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29 May 2010

im super duper tired man!
from all the working
working in theme park isnt as cool as it seems to be
yet again, it is somewhat cool

arghhh i shall explain further another day
so many things to blog about, dont even know where to start...

keeping it short.
we've been here for almost 20 days already (wow?)
half of me misses home
the other half somewhat enjoys the life here
its always like that huh

the main shit was driving to Boston for three days just the last monday
what a ride mannnnnnnnnn
drove, got lost, lightning and super duper scary rain in the dark
some sort of politics yet it was a dilemmatic kind of a good time

okay you know what.
let just keep it to facebook
pictures tell more....................

11 May 2010

omg so tiredddddddd
all the shit u gotta go through to get to the other side of the world

in total it was 4 + 14 + 2 that makes it 20
including waiting and transfer time i think we spent about 28 hours in total travelling
when i finally caught up with some sleep for yesterday
im lacking in today's one

we're now checked into some hotel motel holiday innfor the long flight that made
finally a bed to knock out into after some 129381729381231725317 years in the plane

the best thing was I REALLY SAT ALONE for the first two flights
somemore the middle of 3 seats
at least there was this cute guy beside me for the long flight that made it a pinch better
and i even found out that he's from hk and living in toronto
i even know his name and age hurhur (from spying on him when filling in customs form)

okay im trying to get whatever photos i have now on facebook
i don't know if i will continue to blog so diligently
cos now theres this hype about free wifi hehe which is rather rare......

stay tuned! :P

7 May 2010

why do i feel like its so fucking hard to arrange a proper these days. its getting on my fucking nerves

i was browsing my picture folder when i found...

got resemblance not??? hahahahaha
shit man even the CURL also same side sia (if you notice...)

now i need to find something to look like this:


4 May 2010

some songs can simply make you cringe when you listen to them

to me, slow songs take a longer time to attract me than upbeat and interesting ones do
but when i take a liking to a song, i can listen to it over and over again
suddenly the lyrics would start to mean something to you...

i started liking this song cos of a drama (yes its down with love)
and it must be a subconscious cognition
a particular scene always come into my head when I hear this song and everytime i think of that scene, i feel like crying

aye, im a drama crybaby afterall

2 May 2010

It must have been a sign from god.

Yesterday, I was busy studying about social networking, uses of facebook, twitter all as mediated communication tools (Nm2209)
Today in church, I hear a sermon about facebook and twitter as a communication tool, a tool to spread the good news of the lord, to spread the faith

and i couldn't help to giggle to myself.

Apparently today is some communication day, couldn't hear exactly what it was.
But the way this incident showed up was just so timely

ho ho ho praise the lord

maybe its time I should do something about my faith...