forget it, i take back what i said

aiya no use thinking like that
now can only wait like an idiot

meanwhile, havent really went back to bummers life yet
because of interviews -.-
its not really the interviews that are tiring
its travelling to np haha
its so damn bloody far la
and so out of the way
i seirously hate bt timah area
who cares if its rich or not
yishuns da homez manz

and guess what?!
i think my sorethroat is cured after singing a massive 5 hours yesterday with weiqi
gee its been a year since i last met her
yea its cool

and i see girls suffering the aftermaths of camps
i miss it too actually :S