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16 December 2010

Thanks to Iwabuchi and his whole lot of NOSTALGIA, I find myself dwelling deep within as well...

Well I haven't been "alone" in awhile
(locking self up in hall room watching dramas dont count okay)
So today was my last chance to settle all school admin stuff - pay hostel fees, print and submit forms and help people pay their fines...

Took the shuttle bus (alone, like alone in the bus) from hall to central library, and thats where all the nostalgia began...
Walking into the empty central forum. No fancy details in the middle of it whatsoever. Feel random people loitering at the sides. My mind flashed back to the day where I took 96 for the first time, alighted at central forum hoping not to get lost, walking in to find the people that I was supposed to report to for the first ever camp of my university life. Radio pulze camp I still fondly remember, introduced by Claire the NTU student-to-be.

All the running around school, what treasure hunt campus tour was like SCARY.
Its like being lost in concrete jungle. Its amusing how universities have so many paths and passageway and staircases and shortcuts, here leading to there there and there. Ah the excitement of actually finding a place within the shortest amount of time taken without being lost and having to detour, or worse still bow your heads in bloody embarrassment as you approach a "condescending" looking senior for directions. LOL those just had to be the freshie days. Hell yea we're undergrads, a term which was amazingly far-fetched in your entire education life which suddenly drops on you like an atomic bomb.

So yeah, I was walking along "popular" places such as central forum/library, as1, deck, as7... Well as I was walking this whole nostalgia just kept sending chillds down my spine. Erm, rather heartwarming chills though, forgive my horrible irony.
its been 2 and a half years. NO SHIT!
The lift at central forum was like God-like during camps. It really is the stuffiest lift on earth -.-
The as1 walkway is actually very narrow and squeezy but when you're a freshie, it feels like its damn far
An empty deck reminds me of the fond orientation week times where we will weave in and out of the tables to get to LT8 which (at that time) was like mother far and out of the way. Eventually we found our comfortable spot at the middle deck and the lower deck became like some foreign land to us which until this day, I still don't like to eat there. I'd rather my favourite 6 seater tables beside burger king staircase :D
Finally I had to make a trip to the dean's office at as7.
A not so fond memory of as7 - my admission to FASS interview (which I disgustingly failed, lets not even talk about it)
So i got the letter from NUS FASS which asked me to go to Shaw Foundation building for an interview.
Noob me thought to myself "Wah Shaw! Cool, in town"
HAHA funny -.- turned out to be as7..

Walking back to hall, a strong gush of wind came which made many small orange leaves fall. And that just made me smile :)

Aight aight that pretty much sums up my day till now.
With rehearsals, trainings and having to pack coming up, I suppose that nostalgia bug will slowly fade away, for now hahaha
Its always nice to look back and smile...Good times baby, good times