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29 April 2006

lifes rather stagnant lately
its school tennis and sneak outs.
rather boring but i thought i'd upload some pics taken in island creamery with the tenis peeps

23 April 2006

oh goodness
i just completed my PI draft one AGAIN
i decided to cahnge topic cos i really get to SHIT out of traditions
so im swtiching to momentum
and im starting to like my topic actually
its quite cool wad
wheelchair sports.
wahooo !!!!
but i think i'll still fail lah
afterall PI only one small section of the marks

oh wells..

21 April 2006

tennis nats are on lately
we just won acs'intl today
yay =)
and its the 1st sch we won
and mainly cos they decided to sent their sec sch players over
also dunno wads wrong with them
as for the other matches
sr - lost, raffles - TRASHED
uh, 3-2 and 5-0 respectively
like omg lah
how could we lose to sr
have i bloged about this ?
oh wells

anyways i love my tennis pals loads =)
and we're like alr planning bout nxt yr when this yr is like barely halfway thru lah
and we came up with
team skirt (we will order DAMN early)
team tennis bag
same nike bands
omg lah
i dun believe this
but sounds fun yea

da chang jin is showing on my tv now
if its gonna be like 200 episodes long
its gonna last for like a few mths rite
means tt "HEY YA" song will be stuck lah

okay yea back to tennis pals
we went for 'dinner' today
and we had sucha great time talking bout sch, lectures and sec sch
and i realised lectures actually have alot of fun stuff to do
esp to disturb and prank others
we talked about the note passing that says smth like "footprints on the ceiling"
or if u want a more real one, then its "butterfly on the ceiling"
and ppl really got fooled
esp mz
and then everyone looks up
yea and we talked abit loud lah

oh oh
i was telling tash and michelle on our way to the mrt bout angela teh saying that "teachers who go into teaching single will either remain single or marry a colleague"
cos michelle didnt catch it the 1st time round, i repeated again
and then this woman who was trying to cut my path suddenly turned around, pointed to me and say "thats true"
omg! i was like super freaked lah
so embarassing goodness
and maybe she was a teacher
guessed i voiced out her problem

16 April 2006

happy easter to all
i had my chicken alr
not fantastic
here comes the pool
this is the big one :D

14 April 2006

oh boy
good friday today
so freaking sleepy can
last nite went church visiting with the jnr cats
end up only THEY came my hse
well we started off at blessed sacrement
we nearly missed the stop lah
okay actually we missed the stop
i was talking to andrew then suddenly from the corner of the window i saw "blessed sacrement"
and i found it damn familiar
then i realsied omg tt is the church we're going to
damn funny lah
then we woke brenda up and all of us became so nervous
but its a good thing
dun need to cross overhead bridge
so we went for the service there and then to sacred heart, st stevens, OLPS, holy trinity and st annes
by the time we got back it was like 1 alr

everyone was like super sleepy
so gerald and angie took the sofa
andrew had the computer and the mattress
aunty and i sleep inthe room
shiok shiok
we must be REALLY SLEEPY
we didnt even hear the alarm ring lah
and when we woke up it was alr off

it feels like sunday today
it doesnt feel like good friday
but in anyway
easter hurry come!!!
oh my chickens and pool
hurry come my way!!!

9 April 2006

gosh the week past damn fast lah
in a blink of an eye its monday again
sigh sigh sigh
anyways i hada rather good and funny day today
had jnr cats retreat
ALL of us waited for gerald for 20 min
next time better tell him come 30 min earlier lah
at least my 10 min plan worked for shawn and angie
and we pulled a quick one on edmund by replying him the same thing
damn funny
and when we reach there we couldnt see him but he could see us
damn spy lahs
then he say look at this man tt lady this car tt van
anyways the retreat was okay
but somehow there will always be a point of time when ur eyes get really droopy
okay besides tt it was rather interesting
at least we gotta experience wad passover meal is like
yea tt was cool
and we gotta drink WINE
tt was the best part lahs
food was okay though it was BREAD day today
breakfast bread
lunch pizza aka bread
then passover and mass got the unleavened bread
wad sia
i had fun making twists
apple mix pepsi is nice OKAY!!!
im gonna do tt more often
and we had loads of time to take photo but im lazy to slowly click so heres the photo of the day:

