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22 January 2011

The Day After was a success :)

So after Volcanic Disco, I didnt think much of the next one.

But I'm human after all.
Putting so much time and effort, it soon became part of me, part of my life, well at least for that period of time.

Just like any events/productions, rehearsals felt like forever
The next thing you know, you're getting ready for the actual show

Bunk in day was disastrous. What could go wrong almost all went wrong.
Sets took forever to fix, lights were delayed. Tech run was a MAJOR flop...

With the decision the cancel tech run, we went full force with full runs, which was a better idea in the end.

Well, I'm grateful for being given this chance as asst director, to put all that I've learnt to practice :D

And now, The Day After bluessssssssssss

7 January 2011

A day worth to remember.

The rain finally stopped and we got to play on time. We knew the chances were slim so we just went all out to play the game.

A quiet court and minimal number of people, just those necessary.
Point by point we chased, I gave up trying to volley, which turned out as a good choice made.
Point by point we chased, and the opponents started to crack...

I'm super proud of my partner and I because we were initially down 3-8
But we stayed strong and the tables turned when we hit tie break and finally won it at 7-4.

Well technically we're out of IHG already... but it was a really good fight tonight!
I'm really glad I got to be part of this team :D

The strong will always win.

1 January 2011

Its probably inauspicious to look back at 2010 now cos its 1 Jan 2011 but im still gonna do it, cos 2010 is one of the best years of my life, without a doubt.

1 Jan 2010, I woke up with a horrible horrible horrible hangover

Year 2 sem 2 just went past like that, I actually don't remember much about that semester now because the 2nd half of the year was just so eventful.

Came May I packed my bags and flew off to live on my own for a good 3 months. It may be half the time of an exchange, and it might not be what I was looking for throughout my entire university life, but at this very point, I am so glad that I went. The horrible plane journey to Queensbury, New York. Our faces in complete stunt-ness when we saw the place. All the good times, fun times, troublesome times, tiring times, drunk times...To become our Martha's gang.

Then came 20 July 2010, the fateful day where we were this close to being in a blockbuster movie. So thankful that we all made it out alive and well. At the end of all the pain and fear, I am still thankful for this whole experience. It brought us closer, and made me realise that God is always there.

In USA i became Carmama the chef, we went on a themepark/roller coaster spree, we travelled across many many miles, I got my first tattoo, I got my tongue pierced
and I made many new and precious friendships.

Came back to Singapore and celebrated my 21st, wedding style.

Thanks to accident and tongue piercing, i lost my first 5kg before christmas.

I partied hard, so hard, like weekly hard.

I moved into hall, abit late, but better late than never.
And got treated like a freshie, ice water, fruits, prickly heat etc...

I fell deeply in love with theatre. Praxis and Asian acting/directing.
My virgin production, VOLCANIC DISCO which is so much love <3
and of course my fellow orgasmic comrades which I love so much
All the night rehearsals and Ameen times. LT13 became the coolest LT.
I also learnt kabuki moves, Indian dance and acted the most cheenapiang way ever.

I had my first hiphop dance class, Ai De Zhu Chang Xiu!
And now I'm learning Shinee's Replay, yay!
I like hiphop, and I got my first pair of dunks!

Me and Fi got matching tattoos, Credo in Deum :)

Came holidays churchies had their first overseas holiday together
We went to KL zouk and had a blast.

I went to Japan with my family and that was the 3rd time to Tokyo in 2 years.

We missed Christmas mass, and celebrated Christmas in the cold waiting for bus.

I started playing tennis again, and felt what the distant Hall Life should actually feel like.

Went to Carmel for midnight mass and actually felt grateful to the place.
And I prayed for every single person that has ever entered my life and I love.

And today, 1 Jan 2011, I woke up without a hangover!!!

Happy New Year everyone!
May this year be a blast!