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28 October 2006

taken from olsen's blog
found it quite interesting

put your ipod on shuffle. press forward at the next question.
use the song title as the ans for each question. NO CHEATING!

How are you feeling today?: wo men de ai (who's WO MEN)
Will you get far in life?: yu jian (once i meet the person i die??)
How do your friends see you?: tian hei hei (im not the sky and im not black ohaky)
Will you get married?: bo li si wa (-.-)
What is your best friend's theme song?: yuan you hui (???)
What is the story of your life?: home (okay im a homie!)
What was high school like?: back at one (LOL!)
How can you get ahead in life?: gua zai ban meng bai xing zi jian (not bad)
What is the best thing about your friends?: ai qing xuan ya
What is today going to be like?: sui oh sui oh (sui ah!)
What is in store for this weekend?: hai dao (im gonna get robbed by pirates? oh wow)
What song describes you?: xing fu de di tu (lol whoever finds me that is)
To describe your grandparents?: feeling hypnotized (cool seh! i wished)
How is your life going?: wo men de gu shi
What song will they play at your funeral?: movement 2, prokofiev (oh my tian! thats slow!)
How does the world see you?: sha shi bi ya de tian fen (if im shakespear's talent, how come my lit got c5?!!!)
Will you have a happy life?: wo de fan nao jiu shi ni
What do your friends really think of you?: ra-men song (okay i love to eat right)
Do people secretly lust after you?: jiang jun ling (erm, general tell them to like me???)
How can I make myself happy?: yi zhi shen gong
What should you do with your life?: duan xian (NONONO! i dun want to die!)
Will you ever have children?: bu yao wang le wo (oh no! does this means my children will forget me when they grow up? so scary!)

woah woah woah.
well it was more "accurate" the 2nd time i did it.
try it! its fun!

27 October 2006

i know why i can clique so well with the church ppl
cos we can talk about almost anything and everything in the whole universe
and i really treasure that
love (:

26 October 2006


the god of death, ryuk is so cute
esp when he desperately wants an apple

ahhh damn cool damn cool

cant wait for part 2 to come out!

25 October 2006

last day of school tmr
how time flies

the list of ppl qualified for sub papers are out
oh my tian
so many ppl, and so many i love
all the best guys!!!

anyways all wanrong's fault
im now in youtube watching finish ai qing mo fa shi
blog while loading
oh my tian
so nice!!!

if only such things happen in real life

23 October 2006

leehom concert on sat was good
very entertaining indeed!
the only i was not happy wih was my seat
so fed up!!!
if we had more money we shld have gotten the 2nd most ex or the most ex one lah
ohkay our seats werent that bad but it werent tt good
(taa, ur talking rubbish)
anyways we did get high and i didnt lose my voice.


20 October 2006

im so sick of coming online
like i got nth better to do
well i really got nth better to do

my hand's damn pain
cos i went for blood test not long ago
the doc say he cant find my vein
okay cos im too fat :x

and then after he drew finish one sringe of blood he ask me to press
i was like my other hand's still pain from the other jab
where got strength to press

and now my both hands are like numb/aching
oh wells

cant wait till leehom concert (:

19 October 2006

my lantern festival

that mean is fucking irritating i swear!!!
i wish i could like strangle him or smth lah
kp my hair today lah
"your hair you dye ah?"
i was like thinking DUH
"never get caught? you know you're not supposed to come to school like that"
yea fuck off lah
"who's your ht?"
act blur "ms wang"
"who is your pe teacher?"
act even more blur, turn to pal "who's our pe teacher ah"
freaking annmarie just walked off with michelle lah
after super long "oh, mr wong"
"you dont even know your pe teacher, you should just quit tennis and cj"
wtf is ur problem!!!!!!
"why your ht never advice you about your hair? you know you cannot come to school like that"
"i never get caught so nevermind"
"you are not supposed to come school like that"
"i stubborn lah, get caught already then dye back"
and then i freaking walk off
damn wth wth wth wth wth

had tennis exco voting today
congrats to yifei and clara!!!

anyways im not going to school tmr
they freaking dont let me leave early from the cat retreat
crazy i freaking paid 130 bucks for my dearest leehom
theres no way im missing it OHKAY
so might as well dont go
tmr go doc take mc
meanwhile i gotta test my blood
like finally

shall update more tmr

18 October 2006

school is boring
why must they force u to go to school for lessons when everyone has only mood for partying
its so freaking anti-climax lah
sit in class and get so freaking bored
listen until want to fall asleep

anyways, yx tegong mz and pal just left my house
well, mz came to do pw but very got thing done
well just the 1st 3 slides but yea. haha
it was a hard time getting that friggin annmarie to come
that stupid pig
sleep wake up eat sleep wake up eat
oh my tian lah

anyways my show is here.

17 October 2006

i passed chem! and did rather well actually (:
and im happy with that, considering i did not really study and still had the cheeks to go out playing truth or dare. thats cool
but i promise i wont do that again.
anyways im also happy that our whole class passed chem too :) yay!
esp for the little J & J. lol

promote alr promote alr promote alr!

but im still rather screwed.
how about i handed my facil form like super late and i dont think i can get squeezed in for an interview. sigh
im also hand in my ocip form late, but since moeny is involved, i dont think i'll get booted out lah but prolly get like a scolding or smth?
and because of the damn ocip trip i gotta miss my family holiday to chiangm/rai
also the friggin geog trip is like cancelled!
bloody hell i promoted for that, mainly that seriously
and now they friggin tell us its cancelled
basket lah

if i had knew i dont promote

to claire and shawn: pls accpet my apology, i guess i was really tired that day, explaining the horrible mood. oh wells.

