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30 September 2010

im excited.
im excited at how excited i am about my new found passion.

i really love theatre. despite realising that what i know is pathetically little, and my interpretation skills arent exactly the best.

i like the working process, alot.

i like how we all started with nothing and in this short span of time came up with such awesome and thick material, though it stills looks murky now.

i love fooling around in the space, feeling stupid, yet making people laugh.
yes, i love the attention.

its a little surprising for me really, i didnt expect myself to like it that much.
to even consider going in to the art scene when i graduate. and i am seriously considering that.

but right now, im gonna grab all opportunity that comes my way. Nothing is gonna stop me, nothing.

Next up, praxis production and hall production.
Lets go!

14 September 2010

i know how stupidly childish this whole shit can sound but...
its not exactly like how i want to happen!

wait no, i dont think i want this to happen?

great im in doubt with my own self......

this is so stupid
so pathetic, so miserable

yet so wanting it to happen.

8 September 2010

so many people have been telling me, rather asking me why am I so emo lately
and my response would always be, "why you also say that"
goodness i'd probably lost count how many people had asked/commented that I am emo
i dont know if i should be happy at the fact that people are concerned or irritated by the fact that I'm labelled as emo

so whats the big fat deal?

personally i hate the word emo. i hate being called emo. i hate supposedly feeling emo, and i totally hate it when people around me are emo
theres just too much negativity in the word EMO and i just dont like it

if i had to give some form of explanation, i'd prefer to say I've been thinking a alot, yes there are good thoughts, there are awesome memories, there are not so good ones, disappointing ones, scary ones and definitely unfulfilled ones. For me, my me-time is usually spent in weird thoughts. Okay not exactly weird per se but your mind really does wander, and sometimes it gets pretty far off aint it?

I could say Im aware of such thoughts. I could even attribute some of them to all that theatre i've been up to lately. All those thought-provoking stuff, really does provoke doesnt it?

Well then could it be the choice of words? well if it is, teach me how to put my thought across without souding too emo. how possible?

How many of you would even comment on the emoness of this little blog post I got suddenly inspired to write about?

Its not emo, its really just wild thoughts. Thoughts that might sound a little bit more serious than the usual bubbly me. Thoughts with emotions, but just not emo.