yea the clique =)
everyone's got it as wallpaper :D

8 April 2006

did cip with the tennis team today
we went to this black of flats at toa payoh to help clean those one room flats
the only bad thing was that it was INVESTED with cockroaches
like really a hell lot lah
we sat at the "meeting" area and in like 10 min there were like more than 5 roaches alr lahs
i was screaming like mad
and i got told off =s
cos we were too loud
so we decided to go to the coffee shop
ohs lah
drink halfway ben tan called
not abit rush back
aiya damn tired
wei i hands aching like shit also help to clean lah!
im so niceeeeee :D
here are some photos taken during free time
( yea u can see how free we were)

yifei!!! she's the prettiest china girl i've ever met seriously =)

yeah the alliance. shhhhh ( clara tasha yifei and ME )

check out my neck. wahooo

i look spastic here but i just had to upload this cos yifei looks so freaking cool please *faints

alliance minus one

check out the following background lah.

so naturally cool! wahahah :)


that is wad i call cool


okay this is spastic too. but i jsut like the background taken in black and white :D

anyways i had chinese tuition today.


u get wad i mean

7 April 2006

goodness im aching like MADDD.
those 60 dips and 60 pushups from pe nearly killed me
our hands were all trembling terribly
eyerrrr. i hate mass pe
i cant wait for napfa to hurry up be done and over with
i dun give a fuck bout my timing alr lah
i only ran twice this year lah
once slow cos my ankle was screwed and another was time trail
my whole body is aching
i dunno how those odac or canoe ppl survive for goodness sake
and i think doing those grandstands screwed my knee
if i go to the sinseh now
he'll prolly poke holes and draw blood from my knees again lah
then how to run 2.4 on mon (or wed)
wahlau i dun want to run another day lah!
the torture goes on..

i feel so accomplished.
i finish my PI and gp essay on time
but i didnt do my chem and econs
and omg
geog is so hard lah
at least for me
i dunno a single shit about wad plate tectonics
the best thing is i keep spelling "tectonics" and "tecHtonics"
the tests are coming in alr lah
next week got chem and geog

tennis is okay
the tennis ppl are fun infact
well, they were mean to kick out 4 ppl but oh well
the wall was flooded anyway
if anyone reads this no offence okay
tmr got cip with them
to go and clean ahpek and ahma's hses in tpy
someone teach me how to speak some dialect now pls!!!

2 April 2006

so the party wasnt that bad
infact it was better than expected
wad a pity
if i didnt have my period
i would go stright down into the pool
her hse is seriously seriously seriously BIG
change it to huge, gigantic, gagartuan!!
like totally OMG
and so had played truth or dare while playing un stacko
they seriously came up with weird dares
at least mine was ohkay
we didnt watch brokeback mountain
i admit i was high okay
like come on!
wad is a party w/o alcohol
i only drink like less than 2 cups lah
ya ya ya
i wasnt DRUNK okay
but i think i scared he hell out of nehneh
he kept "okay are u sure ur okay?"
i was seh-ded
and tt feeling was good actually
u just say wad u want and do wadever u felt like doing at tt instant
thank god certain things didnt come out of my mouth

me shawn and gerald helped out with the cat class today
i didnt know they were THAT ROWDY
we were like tt?
i cant even remember lah
it wasnt tt bad rite?
i just dunno wad to say about the ppl i saw today
im quite terrified actually

oh yea
i finally satisfied my craving for pasta
shiok shiok!!!
go try the prawn and fish roe pasta!

1 April 2006

okay i dunno why the photos are like tt but yea
the newspaper sculpture was creative thinking lesson and my group won =)
the next 2 are someuno stacko fetish going in my class lately, though me and annmaire played it in mosburger
it was like damn embarassing when it collapsed lah

i had a weird dream last nite
but thinking about it twice maybe its not weird afterall
its wad i hope for deep down i guess
i dreamt tt i met up with yink mich and doos
and we were having a damn good time taking loads and loads of neoprints
i so miss the times when we hanged out
its so diff now
everyone got their new lives and new friends
and it seems like im the only one that misses the past
i dunno whybut if anyone one of u reads this
i really want to say i miss u all alot
pls dun forget me

class party later
seriously dunno how its gonna turn out
it will either make our class more bonded
if not, its THE END

my new friends all dun seem true
they seem like just ppl where u go to sch
hang out with
then thats it
sometimes i really dunno whether to trust them or not
its like there a shiled in front of everyone
u just cant let loose
sometimes they seem like they care
after awhile, they just go off with some other friends
who knows if they're backstabbing or gossiping bout u
i guess im just still praying for smth to happen to really change my classs
god pls tell me wad to do
im really lost
i feel super lost