15 October 2006

my name is eunice wee zee yin
im 18 this year
my nric no is 87149**C
my birthday is 226/5/1987

private joke
if u want to know, ask me personally

it was good tonight
happy birthday anthea (:
and thanks for such a great time!

13 October 2006

oh my tian
i dunno why i keep looking at OLD stuffs lately but its hilarious and i mean HILARIOUS
dont believe check this out:

i look freaking retarded, double-chined and my hair is bloody short.
oh yea
check the teachers out too

12 October 2006

when ur bored, what do u do?
lol, i just read my old friendster testimonials
those long winding ones that was in "fashion" about 2 years ago
its cool lah
and i realise one thing

im really loud, hyper-active, sing non-stop, cheerful and bubbly and mad about yanzi
at least hats what most of my previous testis said
ohkay its quite true lah

so nice
brings u back in time
so when ur bored, i recommend u read your old testis
(or even old letters, blog entry etc)

11 October 2006

how about this
and no im not the emo girl that uses "almost" cos i flucked 2 subs

i passed maths and econs
just as predicted
and failed geog
as anticipated
but damn! i didnt expect to fail so well!
lol i only failed by 2
freaking 2!!!
that means if i did study, i could have redeemed that 2
damn it
yea the IF IF IF
its all over
subpassed gp
that was close boy

i used the word almost cos i havent got back chem
so there

im actually damn happy bout my results
but seeing the ppl i love around me all screw up
there seem to be nothing left to be happy about
whats school when your friends are all gone
i dont want to fight a lonely battle
i want my friends!

if you are my friend and reading this
please know that i'll seriously pray for everyone single one of you
and believe in god and the school
something (though icant say what) will be done

*all the best mates (:

the complete group picture (:

10 October 2006

the group photo (w/o shawn) at claire's birthday celebration

this post shall be totally dedicated to my beloved and dearest shukkun cos i just read this:

"starting from the subj combi, to accepting our fate, getting into the same class, get along well, hp craze... the prank we played, the phone conv, crazy photo taking days, neoprints, outings, tablemates, graduation, world cup craze and so on. it was probably fate how we got to knw each other, how we're suppose to be in truth and how the last two years of st nicks was such a blast with the fantastic class. the secondary school days were the days of my life"

and if shawn and mummy weren't beside me, i would have cried by now
came upon it be accident cos its been a long time i've read her blog
how bout its been a long time since i last talked and met her
thinking about it
life has been so crazy and fast that i kinda forget about her :(
well this is life
but ppl u love who love u wont slip by that quickly
they will stay forever
even not beside u
but in your heart
and treasure and appreciate them
before its too late (:
love u shuk

9 October 2006

sun was great lah
though most of my walking time was spent on staring at the 2 fucking pages of chem periodicity
(and i still fucking didnt write it correctly today. read on..)

anyways good things
everyone finally came together again to "celebrate" claires birthday
well it was rather meaningful cos she "crasehed" jnr cats meeting and was made to say a rosary.
anyways, headed to city hall and ate NEWYORKNEWYORK
oh my tian
u should seriously get at least 5 ppl with u and go get the "room-like" table
its cosy (well abit squeesy)
the foods there is good
harcore american dishes lah
and u must SHARE.
thats the scret recipe to a delicious meal
goodness we were like scavengers that didnt ate for decades or smth lah
our dishes were really SNAPPED up quickly
right we had prawn and chicken, many burgers and sandwiches, pasta, ribs and pork chop
well angie downed all our salads. LOL!

right took loads of lame photos and vids
and we made cotton candy ourselves!!!
and it was green apple flavour. YUMYUM!
it was damn cool lah

next stop was esplanade to ROKROK. haha
took photos again and played truth or dare
damn why do we play so big
and why my mouth must be so big
i should just keep it shut next time and study my chem
no chem lah
i'll just sing.
ohkay good idea taa

well about chem.
why do i always spot the right stuff but am always the least prepared for it
i freaking thought that it was hydroxides that need to undergo hydrolysis, not freaking chlorides!
damn it!!!!!!

i think i made loads of booboo in that paper
cross fingers and hope to pass. Amen

7 October 2006

i dunno if blogger will screw up and let me not update again
but oh wells i'll just try lah
somehow it works if i dont uplaod photos :s

the haze is getting horrible
i actually breathe heavily these days

lantern festival was not bad
had fun playing candles though the beginning of it werent exactly very "in the mood"

got burnt by wax - yea the feelings back
i think i should make it a point to play with candles every year
anyways i spent it with gerald and andrew
we made formations like star, heart, cat high badge, cj flame and fuck. woohoo!

okay i shall praise gerald cos he suggested that we stick candles to stones instead of the ground
so it was easier to make the diff formations
thats all ohkay, thats all

and then we tried taking photos of us jumping
it was almost a complete failure cos i, the professional photographer managed to capture gerald in the air.

shall upload photos soon.

meanwhile, im kinda lovesick :(

3 October 2006

this is called olsen being kind.
i'm so nice to help taa blog.
coz her comp is screwed and she has much difficulty blogging.
so here are pictures!

happy birthday claire!!!

oh my tian im aching like fuck
but its the shiok kind lah
though i wonder how much energy left i have for tmr

cant say chiong tennis lah
but can say chiong-ed gym with shawn today
he thought me this crunch cum leg lift exercise
so tiring!!!
and then i did pushups
he did 10 times of wad i did
he freaking did 300 pushups!!
siao lah
btw i didnt do 30 only
i did 60 ohkay
its just that i decided to do extra

and now im kinda regreting
so tired!!!
nvm nvm
jian chi dao di
i'll freaking lose 5 kg by xmas
i hope..

2 October 2006

1st batch of outing photos, with gerald and shawn


im screwed, im freaking screwed. i didnt know i could screw things up so badly