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29 May 2009

yes taaaaaaaaaaa is back home in singaporeeeeeeeeeee

been too lazy to update this blog cos facebook time is precious in japan
wah shagggggg man!

its only a day but im missing everything about japan alr :S
oh wells.

let me give a brief description of my holiday :)

theres good food!
zomg i ate really alot alot alot alot
however if find it quite epic that i didnt get to eat sushi at all :S

and i choose to believe that all the walking burnt the food calories
so my weight remains... hmphhhhh

good view!
and good people (the fukuoka people whom i really miss alot)
MY FIRST TIME SKINNY DIPPING (onsen = hotsprings)
first time in a yukata and traditional tea ceremony which i stepped into the green tea while trying to take photo of epic large kois which caused my yukata and jeans to stain and smell like green tea up till now
but i manage to bring it home!

check out the guy in far right hahaha epic hair

wahlau tokyo has freaking hell alot of cute guys
so much that in every bunch, theres a cute one
we (esp ben) took so many sneaks shots hehe
one day in tokyo had more cute guys than 6 days in fukuoka :S

17 May 2009


yes im currently in Fukuoka, japan
and its only the night of Day 1

i guess i made the right decision to LUP my laptop all the way hehe

the flight was torturous:
it being a night flight, damn uncomfortable for sleeping and no freaking interactive games
and i only had a singapore sling cos i was too shag for more :S
so currently i think i only had 3-4 hours of sleep im SHAG.

at the airport waiting for the rest of the girls to change into their contact lenses so they will look pretty in photos lol
this is my homestay host!
her apartment is small but super cool and cosy
at least its much nicer than pgp :S

i totally KO-ed when we went back to put down my luggages.
and then they had some mini international students dunno what BBQ lol
goodness the food was great!
their way of bbq just felt so different from ours!
i had some cocktail and a few beers wooh!
in the bright but super windy-that-made-my-nose-run afternoon

kyushu university looks super old and retro but super cool
gives u the countryside feeling
(compared to our university of stairs -.-)

whats more shiok than to KO when u see a sofa LOL
dinner was great too!

aight more photos up on facebook (day one only though)

i hope i can maintain this daily uploading of photos
i should return the internet connection to my host soon! :S hehe

16 May 2009
lomo lomo lomo

yay i've sent my first film for developing

although i kinda regret using slide as my first experiment
its really an experience hehe

i shall share with the few images that managed to appear using my home scanner!
as for the rest...
i hope they do appear when they are scanned by a film scanner :S

and my first successful attempt at multiple exposure!
turns out not bad aye hehe
at holland v :D
okay the following 2 are not so clear already :S

i shall leave them in the hands of a film scanner!


im leaving to japan in 11 hours time
excitement + nervous + uncertain
theres something fluttering around in my tummy
i doubt i can sleep tonight hahahaha

13 May 2009


13 may: MAMBO!
siangugu's first mambo after exams; kantang's last mambo :(

14 may: hangover + homestay gathering, itinery planning
15 may: lunch with chubis!
16 may: games trial (ndp)
17 may: flyyyyyyyyyyyy

i'll be gone till 28 may
dont miss me too much! :S

10 May 2009


the start of my holidays quite exciting
with non stop action and adrenaline
and loads of good company and love (:

im a happy girl!

another photo intensive post; it shall do the talking

sentosa on saturday
a bad day choice to go on a saturday man really
it was soooooooooooooo crowded!

but still it was pretty relaxing heh
i got bullied by the boys!!! they pushed me into the water after taking photo :S hahahah

volleyball didnt really work out cos there were no courts
and our ball was pumped too hard -.-
so we ended up playing captains ball!

check out the dude that totally spoiled our picture -.-

i met leong, nikki siew, andrew, zhongwen and a few other camp ha ppl at palawan!
its quite amzing i could recognise andrew from far haha

after bathing we had some really awesome claypot at palawan's koufu!!! to my surprise really
and then headed over to cine for some guitar heros yea!

okay back track another day:

that was what the honda jazz was for 
you have no idea how many times we got lost in total -.-
go np exit wrong
fetch victor exit wrong
go sengkang fetch jc went too far
go home exit wrong/made wrong turnings a few times

i drove till i was really shag :S
i still cant believe how we finally made it to town and then couldnt find our way to dhoby ghaut and ended up at LAVENDER -.-

anyways, pictures from changi phototaking

honghong in action!
the sun was super good (though abit hot)
i shant say more hahaha reputation gone already ah

fetched jc and headed to marina barrage (for the first time in my life)
for our mini last minute picnic and chilling
marina barrage is boring :S
that explains my face haha

and before calling it a day, how can we not camwhore with our ride for the day!

my favourite HADOGEN pose hahaha

as for today
i've officially moved out of 8-5-K :(
byebye room, your toilet, aircon, electricity and distance from zouk has served me well
with many visitors, watching wanking chinamen, webcam whoring, watching shows, squeezing on the super small single bed
and of course the many hangovers and puking 
i'll miss you :(

ps: i drove there and back and i conquered my house carpark!!!

