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29 March 2010

the relieve you get when you submit assignments :D

eh no, i dont take photo of all of them okay
just some special ones (like advertising..)

this assignment is pretty enough to deserve a photo, no?

aye aye aye
its the hell season for uni students
(oh freak, i dunno why i stun awhile when i said UNI)
but anyways, as i was saying
you know its hell season when
the library gets crowded
you can't find any powerpoint for long periods of time
almost everyone is on their laptops
when u peek at laptops all you see is either word doc, powerpoint or online journals

HAHAHAHAHA. its so amazing

few things to look forward to!
2 star course in april
gugu's birthday lunch at gyu kaku
universal studious after exams
and.... (fanfare please)

US-FREAKING-A ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

24 March 2010

two important birthdays in the month or march!

23 March
fond memories of good dinners + lectures + advertising campaign + nm soc room nuahing + AMIT CONCERT :)
oh wait, got new one..


you need to find a year that you spend your ACTUAL birthday in singapore
sigh, we haven't really celebrated in like 5 years?

okay though abit long ago I still hope you like your little scrapbook
it was a nightmare fun doing it LOL

aye chubi you know how much i love you
hurry come back to your zouk routine, more drama is due!

ppps: photos a little bit cui cos im blogging from my laptop hehe

16 March 2010

I Love Swimming!!!

lol i just had to declare that

cos while swimming today, i realised i really do love swimming haha leisurely that is. I love it how i go up and down my small little pool and have all my thoughts to myself as i blow bubbles, lift my arms and kick with my legs. i love it how songs stay in my head and give me the beat to swim. And then i'll look around for people to things to entertain me as i continue going up and down so i dont get too bored. Avoiding kids that are playing, jumping and splashing around.

wooh i feel tiredly refreshed
and then theres this love hate relationship with chlorine water
especially what if does to my hair -.-
and the sleepy and hot feeling after that

yes yes i do love swimming

hmm, i love water!

14 March 2010

MR ROCK!!!!!!
made me fell in love with him deeper woohoo

you must really love his sense of humour
thats one thing deeply etched in my mind right now...
below is a picture of how he decided to have a live size cut out in replace of him talking
oh, his speech was recorded for a full 2 minutes hahahaha
so funny!
wooooh so humsum :D:D:D
well the rest of the photos and concert description in facebook already!!!

my first few youtube uploads! hehe
go ahead, watch them
you know you want to....... :D:D:D

oh in the below video, we was roller-blading and singing..... hahahaha

7 March 2010


the place of escapism, of indulgence in the dark and the sinful
not exactly the best place to be for the supposed good catholic girl
and yet i cant escape the clutches of wanting to be there
for a good time of "sin"

i dont know man there are too many aspects to look at it
i cant deny i like it, enjoy it, and want somemore
but i suppose a month's saturday nights spent at zouk is more than enough, well at least for this semester..
i will believe that absence makes the heart fonder
with that i announce that i shall stop going to zouk until all major deadlines and papers are over

(well with the exception of special events hehehehe)

on a seriousER note, this week is mini hell week for me
an essay deadline and a midterm both falling on thurs
please wish me luck...
must stop bumming around and work abit the next 3 days

speaking of which i told myself to do some work today and all i did till now was to stare at this stupid computer screen. sigh
why am i sucha bum

the best thing that just happen? my mom just offered me a glass of sparkling wine
im off to the floating world again...........

4 March 2010

i secretly want to be part of zhao ji xing guang da dao
wait, maybe its not so secret

well its looks fun.. you get a taste of stardom.. you get to meet famous people.. you get to sing in front of an audience...
naye, fat hope man. you watch too much tv

get back to reality

ps: 666 posts! technically this is 667... woah