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29 June 2009


have u seen a nicer car interior than these????

they are not from pimp my ride okay
the are real
omg omg omg

27 June 2009

Holiday Destination 2: USA!

overall it was fine
shopping was awesome, theme parks and rides were awesome
food was.. initially not so good but eventually became better heh

less words more pictures, lets go!

Day 1 Anaheim
Long haul flights suck big time :S
we cui and seh and cui and seh somemore
so it was just some R&R shopping and looking around

Day 2 Left for Vegas
awesome huh hhahahaha
the famous fountain
chubi and kkbz's heaven, seriously

next day, GRAND CANYON

zomg zomg my virgin helicopter ride! so cool
the view of west canyon from the bottom (colorado lake)

view from the center
view from the top!
notice our helicopter was slanted - the diving down part was FAWESOME

left vegas, headed back to anaheim and then HOLLYWOOD!
universal studios
best director???!!!
loads and loads of awesome cars!
this baby's from 2 fast 2 furious
a freaking long limo parked beside my coach
hey mr bean was there too!
last 2 days were spent at disney - disneyland and disney california adventure park

paradise pier: my paradise
left: rollercoaster
middle" some swinging capsule ferris wheel
right: some shoot up and drop down ride heh
ahhhh disneyland
my second in a month
inevitable comparisons here and there

above: Japan
below: USA

turkey leg
above: japan's one is smaller, much smaller
below: US zomg freaking biggggggggg

mickey sandwich icecream
above: japan - bigger in size
below: US - smaller but more chocolatey, nicer

above: US autopia's driving license, bigger courseway
below: Japan's version called Grand Circuit Raceway, smaller course, more children friendly and no license heh

the trademark castle!
above: japan's, super tall, grand and pretty
below: US abit short, much less of what i expected, but still pretty nontheless
and the day never fails to end with awesome fireworks
japan has the mickey shape fireworks!
US only star shaped...

im quite glad im home actually
need rice and noodle badly heh

but thanks to my holiday, now im stuck at home cant go for ndp training and arts camp
stupid h1n1, stooooooooopidddddddddd

25 June 2009

im stuck in hongkong
after a bloody 13 hour flight
gosh hate long haul flights

and now im sitting in front of gucci, jimmy choo and ferragamore
seeing the workers slowly come in and open up the shop
wow! zzz..

im happy with my buys
woohoo coach coach ftw!
i got 2 bags, 2 coin pouch and a SCARF
zomg a COACH SCARF heh
its like dream come true
okay shoot me

on top of that
i think i bought a hell lot of things
and yes i was the one in the bus that BOUGHT THE MOST NUMBER OF THINGS
at the look of my SHOPPING BAGS but heh!
shiok la

i bought 3 jeans, 1 3/4, 1 skirt, 1 shorts, 3 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of slipper (LOL)
erm definitely more than 5 tops
and loads of sovenirs!!!!
yes for all those lovely readers out there heh.

okay great
gucci is oficially opened for the day
im gonna walk in with one huge duffel bag, one bagpack
my favourite threadless tshirt, berms and havainas :D

15 June 2009

upcoming plans:

its lalala for the next 10 days
followed by ndp
and artscamp for the following 4 days

therefore, i will be gone for 2 weeks

actually i foresee a physical disappearance
but a more regular update
okay depends how shag i am
till then :D

ps: i finally got time to watch zettai kareshi!

11 June 2009

I cant really tell if I have not enough time or too much time

anyways, after constant nagging from Shawn
we finally rented a MANUAL car and headed out, to nowhere
at least nowhere initially

we really had nowhere to go
and ended up at Singapore Discovery Center
and acted like some tourist... lol

the exhibits were damn bloody boring
and so was the 3D movie, some dolphines and whales thingy
we all fell asleep..
felt so cheated off 10 bucks

at least there were some entertainment just at the door step of SDC:

yea its the bull riding simulator
everyone's else is in video (facebookkkkkkkkkk)

and heres our pathetic little ride for the day
omg don't remind me
with a bloody engine that cannot run
and a very weird feeling clutch/accelerator
its amazing i stalled only once, ON A FREAKING SLOPE ya
zomgggg never want to drive a picanto again

headed to
i like that place. very chill and calming environment
good place for a picnic too
(minus the bloody irritating weather)
imagine going to sucha place with Japan's weather.....PURRRRRRRRRRRRFECT

artistic shot sial

some climbing thing similar to the one in pasir ris park

sigh i still haven't finish my role
i hate that feeling - that dont-know-how-many-shots-left feeling
i shall go and shoot stupid things just to empty it for LA

ah yes LA

so long people
im off to LA on tuesday
wont be back till..
lets leave that for space of being quarantine

8 June 2009

okay, must make some effort to update.

abit lost lately
my mind is lost my soul is lost
some motivation also lost
my enthusiasm, once so strong, is now slowly getting lost too
aye what is wrong with me

i wished i could say i left my heart and soul in japan
now i have to find it and drag it to LA

maybe its the holidays
the time of the year when you have so much things to do among nothing to do
that makes you cranky from staying home too much, going online, watching dramas and crying like an idiot in front of your computer
did that make any sense?
yes i've finally finished korean f4 and i cried like some idiot

okay maybe its not a good time to update afterall
my mood stinks
ask me more offline

3 June 2009

shag shag shag
my limbs are so bloody sore that every alphabet i type i can feel the sore in my muscles.

all thanks to TUG-OF-WAR
didnt know a few minutes of pulling can cause such great anxiety after
im too shag to mambo, hows that

thank god tug-of-war was the last game of precamp
precamp was good :)
though A house famously had very little people left
it was still fun and good.
precamp totally felt like our orientation once again
getting to know so mnay more A house people i don't even find familiar!
playing stupid dirty and "dirty" games
and feeling bloody shag after that
can't wait till Arts Camp!

with me alvin teck celeste and moch in the same OG

meanwhile, photos all up in facebook
japan trip and honghong
too lazy to upload here

ps: i did not bring a japanese boy boy back, though i wished i did