9 May 2009


8 may: besties reunion and getting lost day


9 may: sentosa for volleyball, frisbee and the sun!
10 may: mothers' day chauffeur
11 may: lomo at pulau ubin with nm people

12 may: waiting for you to ask me out

13 may: MAMBO!!!!!

14 may: hangover + waiting for you to ask me out
15 may: waiting for you to ask me out
16 may: waiting for you to ask me out

17 may: byebye s'pore, yoroshiku nihon!

i'm now back living in MAY. lol
i dont know what made me type JAN -.-

7 May 2009

exams didnt end on a very high note -.-
with 3 essays all written to feel good :(

my immediate post exams chilling started by ms emo lin shuli picking me up in school with her yaaaaaaaaaaaaris and we headed to vivo

they had some promotion for hair straightener/curler and we became guinea pigs
so shulis hair became all curly while mine became all straight..

which was actually irritating hahahahaha.

whats next in the post exam list?


sadly some persons by the name of hsu shukmun and siangugu couldnt join us
but its okay, we remembered your share while drinking
and yea we were pretty massive
things got quite messy and crazy
and i was flying so bloody high :D:D:D

met many people at zouk!
chubi leongggggg
nittilai, paravasu and lighting/sound woman

chubi yink and her cousin!
some new made friend in the

some flaming lambo
which terence puked while drinking and its sick so im not posting it here but u can find it in facebook

chubi moch, kaying and boyfriend
gan cai jie!

a hell lot of drinks
and the guys that conquered the podium hahahahahaha

a night of mayhem indeed.
mambo makes me happy :D

on another note, i just rented this:


its for our bestie reunion cum phototaking session wheeeee!!!
i must start preparing my street directory hehe.

yay cant wait for tmr!

and then sentosa on saturday!
mothers day on sunday!
pulau ubin on monday!

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D:D

4 May 2009

freaking tired, burntout

for the past two days felt like I've mugged the hardest in my university life.
bloody ts.
why am i so freaking affected by that
(and its only 25% woahhhhhh)

even I myself was amazed at my nervousness and determination 

oh did i mention,
today 5 min before ts paper
i just had to go to the toilet and puke -.-
and i insisted that I was fine though i felt like crap just so I could take the freaking paper
not gonna let so much hardwork go down the drain

zomg what is happening to meeeeeeeeeeeee

im not a mugger
im not a mugger
im not a mugger

i must maintain my slacker reputation (zzzz)

oh oh
i was planning to blog about the japanese woman we met last night
(which i think added onto my stress level too)

was at the kopitiam in town after mugging at smu with the theatre ppl
so andre and I started on the whole jap thing
(cos jap paper's today..)
after walking around and not being able to decide on what to eat
i spoke in my as-usually-damn-loud voice and asked andre "what he wanted to eat" IN JAP.
just at that moment the woman sitting in front of me turned and smile
and i noticed the magazine she had on the table was all in JAPANESE.

and it turned abit paiseh already.
after I bought my food and on my way back,
the woman called out to me and started speaking in JAP, asking where chijmes was
heres the best, I pointed and said "around there"
she was like "NO NO SPEAK IN JAPANESE"
gahhhhhhhhhhh stress sia
i was sweating.
so andre and I were trying to dig up random jap words to converse with her hahaha

a hell stress one.
but that was cool

i sounded like a super stuck duck talking in mix languages
like "my tomodachi" hahahahahaha

one more paper
one more day
the big M (:

1 May 2009

nah i dont feel the urgency hahaha
i really can't help it.

the only reason i want my CAP to up is for a chance at SEP motivation haha

i've been trying to study.
and you can say that i got some of it done.
haha the action is there but i highly doubt the info got into my head
but still, at least im half a tad less guiltier

did i mention i finished watching another jap serial in the past 2 days?
cannot help it ahhh
jap serials can help me improve my jap!
yes live with the mentality the guilt slowly fades hehe

after sea paper, the impulsive double C (celeste and I) and keonn went to k
it was a pretty awesome, random and impulsive decision

calls celeste after lunch
me: eh home already?
c: no in CNM soc room playing
me: oh, go out leh, damn sian
c: go where? go k ah?
me: kbox? okay set
c: okay set

wahlauuuuuuuuu i think you put 2 of us together, our favourite 2 words are OKAY SET.

apart from that, these few days feel very slow moving
which aint too bad
i stay at home, get to sleep on my big comfy bed
wake up and switch on the tv immediately, with food prepared right in front of me

come to think of it i dont quite like the idea of independent living afterall sigh.
pgp = single bed, LAUNDRY, foodless, lonely
i dont really like it afterall, minus the aircon toilet and proximity to school

okay this was a absolutely random post.
time for me to find new jap drama to watch!

oh btw, if you're bored of mugging
we're so hooked!