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29 July 2010

updates updates!

first things first i cannot believe how fast 3 months went past just like that
if i did a detail search in this blog, it would probably appear like a million times
how fast time flies. gah
thats life for you

so 2 months of working life in a theme park came to an end pretty abruptly thanks to the accident
we left martha's and headed out to different parts of the USA to tour and travel
farewells were never easy, and we all knew that things would never be the same again
but then again, its another precious memory to keep
so if any of my work and travel buddies ever chance upon my humble blog, please do know that you guys are very much loved :)

so first stop was Washington DC, the capital state of USA
firstly, i had to get use to living with 2 boys (omgzzzzzz i tell u)
secondly, the hostel was weirdly cui yet okay
and lastly, it was FREAKING BORING
everyday we'd take the metro to some monument, museum, memorial or statue
and thats basically DC for you

moving on...

headed down to much anticipated Orlando to meet fer, hannah, dewi, tricia & edelyn
basically the bulk of the girls
apartment was messily cosy :D
first day spent shopping at outlet which probably costed me all of my money
all my credit and debit cards were wiped out to the max, in polo ralph somemore
i had to pull out my last 100 dollar bill to make my purchase (zomgz so paiseh)
and then it was 4 massive days, or maybe 3, in theme parks!
universal studios and disney made me a very happy but tired girl :D
and then again time passed too fast and the themepark entourage ended :(

the 3 lonely souls flew up to san francisco
but to a very awesome hostel, called hostelling international
i highly recommend it!
san frans was a short stay but a pretty productive one
with awesome asian food (vietnam and thai)
however, at this point of time
am getting alittle bit tired of city hopping
cos most of the time, you visit a city, find out public transport, visit their main attractions and icons, shop a little bit, visit chinatown
and thats about it, for a 3 days itinery

here comes the best part.
unknowingly, we boarded the bus rid eof our lives
a 15 HOUR BUS JOURNEY from San Fran to Vegas

and here i am now in vegas, feeling leftover and tired from the bus journey
and not very much excited cos i was here one year ago...
and im short of 1 month to gamble, so FML once again :S

more excited for LA, to see the beaches and chill a little bit more
and come to think of it, this is my 3rd official last day in the USA
im 8 days away from home...woah

what a 3 month summer holiday indeed

7 July 2010

while waiting for the toilet, i might just use this chance to blog hehe

updates updates
good news is im recovering well
everyones hearts open big big for us the past few days
roomie's chicken porridge was superbly awesome
been eating alot of pizzas (cos the rest cant cook LOL)
been sleeping alot, but now that im off painkillers, i don't nap anymore
they say the painkillers make me look like a druggie
getting a little bit more bored now that im awake so much, but cant go anywhere. sigh
i've been watching so much disney that i seem to have watched all the repeats a few times even.
the rest left for niagara falls sigh sigh sigh
feels like a bitch that im so near yet so far
i cant go to the fall cos of my fall...
oh wells, lets hope the falls will continue to fall until i see them lol

meanwhile i think my sores are getting better (also since that im sleeping less)
the bumps on my head, wait they arent bumps, they're just pain spots
anyways they seem to be getting better
less headaches by the day yay!
my scratches are itching, which mean they're healing
the swell on my ankle is ermmmmmmmmm taking abit longer to go down
but yes im alive and kicking
i even managed to shop a little bit yesterday
oh and i caught TWILIGHT!!!!
hot vampires ftw :D

meanwhile, thanks for all the cares and concerns i've been showered with
at least it reduces a little bit of my homesickness (:

2 July 2010

what a summer, indeed
currently, i am one-quarter bedridden all thanks to the accident last night
for memories sake i should totally blog this down...

On the way back home when our car flipped..
yeah FLIPPED. two times 360 degrees
and we landed upside down
with a last burst of effort i managed to crawl out on my own
grass had never feel more comfortable than that

with loads of screaming and movement going on
i laid there motionless
it felt like forever before help came to us
with groggy mind and blurry vision, i totally gave myself in to the angels of rescue
they rolled me here, toss me there, lifted me up, strapped me up
a sense of relieve came when it felt like i was pushed into the ambulance
hell no, torture just started...

i was flooded with questions, mostly which are "what is your first, last name", "when is your birthday", probably by almost every single person in that vehicle
i was strapped in so tightly, i couldnt move my feet, body, shoulders, neck, forehead
and the oxygen mask was cutting into my face
some guy left ice on my forehead almost the whole journey, which totally did not help

like finally, i reached the hospital
it really did feel like what you see in those drama shows
as they rolled you along, you see passing lights, moving heads and hear much noises
when they finally moved me to the bed, all i felt was pain pain and more pain
people were all over my body
they cut up my shirt and bra, stuck things all over my body
poked needles and tied bands
my head and eyes were so bad i couldnt open my eyes for a few hours
i was puking and bleeding and totally full of grass
goodness i felt so bad for the hospital staff

i went for like a million xrays and scan, including MRI
which was not funny cos i kept wanting to puke but i had to remain bloody still
finally, they told me what was wrong with me:
I had 2 bumps on my forehead (which feels mushy), a broken bone somewhere behind my eye, sprained right ankle, loads of scratches and badly bruised shoulders, back and legs
i couldnt even lift my left leg, felt so bloody useless
and i was wheelchaired around

and then they discharged me.
which was another hell
cos all i did next was sat next to ruide in my stupid wheelchair and watch him snore for like 5,6 hours
trying desperately to call for help at the great escape but no one picked up my calls
felt like shit hopeless
finally a doctor introduced me to a social worker who helped me call and arranged me to be fetched because rd had to stay in the hosp.
i felt like i waited forever
when ethel and a maintenance guy appeared, i totally sobbed
a sense of relieve, help, familiarity and all...
and i finally was on my way home..........

thank you God for being with us through these hard times
thank you for keeping us safe and sound
thank you for every single thing.