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26 April 2007

haha im on tv!!
did u seeeeeeeeee

just a little short post

TAA is going overseas!
actually its just m'sia
and its survival tinggi
so u better hope i survive if not theres no more taa :(

will be back on tues!


shall update in detail SOON.

ciao yo! :D

18 April 2007

taa is online!!
no one's home, there you go

and enough! no more!
taa aint no designing anymore class tee
design reject design reject
think so easy u do yourself
but im quite happy with this:

that is if no one rejects it this time

meanwhile, taa has been couping herself in her room
forcin herself do hw for the past 2 days
and i think at this rate
i'll really go bonkers
cos all i see is 2 walls and hear music nonstop

hiho to the new life

14 April 2007

star movies is showing jumanji
or at least it just screened finish
and i watched it!!
i remember last time when ch 5 showed it when i was like rather young i didnt dare to watch
hahaha, cos it was scary
well its quite exciting!
and im glad i watched it

ptm today
uh uh, no good
im thereby declaring im gonna be lifeless and seldomly online or on tv
so bid me farewell :S
i'll update as often as i can man

13 April 2007

havent been here for awhile
but anyways not many ppl come here beside my few regulars, i know who u are
but u guys dont tag!
wadever lah
i shall blog for my own remembrance

anyways we won nj today! yay (:
much much much better than expected lah
but i think they didnt put in their best players?
whatever, we WON

ptm tmr
oh wow
we're gonna hear the same stuffs again
"carmelita needs to put in more effort in her work, she needs to revise more and hand in her work on time, she needs to pay more attention, talk less"... BLAH BLAH BLAH
they're always the same
i know
but u really cant change a leopard's spots can u

well im still sick
but i finished my 2.4 WOW!
with like a timing thats like the best in the past 3 years
that was an accomplishment :D

to those who are still sick like kua fat face, get well soon
and PAL, u played well today :D

10 April 2007

check it out yo!!! hahaha


i think i fell sick cos i was too high the past few days :D
anyways on mc for the 2nd day and i know im missing alot in school
oh wells

was just reading forum and everyone is still so high and excited
haha i like that feeling
feels good
all the thanks here and there
its like for one moment, all the politics are just thrown one side cos our dearest aunty ahzi comes first (:

can't wait for more stuff after she finish promo in tw, mainland, msia!

a brief writeup on how i spent my weekends:

thurs: maundy thurs mass and then adoration
fri: good fri mass at st joseph, we went super early and sat for like 7 hours in total
sat: tuition, then to mediacorp! woot! and thanks olsen for acc me during supper
sun: CHINESE MASS at christ the king :s and then down to clarke quay!!!

and then i fell sick
but its worth :D

8 April 2007

oh my tian im so happy :D
yanzi's as pretty as ever
well saw her last night at mediacorp too (:
went for the superstar show filming
so we'll all be on teeveeeee!!

it was good today
yanzi was happy
we were happy
and had flying ksises again (:

picture of the day

check out the "fan club area"

4 April 2007

i met shukkun today!!! yay :D
shes back AGAIN
feels like she hasnt been gone
thats good (:

hope u liked ur present shukkun!!
great minds think alike yeah!

went suki and unexpextedly had buffet
we were like, uh okay i was like
i want this this this this this
that that that that that
and literally like that
and it took so long to come! hmphhh

we walked to cine and i saw cai min you!
this new taiwanese singer
my he's quite cute!
even shukkun thought so!

yeah we had a good time walking and talking
well the main point is that we had a good time catching up
feels good yeah


2 April 2007

well its only towards the end of the day :S

okay guess what
its napfa 5 items today
first station shuttle run, just as i was abt to cross the finishing line, i slipped and flew
and i flew exactly how superwoman wld fly
so my arms and legs both scrap the rough rough floor
and i have 6 bruises and a screwed knee in total
how nice right
and that was the first station
but it was RATHER good lah cos it gave me the adrenaline to actually do 7 inclines and get a silver!

and then guess what
my freaking jump was 161!!!
damn it 2 cm to pass
me and wanrong lah
so we jump jump jump jump jump jump jump jump
and then i got 167 and she got 164!!! so happy lah omg
like the happiest napfa of our lives

okay nvm went to amk to eat with olsen
took 853 home and then GUESS WHAT
theres this middle aged yalam woman with her son, playing some portable tv cum vcfd player making so much noise (yalam songs)
and then this freaking mat started playing some frekaing video on his phone
and the freaking vid had like so many girls screaming and cheering
and then this 4 yalam girls came in
2 were a lesbian couple and they were like touching touching
the toher two sat behind me and started singing yalam songs
and thats not the end
this late 40s, 50 woman in front of me had her freaking hp ringing to the tune of "cant get you outta my head"
and its those mono ringtone
and it kept ringing omg she refused to pick it up!
so it like rang from khatib to yishun
until the freaking underpass i still can hear lah!

tell me why i shldnt dislike yalams
oh but i still love my yalam tom lah :D
he's an exception

1 April 2007


i only remembered when keefeee tried to fool me

and so i tried to fool the following ppl

nicole: i said smth like me and olsen had smth in church and holy spirit involved
damn it must be olsen's msg she wasnt exactly fooled
nvm nvm

olsen: i told her im pangsehing her cos im going out with * and that we're attached
her reaction: wtf! pangseh her, zhong se qing you

janan: i told him i like him
his reaction: oh my tian immediately know, so i thought keep insisting maybe still can. but he keep "you april fooling me right" oh well so sigh, didnt work

wanrong: i told her that im atached to * too
her reaction: the best of all. hahahaha "so you mean he knows u like him and that he ask you! why now then tell me!!!" hahahaha it was soooo funny
esp after i told her its april fool's

oh wells
i hope u guys had fun today too :D

oh my tian
i think amadea is the cause of all weird things we've been seeing lah
or maybe it me
to like patch up for our horrible history boys

haha went out with aye ghee threeeeee yesterday (:
to boon's gig
but we ended up sitting at pastamania the whole day tlaking and gossiping

and we took a neoprint!
that could be infared toour phone
now how cool is that man!

anyways about our good show
first when we reached duxton hill this group of "mud" (haha) started shouting
and tabby got scared

then as we were leaving duxton hill, this group of ahebngs started shouting
so we detoured

at maxwell, this weird abit old man kept starring at us
so we went to the middle lane
the seats were like fixed so one of us had no seat
we wanted to borrow from the fishabll aunty but she so giam oh my tian
must buy fishball soup then can lend the stupid stool
we bought like 12 bucks worth of hokkien mee, biggest carrot cake, 5 bucks oyster and many cups of sugar cane. SHIOK SHIOK!
but thats not the point

as we were leaving maxwell,
we saw this old middle aged mad man peeing into the grass at the side
and great amadea can still comment "why his piss like host can shoot so far"
hahaha WTF!!!

but we all had fun lah
and kudos to boon!
he's really a great drummer! :D
i love my ayeeee gheeeee